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Hair Romance - how to get your curl back

How to style curly hair has been one of the most popular posts on Hair Romance, and certainly the most commented. A lovely reader posed a question in the comments that I am often asked so I thought I’d share the answer here. I know many of you want to know how to get your curl back after years of straightening and Tammy asks:

I used to have long spiral curly hair. Over the years of coloring, straightening I have lost the “good curl” that use to be in my hair how do I get it back? Have been reading what you do and have figured out some great ideas. When I try to wear it curly it’s just not a “good curl” anymore. It will curl just not pretty, kinda frizzy. Your curls are beautiful and what I am striving for instead of all the work in straightening. Don’t have the time for all that work! Thank you for any insight you can give!

Thanks for you lovely comment and question Tammy, and I have gone through the same problem so I have a few tips on how to find your curls again.

How to bring your curls back to life

After you’ve singed and straightened your hair for a long time (as I did) it’s hard for your hair to remember the curls that were once there. It takes a few steps to rescue your curls and bring them back to life.

1. Get a haircut

If the ends of your hair aren’t curly and you’ve been straightening for a while you may need a chop. Curly hair is also cut quite differently to straight hair, and a few layers will help your hair spring back into curls. Here are more tips on getting a great curly haircut. Not sure your hairdresser is great with curly hair? Here are ways to find a good hairdresser.

2. Treat your hair

While you’re in the salon getting a fresh hair cut, I recommend asking for a deep conditioning treatment. Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair, and needs moisture to stop it looking frizzy. Plus, who doesn’t love a hair treatment? You may also want to give your hair a weekly deep condition at home.

3. Change up your routine

Your curly hair will need a new washing and styling routine. Check the labels on your current hair products and switch to sulphate-free products. Sulphates are essentially detergents that cause products to foam. While this feels “clean”, it’s actually stripping all the oils from your hair, which can aggravate your scalp and make your hair frizzy.

Choose a moisturising shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, and a curl cream or gel to shape your curls. It will take some trial and error to find the routine that works for your curls. Here are my tips for styling curly hair and there are great product tips in the comments of that post if you’re looking for more recommendations.

Good luck rediscovering your curls Tammy! I know they’re still there, and every time you wear them curly they will look better than the time before.

Have you brought your curls back to life after years of straightening? What’s you tip for reviving curly hair?

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  1. Pam says

    I straightened my hair daily for about three years and absolutely destroyed it.I finally stopped straightening it all together. To get my hair healthy again, I used “It’s a 10 miracle leave-in product.” (It really is a miracle). I also stopped putting my hair into ponytails, as the elastics pull on the curl and cause breakage. After several years of patience, my natural curls have grown out and are finally healthy again :)

    • Chevy says

      I have naturally curly hair / spirals.. was never taught to love them , so over many years and perms destroyed my curls. My daughters (4) taught me to love them and how to take care of them and they have BEAUTIFUL hair ! So , I took the chance and now am happy as ever and FREE !! Never again do I have to worry about how I look , or if my hair is “perfect” or about the wheather. I’m free to love what God gave me .

    • Denise J says

      Hi Pam, what is the name of the product that you used to rstore your curly har? And where can I purchase it, please?
      My hair went from beautiful soft curls to needle straight and singed on the ends. I’m so sad…
      I’ve been using a flatiron for about 15years, and this is the end results.

      Thank you very muuch for your help. I greatly appreciate your help and advice.


  2. curlywurly says

    I’ve always had curly/wavy hair but always thought it was just unruly and frizzy. I’ve always tried to take good care of my hair, however I straightened and coloured my hair (I tried most colours at some point or another) throughout my school days. It was only a few years ago that I thought I would try see if i could worq

    • curlywurly says

      (sorry my dog decide to sit on my laptop to get my attention) **work with my natural hair instead of against it. I stared using different techniques of styling, sulfate free shampoos, lots of conditioner, and protein. Although I am still on the look out for the next best thing for my hair, I pretty much have consistency with my hair.

  3. elle says

    My hair is still naturally dry but in much better condition since I stopped colouring it. I also use a deep conditioning treatment weekly when I wash it & sulfate free shampoo!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Elle! Yes, colouring is damaging to hair and I’m guilty of that! I do extra treatments to make up for it 😉

  4. Lis says

    To keep my curly hair looking healthy and curly (rather than frizzy), I have stopped using straighteners and stopped colouring it too. I also use sulfate free shampoo and use a deep conditioner once a week.
    But I did also have to have a few inches cut off as the ends were literally snapping off, it was worth it as my hair looks great now.

  5. Marianne says

    I must say, as a curly headed lady who fought he natural hair for years, that quitting shampoo and conditioner for apple cider vinegar has been a revelation for me! I use about half a cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with about 300 mls water whenever I need to wash my hair, and it is never oily or frizzy, my curls have great definition, no styling products or blow dry necessary. This has been a huge game changer for my curls!

    • says

      HI Marianne
      I’ve grown into curls from straight hair! I’m loving it ( at 52) but am having a hard time “styling” it. I want to look creative not frumpy!Over the last few years I used some natural soap shampoo and rinsed with vinegar. That worked quite well although the shampoo was drying. Now that you mention it, I reckon I might just try apple cider vinaegar on it’s own. Thanks for the tip.

        • Naomi Rodriguez says

          My hair use to be very curly and beautiful and i use to straighten my hair a lot and only the back of my hair is curly but not the front what can I use to bring back my curly hair
          Naomi Rodriguez recently posted..Big Hair FridayMy Profile

          • Hair Romance says

            Hi Naomi, try not to straighten your hair and do a conditioning treatment. Remember every time you wear your hair curly, your curls will look better x

  6. Marisa says

    As you’re doing all the other great stuff suggested here to re-condition your hair, you also might try encouraging the curl you want. My old hair-dresser taught me this trick – you basically just twirl in curls when your hair is damp, with whatever product already in it (e.g. leave-in conditioner). I start in the back and then work my way to the front on one side, then repeat on the other. I can usually see which bits of hair want to form a “curl clump” and I twirl all those together, in whichever direction they naturally want to go.

    It looks kind of weird while it’s drying, but after it’s maybe 90-95% dry I run my fingers through *one time* to gently separate the curls and suddenly I have well-behaved spirals. I think how well this will work probably depends on the type of curl you have, but in general I’ve found that my hair is easier to manage if I “train” it, and when I decided to go back to curls this is how I did it.

