Have you ever been dumped because of a haircut?

Quant And Sassoon

When’s a haircut a bad haircut?

At 16, my friend was dumped by her boyfriend because of a haircut.

She went from having a cool, asymmetrical lob, to a chin length bob, and was rudely dumped in the schoolyard the next day. He even told her the haircut was the reason he wouldn’t go out with her anymore. She swears she’ll never cut her hair short again because of that traumatic experience.

Seriously, what sort of guy dumps a girl over a haircut? And have you ever been dumped because of your hair?

(That’s the fabulous Vidal Sassoon cutting Mary Quant’s hair in his signature 5-point style)

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  1. says

    Totally. When I was 17 I shaved my head (a long buzz, you couldn’t see the scalp or anything). The guy I was was dating at the time apparently didn’t approve. So he just stopped calling me.

    About a year later he called me and asked me out again. First thing I asked was if he waited till my hair grew out to call me and then hung up on his ass before he could respond.

  2. M says

    I’ve never been dumped because of a haircut by my last boyfriend informed me that he does not approve of short hair. I would never cut my hair short anyways so I was indifferent on the comment.

  3. says

    I’ve never been dumped because of a haircut, but I did have a pixie cut at 14 and remember overhearing some guys talking (clearly because they had seen me) about how unattractive girls with short hair were, which was a bit traumatizing as a teenager. I’ve had long hair ever since, but I think I’d go short again.


    Kristina does the Internets
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  4. says

    I haven’t necessarily been dumped because of my hair, but a few years ago I was dating a guy who had only ever seen me when I had straightened my hair. The one day I got lazy and decided to wear it naturally wavy, he got all upset about how “ugly” it looked. In the end, I was the one who dumped him.
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  5. Moriah says

    I was a serious tomboy growing up so I never cared what my then hip length hair looked like and/or if it was even brushed. After numerous warnings from my mother to maintain my hair myself or it would be cut, she made good on her promise and cut it shorter than my chin, about 2 weeks before the first day of school at the new middle school. The boy I was madly in love with and “dating” at that point saw me the first day of school, dumped me in the lobby, and then coined a new nick name for me… Whop Chop. Sadly, the name stuck around for that year and it took me almost 12 years before I cut my hair again. Currently I’m rocking a bright red chin length stacked bob, so clearly I got over it. :)

  6. shalayay says

    I’ve been teased at school for having my hair cut short, but then I was teased anyway. Perhaps because my hair was also a rancid shade of green. I cut my long hair short on a whim before restarting uni. My ex on facebook made some snarky comments, but all the new people I meet have commented on how much short hair suits me, and men talk to and treat me like I’m sexy, worldly and confident. Basically, people who have only known me with short hair seem more impressed with me. I sometimes wear hair extensions for special events, but actually feel just as good without them.
    I don’t have pixie features (I can’t hide a long nose) but I do think that being slim with a small face helps with short hair. Really, how you feel about yourself is what attracts people over how long or not your hair is.

    • Hair Romance says

      So agree shalayay, it’s all about confidence! If you feel good, it radiates out no matter what your hairstyle is. So glad you love your hair now x

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