Elegant half-up hairstyle how to from The Small Things blog

Have you visited The Small Things Blog? You probably recognise Kate’s hair from Pinterest and her sweet hair tutorials.

Kate is a hairdresser living in North Carolina, sharing easy hair tutorials, beauty tips and crafty projects on The Small Things Blog. Today I’m sharing her elegant half-up hairstyle how-to.

Click here if you can’t see the video tutorial

How to get the look

  1. Start by blowdrying your hair with a volumizing mousse. This style is shown in straight hair, but also works with curls.
  2. Take a section of hair from the top of your head, around to the edge of the crown of your head. Lift it slightly to create some height, then pin in place at the back of your head with two horizontal bobby pins.
  3. Next take a small piece of hair from the front layers on the left side of your face. Bring this hair horizontally across to cover the pins at the back and pin in place vertically with a bobby pin. Tuck the ends of your hair under.
  4. Repeat on the right hand side, bringing a section across and under the left piece of hair, and pin in place with a bobby pin. Insert the pin vertically to hide the pin under your hair.
  5. Pin one more section from either side and pin in place in the same way at the back of your head. Tuck in any loose ends and make sure the style looks even from all sides. Gently loosen any pieces that are too tight.

Head over to The Small Things Blog to see more of Kate’s cute styles.

I love that this look works in shorter and long hair. Where would you wear this hairstyle?

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  1. Amy says

    One of the hardest parts about being in a choir is what to do with your hair for the concerts! You want to have your hair down so you don’t look bald, but you don’t want your hair to be in your face to see you music and the conductor. This look is perfect! I have a concert this weekend, and plan on doing this for it! =)

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Amy! That’s a problem I hadn’t considered before, I’ll do some new half up style tutorials in the new year x

  2. Julie says

    This TOTALLY worked for me for a New Year’s Day party. Thank you for sharing/demo’ing. Big help! Happy New Year.

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