  7. Icela says

    I love this article!
    I’ve been straightening my hair for a month straight and I noticed recently how my hair has lost its curly “oomph” And I was struggling with trying to make it healthy again.
    Thank you so much for this & everyone else’s tips!

  8. Crazy says

    Well,I used to do my hair scene,though i never died it.Now when it drips drys it goes slightly curly but if i dry it with a diffuser it goes super straight unless i use LOADS of mousse,so i put loads in,then blow dry with my diffuser and then i come to come through the individule curls to ger ridd of the chunky mousse.I hate doing this because it so much hassle but it seems to be the only way my hair will curl nicely. Someone help me please xx

    • Hair Romance says

      Have you tried a different hair cut? It makes a huge difference to how my curls sit. That and a treatment can do wonders for my curls. Good luck x

  9. Heather Perkins says

    I do most of what you suggested and still get rather frizzy curls, but I do have fine, colored hair so that might be why. I decided to try one trip I could do for free ad then see about adding more. This morning I didn’t rub my hair dry, I just sprayed in my leave-in, and wrapped it up for a few mins then added mousse.
    Can not even believe the difference that one step made. My curls are much more defined, and not frizzy waves. I may start looking into a defuser and curl enhancer at this point.

    • Hair Romance says

      That’s great Heather! It’s probably better to let your hair air dry, but I never have the time so I love my diffuser.

  10. Kendall K. says

    I was just wondering for the “how to get your curl back” picture, what process you used -like if you diffused it, or air dried it and what product you used. Thanks!

  11. Avalon says

    Have you heard of people cutting long curly hair and the resulting cut is straight or far less curly? I can’t tell if it’s my haircut or the drastic change in length… Either way I keep looking at old pictures of previous short curly bobs and my current short wavy bob and I feel so sad.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Avalon, it’s hard to say but if your hair waas really long and it’s now short, it may take a little time for your curl to return. Avoid straightening your hair and give it a week or two and see if you notice your hair changing. Good luck xx

  12. says

    Heyah guys, ive been straightening my hair for over three years, I have naturaly curley hair and I hated it, im really down about my hair asI want it back natural I m only 15years old and needs to start doing something sbout it my hair is reallyshort what shall I doo helpppp!!!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Ellie, don’t get down, remember it’s only hair! You’re young and it will grow back before you know it. Eat well, a diet high in protein helps, and exercise regularly to improve your metabolism as this ill also make your hair grow faster. Also, don’t stress as this can slow your hair growth too. Good luck xx

  13. says

    Hello ladies!

    i been reading everyone’s comment and i been trying differen tips, but i still diddn’t find a solution to my frizzy hair. I been coloring my curly hair for 13 yrs and now it’s really taking away my beautiful curls and giving me lots of frizzy. I just orded the deva curl products. Does anyone use? Did it work for you? Thanks.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Claudia, lots of readers are fans but I haven’t tried those products yet. Good luck and let us know how you go x

  14. Tammy says

    Hi, I have natural curly hair, but after my second child my hair will not curly. Can you please help me??????

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Tammy, hormones can do crazy things and they can change your hair. Wait a little while and see if it changes back x

  15. Kat says

    My hair use to be curly when i was younger now when i brush it it become straighe and frizzt but i dont know how to keep my curly without turning it frizzy!!!!!!

  16. Stephanie says

    There’s so many amazing tips and tricks here. I stumbled across this site while searching for ways to “fix” my curls. I have super curly hair and have been straightening/ coloring it for years now. I currently do have it colored but am trying to get my natural curl back. The bottom of my hair curls perfect! no frizz, nice tight riglets which i piece apart to be a little more difined. but anyways the top of my hair DOES NOT curl for the life if it no matter what i do. i’ve stayed away from straighthening it for about two months now and it just waves.. its like i have two different types of curls in my hair. so yea just wondering if i could get any tips to get the top to curl like the bottom. any help would be much apperciated >.< thnx!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Stephanie! How long is your hair? Often the weight of your hair causes it to hang in waves at the top but it can curl freely at the ends. Depending on your hair & curl type, maybe some layers will give the impression of more curls on top? Otherwise I also love styling powder to give a lift at the root x

      • Grace says

        Stephanie and Hair Romance! I have the same problem!! Have you found a solution??? I use DevaCurl products but the top of my hair is still frizzy, fluffy, and pretty much straight. While underneath, I have perfect ringlets without frizz. I have shoulder length hair and I get trimmed regularly and haven’t colored it in over a year and stopped doing keratin treatments over 2 years ago. I don’t know what to do!!! I live in South Florida so humidity is a HUGE problem!!! When its not humid, my hair is better and I prefer it straight then. Any advice?? Thanks!

        • Hair Romance says

          Hi Grace, not sure if Stephanie has a solution. Humidity is the worst! I’m not sure what else to suggest. Sometimes our curls are just really different. I have very different curl patterns in my hair and they have changed over time too. Good luck xx

  17. Yanice says

    Am I in the same situation of straightening my hair, if I’m using curling irons and straightening irons which I understand can be stronger than dry blowers, and salon blowers? My whole life I’ve had strong gorgeous curls, and it’s now I’m realizing how bad I damaged them. Would these rules apply to me? I just want to bounce and curl back into my hair where it belongs.

    • Hair Romance says

      Give them a try Yanice, if you had strong curls they’ll come back with a few deep conditioning treatments. Be prepared for a few fuzzy curl days in between but they will come back x

  18. says

    Hi! I have the same problem. My hair used to curl beautifull i nice ringlets. But,I straighten my hair a lot, and my hair stylist messed up on my hair, so it has been dyed four times. It hasnt been the same since. It doesn’t curl very well, the ringlets straighten out at the ends and the top will not curl AT ALL. its quite annoying. I really do want my natural curls back. I was wondering what deep conditioning products should I use at home? Thank you!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jamie, your hair has been through a lot with the straightening and dyes. Any moisturising conditioner will help your hair, and try to ease up on the straighteners x

  19. says

    I use be cutout shampoo and.conditionrer. also be curly curly enhancer from aveda. It doesn’t do the trick. I used it before on my hair and it worked well.but it doesn’t work well anymore. Help me please!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jamie, it will take time for your curls to come back so don’t despair. A trim will help freshen up the ends which makes your hair look better x

  20. Amanda says

    I used to have long curly beautiful brown hair. But then I went to blonde and kept dying it lighter and lighter every other month. My curls completely dropped and dried out. Now I have stringy strands of straight frizzy hair. I’ve tried deep conditions every other day, hair masks, oils, and spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a good curling product and I have not found one yet. Can someone help me :(

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Amanda, sometimes a new haircut may be the only solution if your hair is really damaged. Also the first few times you wear your hair curly it won’t be perfect, but your curls will improve each time you wear them. Resist the urge to straighten your hair and let your curls slowly come back x

  21. Mallory says

    Hi I have naturally curly hair but for the most part it’s underneath at the bottom. This front part of my hair just will not naturally curl and neither will the top part of my hair. What can I do?? I don’t like using heat on my hair and I just got it cut into long layers. But I can’t get the front and top to curl like the rest of my hair. Is there anything I can do??

