Red Carpet Hair Trends – Golden Globe Awards 2013

Red Carpet season has begun! The Golden Globes, the fun entree before the main course of the Oscars, provides endless hairspiration for your next party, event or wedding hairstyle.

This year there seemed to be only one trend – the Side Sweep – but Hair Romance has spotted a few other trends to inspire.

Hair Trend: The 60s inspired beehive

Red Carpet hair trend - beehive - Golden Globes 2013

Adele stays true to her classic big hair, and the soft centre parted bangs pick up on the latest runway hair trend. Eva Longoria goes for a high pompadour quiff, also seen on Julianne Hough. Julianne Moore’s simple beehive features a sleek side part.

Hair Trend: Centre Parts

Red Carpet hair trend - centre parts - Golden Globes 2013

The standout runway hair trend from recent fashion weeks, the centre part made a modest appearance on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Amanda Seyfried and Thandie Newton wear the centre part with soft, loose waves. Marion Cotillard and Stacy Keibler pair the trend with sleek locks tucked behind the ear.

Hair Trend: Touchable Hair

Red Carpet hair trend - loose blowdry - Golden Globes 2013
Blondes have more fun with these loose, relaxed blowdried locks. Claire Danes, Kate Hudson and Hayden Panettiere all sported long, loose blowdries on the red carpet. I love the soft, touchable look of these hairstyles.

Hair Trend: 20s Inspired Waves

Red Carpet hair trend - 20s inspired waves - Golden Globes 2013

With the upcoming release of The Great Gatsby, 1920s inspired hairstyles are a huge hair trend. This style works in all hair lengths, from Michelle Dockery’s chin length bob, to Taylor Swift’s long curls. Naomi Watts wears her hair curled under into a faux-bob hairstyle. Amy Adams keeps her fingerwaves loose, while Taylor Swift wears her waves off her face. The side bun is the perfect way to style long hair for a 1920s inspired style.

Hair Trend: Fishtail Braids

Red Carpet hair trend - fishtail braids - Golden Globes 2013

The messy fishtail braid is the braid of the season. Worn messy as a side braid by Lucy Liu or twisted into an upstyle for Jennifer Lawrence. It’s one of the most versatile braids, as it adds so much texture to an updo.

Hair Trend: The Side Sweep

The trend was so major on the red carpet I’m splitting it into two groups.

Side Sweep to the right

Red Carpet hair trend - Side sweep to the right - Golden Globes 2013

Stars side sweeping to the right: Megan Fox, Rachel Weisz, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez and Isla Fisher. The right side loves the classics and embody the Veronica Lake classic vintage waves.

Side Sweep to the left

Red Carpet hair trend - Side sweep to the left - Golden Globes 2013

Stars sweeping to the left: Kelly Osborne, Nicole Ritchie and Jessica Alba embrace the vintage waves with a deep side part. Tina Fey and Rosario Dawson soften the look with loose waves and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley keeps it sleep with twisted back bangs.

Hair Trend: The Pixie Cut


Special mention to Anne Hathaway for wearing her grown out pixie with such style.

On an accessories note: the statement necklace is OVER. The statement earring is where it’s at.

What’s your favourite red carpet hair trend?

Images via BellaSugar
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  1. Janessa says

    I’m especially aware about brows thanks to yesterday’s post. :] Do you know why so many celebrities show 3/4 of their back and twist their neck way to far for pictures? Is it supposed to be flattering?

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