Christian Dior Paris Couture – Sleek pixie cuts

Christan Dior Couture backstage - Pixie crop hair - Jan 2013

Christan Dior Couture - Pixie crop hair - Jan 2013

Christan Dior Couture runway - Pixie crop hair - Jan 2013

Paris couture shows are where fashion dreams are made. Ref Simons’ garden within a garden setting was perfect for the Christian Dior Spring Couture collection.

All the models wore pixie cuts with a sleek, wet look finish to the hair. The elfin-like hairstyles add a classic look to the collection, very Audrey I think. And can we talk about the amazing makeup? Those jewelled lips are stunning.

Although these are wigs, they’re a great cut to emulate if you’re looking for a new short hairstyle. If you’re thinking of going for the chop, why not try a wig first to see if you’re happy with the look?

Short hair is still a massive trend for 2013. Michelle Williams is still rocking her short hair, but Anne Hathaway will be the one to watch in 2013 as she grows out her super short crop into a cute pageboy cut and beyond.

Do you love the pixie cut?

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  1. Janessa says

    The pixie cut really gives focus to the face because there’s no flowery hair styles to be possible done. I think they’re so fun and pretty must I say, ‘daring.’

    Once I opened up my email and saw the pictures, I literally gasped! I love love the entire look of it. I think these are all wigs, but they look amazing.

    • Hair Romance says

      You’re so right Janessa, that’s one of the reasons I love short hair as it emphasises your features. Yes, they’re wigs but it’s still a great inspiration shot for short hairstyles xx

  2. says

    Seeing these images reminds me of my old pixie cut – old as I was a teenager at the time! I loved it; it was edgy and so easy to care for (I went from hair past my shoulders to basically an inch all over so it was a big change!). The only thing I disliked was the styling limitations… Mine was so short it was basically slick, spikey or the mini Mohawk… Oh and those + adding various accessories! (Hmm ok maybe there weren’t so many limitations lol! ;))
    Sarah recently posted..Blogging Burnout 101 – Part 2 – Bloggers’ adviceMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      haha so true Sarah! Pixies are easy wash and wear hair, but with accessories you can make so many different looks x

      • Aileraughn says

        I have been rocking the pixie for years. I love adding on different accessories to make it more fun. Androgeny is awesome! Aileraughn @ Studio 11

  3. Maria says

    I’m 15 and I really wanna get a pixie because I think I will look great with short hair because of my round face iv had long hair most of my life and I would love to try something short and I’m thinking pixie cut my friends think it will look great on me but its a big step from long hair to hair that’s only a couple inches I need advice

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Maria! Try wearing your hair in a bun every day for at least two weeks and see if you like the feeling of having all your hair up and away from your face. If you don;t miss your hair and you love the look, why not go for it? Have fun with your hair x

      • Maria says

        Thank you so much I wear my hair up all the time and love the way I look my only problem is my mom says she wants my hair long but I want it short and she will hate if and tell me how bad it looks and stuff like that even if it looks good to everyone she will not think it looks good

        • Hair Romance says

          Maybe have a chat with her about if Maria? My Dad hated my hair short so I waited until I was older and then did what I wanted. He thought it looked good short but I know he always preferred it long. In the end it’s only hair and what matters is that you are happy x

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