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Mallory, it’s quite common to have a few different curl patterns on your head. I know mine is like yours. Often the underneath curls more easily as it’s shorter. Long hair can weigh your curls down into waves. Try a curl cream and root volumiser, but I would persist in wearing your hair curly as it often just takes time for your curls to find their form, especially if you normally wear them straight or pulled back x

  22. Kourtney says

    Hi Hair Romance! I have a question. I have straight hair, it just doesn’t do much. When I was a kid I used to have Shirley Temple curls. Is there any way I could get curls back? Could I start putting curly hair products in my hair? I have SUPER thick hair and perms just don’t stay! Please help me!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Kourtney, it sounds like your hair has changed. You may be able to get some curl back but not like when you were a kid. It’s normal to go through a few hair changes, usually linked to hormones. You may find your hair goes back to curly as you get older. It could also be that because your hair is so thick, it’s just too heavy to hold a curl. I’d have a chat to a hairdresser to see if a different haircut could lighten your hair and encourage more curls x

  23. sandra says

    I have a question, i had really pretty curly hair but after cut my into layeres my curls are gone and i want them back, what should I do? please help

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sandra, perhaps your layers are too short to let your curls form. Do you have a soft, open curl in your hair? If so, once your hair grows a little longer the curls will be able to form. Good luck x

  24. Roth says

    Hi, I was wondering is it true what they say about avoiding products with silicone? I always had the nicest, thickest spiral curls you’ve ever seen until lately. Now my curls have disappeared, and my hair is getting very thin. Some say that I should avoid products with silicone, could you agree with that? I haven’t colored in quite a while as well.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Roth, silicone products coat the hair so while they smooth frizz, they stop your hair absorbing moisture. It’s ok to use some silicone products but don’t overdo it. You can try avoiding them and see if it makes a difference to your hair x

  25. Darla says

    Ok so this is weird! Please help!
    I have naturally curly hair, except for a couple if years I’ve dyed and straightened. Now that I’m just letting my natural curls do it’s thing the bottom part of my hair and my bangs will NOT curl.
    The reason for this is because once while my hair was straightened I decided to trim the tips of the bottom half of my hair and my bangs as well. From that day on I never saw my hair go curly after each shower and now that I want to leave it natural everything else is curly except those 2 parts! :( please help! I use products and leave in treatments for natural curls, it does the work for my hair except on those 2 places! What can I do!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Darla, it’s normal for different sections of your hair to have a different curl pattern. Maybe these sections need to grow a bit longer. in the meantime, I would use a small curling wand to touch up these curls to match the rest of your hair x

  26. Kurleetop says

    Hi guys,

    One tip you might try is Baking soda. Mix it with water and put it on you hair and let it soak in for about 5 minutes. Also a bit of Lemon or Lime Juice mixed with your conditioner works too. I know the Baking soda takes off the build but but it seems to add a little something too, I’m not sure what it does but My curls are happy when I do it. I usually do it every third washing , I’m a conditioner only girl. I have fairly dry thick 3b-c curls. Hope it helps!

  27. says

    I had naturally curly hair my entire life untilafter the birth of my child it has gone partially straight and has been 2 years. So I have to curl my hair every day. Do I have any chance of it going curly again?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Amy, our hormones can have some crazy effects on our hair. I can’t say if it will curl again, but fingers crossed xx

  28. Georgie says

    Oh my goodness – this has given me hope! Looking back at old photos I’d forgotten how curly my hair used to be! I’m a constant dyer but have been curling it artificially over the years. I know the heat is damaging, but was fed up with the frizz! I’m so going to start trying some of these tips. Thank you all for the help!!

  29. Cat says


    I have naturally thick, curly hair that I love and straighten once every six months or so for a change of pace. Well, last Thursday I straightened it, kept it that way all weekend using a new dry shampoo, and have washed it three times since. It has not bounced back to its usual curl, and that is highly unusual as each previous time I’d straightened my hair it would be back to curly after the first washing. Please help! It is currently a weird mix of curly and straight and is not at all attractive.


    • Hair Romance says

      That is weird Cat! I’d try washing again and maybe shampoo twice just to make sure you’ve removed all product from your hair. Use a conditioning mask and let your hair air dry and you should be back to normal xx

  30. Jessica says

    My hair has been naturally curly all my life…a few months ago I got a haircut and ever since my curls are now just barely wavy. What should I do? I straighten my hair everyday now because it’s all I can do with it since it won’t curl.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jesssica, the more you straighten, the less curl you’ll have. It’s hard but you’ll have to put down the stylers for a while to get your natural curl back. Try some twist & pin hairstyles to get you through. Good luck x

  31. Jessica Lynn Haynes says

    I have been trying to get my curls back since I was 16…I have destroyed my hair from constantly using a hair straightener/dryer, and dyeing it since I was twelve. I’m 23 now and have just gotten it cut and am using a sulfate free product line by Loreal called Evercurl. I’m not too happy with it though, with the cleansing conditioner it says to use 10-15 pumps for my hair type (which is very thick) but I wind up having to use 20-25 pumps and then the shampoo dries up all the moisture and then the conditioner adds it back in but makes it feel heavy. the only thing I like really is the spray that makes your hair not feel crunchy from the hair gel. I don’t know what other products I can try. Any suggestions?

    • Hair Romance says

      A lot of readers swear by Devacurl but I haven’t tried it yet. I like Original & Mineral, Unite and Aveda’s be curly. Try and get a sample and see which one works best in your hair xx

  32. Crystal says

    I straighten my hair only 3-4 times per YEAR and I use the curly girl method (so no sulfate damage either). Over the past year or two I’ve lost all my curls! My hair is straight now when it used to be extremely curly. I didn’t lose my curls because of damage (my hair is in great condition). Does anyone have any idea why this happened? Stress, hormones? …

    • Hair Romance says

      Sorry to hear Crystal, and yes stress and hormones have a huge impact on your hair. It’s also said that around every 7 years your hair changes.

  33. says

    I wanted to know if using the leave in conditioner called “It’s a 10″ will take the curl out of my perm. It has been 4-days since I got the perm. My hair is long and goes to about the middle of my back.

    My hair is not naturally curly. It was dyed once about 1 year ago. Could not find anything on this product, even by going to their website, and they did not give you a “contact us” prompt anywhere, only if you were a company. :(

    Thank you for any help you can give.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Andrea, I’ve never used this product but I can’t see how a leave in conditioner could affect your perm. Now that your hair is permed it will need more moisture and conditioners will help xx

  34. Lauren says

    Hi! Two days ago I tried to get back to my natural brown color so I dyed it. However, it came out black and also pulled out all of my curls. I have pretty curly hair and it’s a little past my shoulders I’ve noticed as it gets longer my curls are more weighed down. Besides getting a hair cut how can I get my curls back after the damage from my coloring job. Lol I miss them already!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Lauren, give your hair a couple of moisturising treatments. The colour deposits in your hair are probably weighing down your curls and as the colour fades you will need to keep moisturising your hair to keep it soft. Your curls will come back x

  35. says

    I had straight hair until puberty, then it turned curly, but only on the top layer, at the crown, the hair underneath is kind of wavy but straighter.
    I’ve lost most of my curls after giving birth a year and a half ago, no my hair is frizzy and wavy-er, the “curls” last a single day at the most after a wash. I blow dry with the diffusor. I’m still breastfeeding (worth mentioning since I’ve read the loss of curls could be hormonal and related to the thyroid function). My doctor recommended Biotin supplements, but I can’t take them while breastfeeding. Thank you so much for your posting on what to do the second day with the curling wand! I got one yesterday and worked wonders for me :) I’d appreciate if you have any other tips on how to get my curls back.

  36. aashna says

    Hi! Aashna this side im an indian and I have beautiful ringlets the day I wash them but the next day they get wavy tomorrow im going for a keratin smoothening therapy coz I need a change I have had these hair since the past 20 years the only thing im worried abot is will I be able to get back my natural ringlets again? Please reply ASAP

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Aashna, talk to your hairdresser as it’s impossible for me to say. There are so many treatments and every curl reacts differently x

  37. Corin says

    I have had the same issue with over-processing my hair and losing the curl. There is a miracle out there. LUSH cosmetics has a few products that will help. Hsuan Wen Hua or Roots hair mask are wonderful for an at home leave in conditioning treatment. Also try out either Curly Wurly or Blousey shampoo to revive moisture, bounce, shine and life. After if you have super dry hair try the Retread or American Cream conditioner. and when you’re out of the shower, for styling use R&B leave in conditioner with a little bit of Dirty Styling Cream for hold. You’ll be amazed at how this helps. AND it’s for the most part really natural and not tested on animals. Check it out.

  38. Natasha says

    I had naturally curly hair…a few months ago I straightened my hair( Rebonded) and now I regret it. I want my old hair back. How is that possible ? :-((

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Natasha, unfortunately you need to wait for it to grow out and it will fade after a while. You can still curl it but be careful not ot heat style too often as your hair will be more fragile since the straightening x

  39. Sara says

    I’ve been panicking over my loss of curly hair over the past few months. I used to have such thick curly natural hair and suddenly one day I noticed it stringy, wavy, and thin :( I don’t know what to do. I’ve only ever dyed my hair once in my life (I’m 25) and I’m not a frequent straightener or even blow dryer. I’m praying that it’s not the theory that hair goes through 7year cycles because if that’s the case I’ve lost my curls forever :(

    • Hair Romance says

      Don’t worry Sara, hair changes all the time. It often reflects how we’re feeling and the state of our health. Did you notice that you were losing a lot of hair? Have you recently changed products? Could it be hormonal? So many things can affect our hair and if you’re concerned you can talk to your doctor about it. Good luck x

  40. Eli says

    I had naturally curly/ wavy hair only a few months ago, but after a particular haircut, my hair became alot flatter with much less volume. My hair used to be perfect with washing only once a week, but now it seems to need washing more often. I have never done anything to my hair except get a hair cut & blow-dry it straight. It seems that my hair is straighter when short and curlier when long. I’ve finally changed my shampoo/ conditioner after about a year & adding coconut cream which gives my hair more volume after washing. But looking back on my old photos is really saddening. I was born with pin straight hair which started changing about eight years ago and I fear that it might turn back?! What am I doing wrong..? It’s the only thing that makes me different from everyone else at school :(

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Eli, I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. Sounds like the haircut is the difference. They layering can really change how your hair sits. At your next appointment take in a photo of your hair the way you liked it before and ask for the same haircut. I love that you love your curls x

  41. sara says

    Naturally i have a curly hair,I’ve straightened it twice & lost all my volume..Now my hair which it grows from root is curly and straightened remains same..I’m doing straightning daily like patch up, I know i shudn’t but i don hav options.Will my hair go worser than now or can u give me some remedy for that plz :((

  42. Sarah says

    I have straigntened my hair very frequently throught these 2 yrs but mostly this year. and my hair curls at the tips but it is wavy on top. Im very anxious to get my curls back because I love curly hair and my hair was very pretty. but because i was young and none of the girls in my family have curly hair i did not know how to treat it. is there hope for my curls? do you guys have any suggestions for me. i sleep with satin pillows and a satin cap, use a micro fiber towel out of the shower, sulfate free products, and i dont have much of a routine for my “deep conditioning” my hair is very frizzy and lacks in moisture.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sarah, I’d definitely add a moisturising treatment in between shampoo and conditioner once a week and try to stop straightening your hair. It can take a while for your curls to “remember” how to curl. A fresh haircut can help reactivate them too. Good luck x

  43. delsy says

    i have done permanent straighting i miss my original curles and i want them back as they wer naturally or by any treatment

    • Hair Romance says

      Depending on the straightening treatment you’ll have to wait for it to grow out or wear off. It could take 3-12 months to go back to your natural curls.

  44. Anne says

    Hi Everyone:)
    I am so excitied to find this site. I have always had natural curly hair and have never had a problem until this year. I’ve always kept it natural, but as I’ve been getting older, I want to cover up the grey. I color my own hair since I am in school and just do not have the extra time or money. Do you think it is that im getting older and my hair is losing its curl, or I just left the color in too long? My hair is reall long, and I don’t want to wait years and years to get my old hair back. Someone told me the hair shaft is shaped differently for curly hair, so did I do pernanent damage? I’ve been putting deep conditioning treatments, but it doesn’t seem to help. I have always let my hair dry naturally, no products, etc. So this totally sucks! I want my old hair back:( Is there any hope? Like, in the next few years until it all replaces itself? Or, is it just my age that is doing this? I need a hair angel to fix it:)

  45. Anne says

    My hair travesty update…
    I went to a salon to search for products, and found a sweet girl fresh out of cosmetology school..jackpot! I told her what happened, and she suggested I cut it, and get a keratin treatment. She also introduced me to a really amazing product called Argen Oil I think? It is from the Big Sexy Hair soy product line and it really seems to rev my hair up..not to where it originally was, but a huge improvement. I wash, condition, style product at night so I can wake up and pretty much go. I know it was the color, since it was an immediate curl destruction. She said I would have to just wait for it to grow to get back to normal, but in the meantime I’ve got to get on with my life and add more time to my hair now. When I go out at night, I’ve been using Caruso curls and they look great!! Granted the only last a few hours, but it has been really fun to try new styles. I would just like to share my lesson that if you have very long hair, think twice before you experiment with chemicals! I colored my hair ( on my own) maybe 3x in one year and it did this

  46. Neeka says

    I have naturally curly hair but I always straighten my bangs now they seem like they arent growing back..what can I use to get the top part of my hair to grow again?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Neeka, probably stop straightening your hair, but also realise it takes time for hair to grow. It can feel like it’s taking forever then before you know it your hair has grown. Good luck x

  47. lou says

    I don’t no if this is any good to use but I was searching about mayyonaise treatment for my cousin as she has the same problem , I seen a lady on the tv apply it to her curly hair and the search results sound really good , supose to condition the hair and adding vinigar or oil to mayyonaise is even better , also would having a perm and conditioning it a lot not help keep the curls ?

  48. Vass says

    Hi, my hair has gone straight and frizzy on the sides at the front, the rest is curly, how can i get that part curly again. At some point i couldnt comb it while it was wet, it felt dry. Ive tried a mayonaisse mask which is great for the rest of my hair but doing nothing for the sides. Tried coconut oil and moisteriser spray but nothing, what else is there?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Vass, it depends on what caused it to change. When did it start to happen? Are you wearing your hair pulled back tightly? Or using a new styling product or tool? All the tips above will help but it takes time to get your hair to recover. Good luck x

  49. Raquel says

    I use to have such pretty spiraled curls. My hair was RAZORED in the front about 3 years ago and HAS NOT curled since, the rest of my hair still does so. It totally string and when i try to curl it with the diffuser it just goes wavy. I recently made “the big chop” and NOTHING. HELP!!! I miss my curly hair :(

  50. Rhian says

    I recently decided to ditch my straighteners after 10 plus years in favour of my natural curls, i’ve been using Boots Naked range for 6 weeks and had a ‘good cut’ which have definitely helped breathe life into my dying over-straightened locks and reminded them of what they are naturally designed to look like. I’m now left with the dilemma of the premature grey hairs (i’m 30 and have had the odd grey hair since the age of 16 and they’re ever increasing…plucking just isn’t going to cut it any more!) I’ve always coloured my straight hair but i’m now nervous about the drying effect of dye’s on my curls. Olia is my first choice due to the less harsh ingredients and larger quantity of oils but i’m wondering whether there are any better options out there?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Rhian, I colour my curly hair and I use an ammonia free colour. It can be drying but a few conditioning treatments keep my hair in good shape x

  51. alinne says

    I’ve but I honestly lost a lot of patience :( and my hair seems too dead to curl. I’m probably exaggerating Lol but I was thinking of cutting my hair really short kind of like Anne Hathaway lol would this help or will it slow down the process? And could it affect if my hair comes out curly at all??

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Alinne, I cut all my hair off in a pixie when I was sick of the frizz. I love short hair and it did grow back differently. I did colour it a lot though too. I say go for it, it’s just hair and it grows back :)

  52. Sarah says

    About 3 years ago i used to have curly hair that i could just throw some gel in and let it air dry. i LOVED my curly hair and there were only a few times i would straighten my hair but it would get kinks in it so i decided to use John Frieda’s Three-Day Straight, which i didn’t realize was a semi-permanent spray. i sprayed it most on my bangs and hair by my face and next to my neck because that was where my hair kinked. Unfortunately now it made my curly hair wavy and i’ve tried everything to bring my hair back; short hair cuts, switching products, sulfate-free stuff. Nothing is working and so i am soon to get perm, and i want to know if that is more damaging or if it may bring back my curls like i am hoping. i am hoping to only get a perm once and i want to know if my natural hair will ever come back after i get a perm??? any help?? thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sarah, sorry to hear that the straightening spray affected your curls so badly! I had a perm years ago which was really successful but I’ve had friends who weren’t so lucky. Make sure you go to a salon that is really experienced with perms. They’re not as common now so it’s harder to find someone who’d really good at them. Perms do cause damage to your hair but you can manage it with treatments. Good luck with whatever you decide to do x

  53. Arieal says

    Hey guys,
    I used to have spring curls and beautiful hair but I went though the teenage fase of straightening – I should have listen to everyone when they said I would regret it because guess what……I do. My hair now goes a fuzzy crazy half curl half straight like mess! I want to get my hair back and healthy hoping my curls will return. After reading comments of not straighting and not tying back my hair I don’t know what to do with it, ideas? Also I have oily hair so a conditioning treatment would only aggravate and make my hair even worse. Any body have any ideas to help out?? I would appreciate ideas very much. At wit send and really contemplated shaving my hair off ( not that I could I think I would cry)
    Thanks Arieal

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Arieal, I hear you and I know how you feel. How often do you wash your hair? Sometimes an oily scalp can be aggravated by over-washing your hair. I still think a conditioning treatment will help your hair. Just apply it to the midlengths and ends of your hair, not your scalp. I can’t say for sure, but a haircut or trim could help too. As for daily styling, try and let your hair dry naturally. If you can’t, then try some Twist & Pin updos or braids as they are protective hairstyles you can do in wet hair. I’m sure your curls will come back soon, but they may need some time to grow back. Resist the urge to straighten them in the meantime. Good luck, Christina x

  54. Samantha Sylvain says

    I have noticed, not too long ago, that my natural curls are somehow straightening. I havent flat ironed my hair for a few years. I use Fructis Style curl sculpting cream gel and Fructis sleek and shine motoccan sleek oil treatment. Though I figured that it may be from a 2 in 1 conditioner and shampoo im using at the moment. Im young and cant exactly buy expensive products with the little money I save. What should I do for the time being?

  55. Ari says

    I used to have curly hair but i put keratin straightening treatment for 3 months and i kinda lost it. my hairs big i guess and i cut it off after that to above my shoulders.. the front is wavy straight and the middle is nappy curly (im mixed b&w). i put ZERO products in my hair so what do i do for my original curls to come back?

  56. abi says

    I had curly and thick densy hair..I didt hair straightening in the month of feb I didt find hair loss at that tym..due to frequent combing and washing I lost most of my hair..then I did my straightening in tha month of my hair looking thin and lean…I want my densy and curly hair back

    Is there any natural remeady pls tel me

  57. Kathleen says

    I have curly hair that when I get it wet and don’t touch it, it creates beautiful Shirley Temple curls but I have one problem. In the middle of my hair on the back of my head NEVER stays curly. It usually turns into a frizzed out and wavy mess and it always tangles first. I have no clue how to keep it curly and not do that. I have tried many different ways like putting a protein oil there and even Argon oil and that didn’t even help. I really need help and I want my curly hair back. PLEASE help me, please I have tried everything. My hair is naturally curly and I have straightened it for a little over 4 years.

    • Hair Romance says

      It’s normal to have different types of curls. Have you tried helping those curls by twisting them when your hair is wet? Get a little curl creme or gel and twist the back section into small curls around your finger. I usually say not to touch your curls, but twisting your hair with some product can help stubborn sections curl better. Hope this helps x

  58. gemma says

    hey girls….
    i have naturally really really really tight afro curly hair and its quite frizzy i was born with this hair .. after being bullied in scholl all my life because of my BIG wild hair i started to straighten it this year quite alot .. but now i have realised i want my curls back and have started to wash it and leave it dry naturelly and the curls just are not the same .. they use to be spiral tight curls .. and now the curls at the bottom and underneath are still tight but as you go up and out to the top of my head and the outer curls they are looser :(((( i know its my own fault for useing the straightners so much :(((( is there any tips or products or hints that will help me restore and get my tight spiral curls back or are they gone forever :(((( if you could help me my email is [email protected] i would much appriciate any help here .. thanks guys <3 XxxX

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Gemma, it’s great that you love your curls and don’t worry, you can get them back. Depending on how much straightening you’ve been doing, get a haircut to freshen up your hair and encourage your curls with a few layers. Do a deep conditioning treatment once a week and remember that every time you wear your hair curly it looks better. Good luck xx

  59. Ashliegh says

    I always straighten and then use a curling iron to get a big flow curl look and have ruined my natural curls. From about 3 inches from my root, maybe four, is curly hair and then its just straight all the way down I don’t want to cut my hair because I like to keep it long it’s just past my shoulders but would you suggest cutting it maybe just an inch and using the deep conditioning? Does deep conditioning actually work? Any certain deep conditioning products you would suggest? Can uou do it too often?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Ashleigh, you can’t really overdo it with hydrating conditioning treatments, but once or twice a week is enough. I love O&M seven day miracle but there are lots of treatments that are good at every price point. It sounds like you’ll really need to give your hair a rest from the heat and fingers crossed it will remember how to curl again xx

  60. Morgan says

    Hello, I just found this website on Pinterest! I was born with Shirley Temple curls. My hair was soft and bouncy. As I grew up I started losing curl. Then like two years ago I had an older friend show me how she styled her hair cause she saw mine wet and was shocked that I had curly hair. I started styling it with the same product and diffusing. Then after a while my hair got the curl back and all I had to do was put my mousse in it. But now I feel like my curls are going away again and my hair seems flat and heavy. They used to be so fluffy and full and now I will style and parts wont even curl. Like at the front of my head the curls will be pretty curly but one part refuses to curl. And the back just looks like frizz! Please help!!! I just want my curls back!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Have you changed your haircut? Or moved to somewhere with different water? Sometimes long hair can weigh curls down and hard water can do the same. And hair can also change for other reasons like hormones or stress. Hopefully a fresh cut and treatment can help bring your curls back x

      • Morgan says

        I got a haircut yesterday and I plan on trying a baking soda shampoo and apple cider vinegar conditioner. I will let you know how it goes! Thank you so much! :)

  61. Merritt says

    Hey! So I have really long curly hair, it has a lot of curls at the bottom and has a lot of ringlets. My hair tends to get really puffy and frizzy through the day and it is really aggravating. When I try to style it, it tends to look bad just hours after I leave the house. I really want to cut it short but in the past it has just gotten worse when it is short.

    I use Infusium 23 leave-in conditioner, and olive oil on my hair.

    I would love to have curls like yours! Any way you could help?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Merritt, my curls aren’t perfect either, but I use a combination of products to style them. First, a great curly haircut helps. Then this is how I style my curls. Depending on the weather, I use a mix of leave-in conditioner spray, a serum and either mousse or curl cream. I either let my hair air dry or use a diffuser and I finish with more serum or a styling oil. If some pieces haven’t curled well, I restyle my curls with a wand. Hope this helps x

  62. says

    I had curly/ wavy hair. A few days ago I dyed my hair and and it’s been a couple days and I noticed that even after the shower that my curls just don’t come back out again. It’s the first time I got it done but I still wish to have my curls back without having to grow out my real hair back out again to have it curly. And I got it cut short a month before that. I’m not sure what to do.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Veronica, colouring your hair can affect your curl. Give it a few more days to settle and try to keep styling your curls as you did before. I’d also recommend a conditioning treatment to help hydrate your hair :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Donna, not sure how old your daughter is, but sometimes, when you’re young, your hair grows ringlets at the ends and these can be cut off leaving the straight hair at the top. Did the hairdresser straighten her hair? Did you see her style it any differently? Has she cut layers into your daughter’s hair? All of these can affect curls. You should ask her hairdresser why it has changed and see if they can help with tips on how to style it now. Good luck x

  63. says

    Hi all I’m desperate and need some advice :o(, I use to have very curly hair back in february my hairdresser was off so someone else cut my hair. My hair reached ny waist abd i ended uo having around 7″ chopped off since then my hair has been straight not a curl in sight. I do not blowdry or use straighteners on my hair. However I’ve had quite a lot of stress recently and I’m wondering if this is part of my hair now being straight please can anyone help.

    • Hair Romance says

      it’s really normal to have different hair textures, my hair was the same. Over time it has changed and now the underneath is curlier than the top! You can curl the bottom section to match the top if you want :)

  64. Julie says

    Help. My hair is curly but straight on the ends. I’ve already done the chop and it grew back the same way. I haven’t colored and only use heat occasionally with protection. I use sulfate free products and occasionally rinse with Apple cider vinegar. Wash once a week with deep condition and leave in. Cowash once a week as well as organic coconut oil treatment. I have bra strap length hair and am African American(if that matters). What can I do to get my curls back and all the way to the ends?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Julie, you are doing so many good things for your hair! I’m not sure what else you can do as you say it has grown back this way. Unless the ends of your hair are still damaged and you need another hair cut, I’m not sure what else to suggest. Good luck xx

  65. elise says

    Hi, my hair has always been a mystery to me. Throughout middle and high school, I had straight dry hair. It wasn’t stick straight at all unless I straightened it (which was rare) and it was frizzy but not rough. If you looked at a single strand, it was bent and crimped. I am in college now and have recently been using a deep conditioner upwards of 3-4 times a week and a leave in conditioner after I get out of the shower. Now my hair has started to get loose curls when I let it air dry, but only the bottom half of the strand. Why would this happen? Is it the conditioning? And will it get curlier?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Elise, sometimes the weight of your hair or the shape of your haircut means that only the ends curl. Or it could just be the shape of your natural wave. It’s impossible to say if it will become curlier, but you can try and encourage the wave with a curl cream or sea salt spray x

  66. says

    Hi I have lost my curl, I had cancer chemotherapy & radiotherapy, my hair grew back curly but no 2 years later my hair is going straight, my hairdresser (who cuts my hair)said it’s lost its “spring back” that it had. Any ideas on how to get my curls back appreciated. I am 60 next birthday I only wash my hair condition and towel dry.All my life I have had curly hair and am so sad to have lost it.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Philomena, I’m so sorry to hear about your treatment and hope you’re feeling well now. It’s really common for hair to change after chemo and I’m sorry it’s happened to you. Some women find their straight hair becomes curly and often curly hair becomes straight. Chemo is so hard on the body and your hair does react to it. Maybe in time it will change but there’s no way to tell. You can try styling your hair when it’s wet to encourage more curl. Twist & Pin updos are a good style to try as the twist will leave a curl when your hair dries. I wish you good health and good luck with styling your hair xx

  67. Angie R says

    Well as many of you on here, I have read and done all these processes. But never seem to find someone with the same issue as me. Maybe quite similar but then way different at the end.
    To start off, I was a curly spiral tornado kind of girl. Then the age of straight hair or go home kind of time came along. Back when you weren’t cute if you didn’t have straight hair like the models on tv.
    So with these years of straightening, it turns out once I try to go natural I get frumpy waves in the front or around my hair line. In the back is where it all goes wrong. It barely even waves. It’s hideous… I have my deep conditioner and coconut milk shampoo. I also try not to wash it every day. I do one day yes one day no. When I go to bed, the little bit of wave or curl I got for the day goes back to an awful flat almost straight wave.
    I seriously need some help here. I am do for a trim soon. But since I am in the process of growing out a pixie cut, I’d like to grow out my natural curl as well. Curlers aren’t my thing. I don’t have the time to set em in. Plus I’m married and he doesn’t like the sight of those things in my hair, he says it reminds him of his grandma or some woman that is in slippers all day. Lol
    Is there any advice you can pass on over here? I miss my curly fries. :(

  68. M.C. says

    All my life I have had thin hair but a lot of it. I always thought it was pretty straight. At 19 it started frizzing. By 23 I was going grey. I am 37 now. Just a few years ago I got a cut with layers and when I let it air dry all these waves came out of nowhere. Ever since I’ve given up sulphates and silicones. I have good hair days and bad. But my hair has gotten curlier. The last time I got it cut I asked for someone who knew how to cut and style curly/wavy hair. She straightened then curled it. It looked good but I don’t want to straighten then curl my hair. A few days ago I washed and plopped my hair and added a curling product. When I wasn’t happy with the result I sprayed it down with water, added more product, scrunched the hell out of it and finger curled it and it looked great. Currently I am on day 3 with the same curls, just spraying it down, adding product and scrunching and finger curling. Then when it’s dry I gently run my fingers through to get the stiffness out. I love it curly my hair looks so much thicker with curls. If only I could find a stylist who can style it. I also can’t blow dry it, even with a diffuser my curls fall out and it’s very frustrating when I have to leave the house with a wet head my hair goes crazy. I also made the mistake of washing with baking soda and my hair broke off at the top and now I have these short baby hairs growing in. I also can’t ponytail it, the curls become loose waves. My hair falls just below my shoulders and the longer it gets the better it looks. It just takes so long to get it right. Do u have any suggestions on how I can shorten the prep time? Sorry this comment is so long. Thank you.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi M.C., thanks for sharing your curl story! My hair also takes a while to dry in the mornings. Have you tried washing and styling your curls in the evening when you’re at home? That way the time it takes isn’t so much of a problem. Another option could be to tie your hair up in bantu knots (google for a tutorial). Good luck, Christina xx

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jessie, It could be because your hair is longer now too. Let it air dry and see how the curls form. They’re probably still there just a little smoothed out from braiding :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Turielee, don’t worry! Your hair will grow and be curly again :) Your hair will go through a lot of changes. Just look after it and try to keep it as natural as possible. That’s the key for healthy hair. Good luck xx

  69. Faith says

    When I was six or seven I had to get my hair cut very short as I was getting bald spots due to hair loss. It was very curly before the cut, and immediately as I was getting it done it began to frizz up. For the next 2 yrs we had to try to deal with my hair, it was basically a untameable blob of frizz. It started finally growing back, but completely straight. Now I’m sixteen and my hair is still generally stright, but sometimes I can encourage a bit of curling at the bottom of my hair. Usually it just goes right to frizzing though, since my hair’s really thick.

    Do you think after so long I can still get my curls back? I’ve been wondering if the reason I lost them in the first place was because my hairdresser back then had no idea how to give me a good haircut for my curly hair.

    • Hair Romance says

      It’s hard to say Faith, but our hair changes a lot from when we are little. It’s common for hair to be curly as a child and then become straight. It’s a bit of a crazy mystery. Sorry I can’t help but maybe talk to a hairdresser who can see your hair and work out it’s natural shape x

  70. says

    Hi ….i have been straitening my hair since 2 yrs and now I want to stop this and get my curly hair back …..and the problem is my hair is curly in front and down its straight ….which I hate the most …..can u sugesst me a best method to getvmy curly hair with proper look

  71. Ashley says

    I have just begun the process of trying to repair my curls and found that Hair Chemist Macadamia Oil hair masque is amazing! It only recommends using it once every 7 days but even my hair stylist said she has never seen such healthy hair. I couldn’t believe she said that because the previous day I am almost certain she would have said otherwise.

  72. MariaS says

    Hi! I had thick curly hair that would grow fast too..last few years (even though I have my regular trims) it doesn’t grow problem got worse the last 7 months..I stopped taking contraceptives and my hair was falling a lot..I mean A it stopped but due to my profession (dentist) I have to keep my hair tied back..I didn’t color my hair and I don’t straighten them that often at all! Well I am getting married next year and I wanted to find a good hairdresser so I ve had my hair styled couple of times and now it’s just wavy and too soft..even hair mousse doesn’t give me volume. I ve trimmed it and had a Botox treatment but nothing…help :(

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Maria, I’d go back an chat to your stylist about it. I would guess that your hormones have changed and this has changed your hair too. Your stylist will be able to prescribe the best products for you and show you how to use them x

      • MariaS says

        Hello again :) I don’t want to use extensions to lengthen my hair (I don’t like anything fake on me)…yes I did mention it to the stylist but none of the hairdressers I’ve been up to now really knows how to solve problems with hair lol…they just want to sell their products…I used nanogen shampoo and conditioner first and at the moment I am using Tahe shampoo and leave in hair mask (isn’t Botox supposed to deeply hydrate the hair?) I wish I could upload a pic of my hair so you can see the before and after..another thing I noticed is that they get greasy faster..

          • Hair Romance says

            Hi Maria, straight hair always seems oilier than curly hair. When the hair is curly, the cuticle is open and the hair shaft is more textured. When the hair is straight, the cuticle is smooth and so any oil from your scalp moves more easily down your hair. Your scalp is probably as oily as before but it is now moving down your hair faster. I don’t know about Botox for hair so can’t advise on that. From the pictures I can see your hair has changed a lot. If it’s hormonal it may come back but could take some time. I’m sorry there isn’t an easy answer or we would all be buying that product. If you’re worried for your wedding, there are so many options. Clip in extensions are great or perhaps some small hair pieces can help you achieve your dream hair for your wedding. Good luck xx

  73. savannah says

    hi!! i kind of have a similar problem. i’m only 13 right now and i know my hair will probably change as i get older, but from kindergarten to 3rd grade i straightened my hair every single day and i completely ruined my curls for good…. and i used to have nice small, tight curls as a baby. :( now my hair is flat with reaaaally loose curls and i HATE IT. i’d love for my hair to be like this but that’s pretty much impossible now… is there any way to make it at least a bit curlier and thicker?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Savannah, your hair will change so much over the next couple of years. Almost no one has the same hair they had as a baby. I was completely bald until I was three haha! I’d keep the heat styling tools to a minimum so you can let you hair grow as much as possible. Then see how your natural curl comes back and work out how to best style it. Good luck and please don’t stress xx

  74. Cheyenne says

    I’ve always had straight thin hair, curling it with hot rollers, sponge rollers don’t stay curled for long, what can I use to put any body on it.

  75. Emma says

    I have very long hair and everytime my hair dries after being washed the top layer is the only one that gets wavy/curly. The underside just gets small waves and I was wondering if there was something I could do to get the curly waves all the way through or if that was just how my hair was or maybe if it was the cut or something else. When I was younger I had loose ringlets, but as I got older my hair got thicker and I pulled it into a ponytail in middle school to avoid my curls. I was wondering if this could also be a reason why it’s the way that it is.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Emma, I wish there was an easy answer but there isn’t (yet!). If you want more curls, try twisting your hair with curl cream to encourage the curls as your hair dries x

  76. Celeste says

    Hi, I’m 16 years old. When I was younger I had really tight thick curls. When I was 11 I did a type of keratin treatment to temporarily straighten my hair. Ever since then my hair has not been the same. Ever since then I would straighten my hair every week and touch it up with and the straightener everyday. Now my hair is just wavy and very frizzy when I don’t straighten it. I’m looking for a way to get my hair back to how it was before. Do you think it will go back to the way it was?? And if you could give me any new products that you think might help or anything that will help me get back to the way it was…!! Please help me with anything you have. Thank you’!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Celeste, keratin treatments can really change your curl pattern. Hair isn’t predictable so it’s not possible to know if your curls will come back the same. If you really want to see if your curls can come back, I recommend never straightening, never using heat and doing a weekly deep conditioning treatment. It will still take a long time to recover, and you may need to get a haircut too. Sorry I can’t give you an exact answer. I recommend going to a good curly hair stylist and getting their opinion on what you should do. Good luck! x

  77. Amber says

    My hair used to be a lovely fluffy mess of curls. However I recently bleached my hair blonde, then put coconut oil in it for two days to moisturize it. However, since then, my curls have deflated quite a bit, and its very upsetting :(

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Amber, bleach will do that to curls. Keep doing weekly treatments and your hair will slowly recover :)

  78. says

    I know I am a little late to this post but I need some help! Befor I gave got pregnant/gave birth I had very curly hair, It was so cute! However, after I had my son my hair became flat, thin, and it isn’t even wavy! I really miss my curly hair!!! It’s going on a year now and I was wondering if there is any advice as to how I can make my hair curly again?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Kelly, It can take some time for your hair to recover after having a baby and post-partum hair shedding. Maybe a fresh haircut will help? New layers can help your hair spring up more x

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sheena, I use a range of conditioning treatments. I have a bit of an addiction and have tried so many. Lots of them work really well for my hair but a good all-rounder is Terax Crema.

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