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As part of my role as professional guinea pig, I get to try a LOT of hair products. These curly hair products have recently entered my bathroom cabinet and are worth sharing.

If you’re struggling with how to style your curls, I shared my tips for how to style curly hair here.

Osis Twin Curl

I love the packaging of the Osis Twin Curl. There is an inner tube of curl cream suspended in a gel. When you squeeze the tube it dispenses the right amount of both. Mix then in your hand and twist or scrunch into damp hair. The cream defines while the gel provides a medium hold to my curls without being crispy. You can diffuse or let your hair dry naturally.

Available from salons and

Unite “Boing” Curl Cream

This Unite curl cream really does make my curls go boing! This is a cream so won’t make your curls crispy and you apply it from roots to ends. I diffuse my curls and finish with a serum to add shine, but the Boing does a great job of defining my curls. I’ve also been using the Unite Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and I love that all Unite products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, sodium chloride-free and cruelty-free.

Available from salons and their online store and

Toni & Guy Classic Spray Gel for Curls

Toni & Guy Spray Gel is a lightweight product for curls. I like it on my hair but I think it’s great for fine curly hair as it thickens the curl and won’t weigh your hair down. Spray it on to damp hair and let air dry or diffuse. You can also use this spray on dry hair or to restyle second day hair. Let it dry and then scrunch your curls to break up the slight crunch and you’ll be left with defined curls.

Available online and from supermarkets and pharmacies.

Share your awesome curl products in the comments below.

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  1. nasubi says

    I’m sorry but I don’t know what “more defined” curls means. Does it mean that your curls look more uniform…like Nicole Kidman’s curls when she is on the red carpet?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Nasubi, it means you can see each curl, and that the hair holds the curl shape clearly. Yes, your curls will look more uniform and will have less frizz. As for Nicole’s hair, she wears it differently every time. She curls her hair with a curling iron for red carpet appearances so her curls are more uniform because of that. If you want a neater finish you can use a curling iron to fix any hair that isn’t as curly as they rest of your hair.

  2. says

    Hi, you have lovely hair but my hair is a 3b verging on 3c if that makes sense to you.. Will these three products work on thick very curly hair? Or for fine curls only? I’m using a super sculpt by Paul Michell mixed with his Foaming pommade at the moment to twist my curls. I use a lot of product as my hair sucks everything up.. Was wondering if this Osis product was a similar sort of idea to what lm doing except in one bottle! Any suggestions would be fab! Thanks.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Dell, I think the Osis is great but you would use a lot in thick hair. I think the Boing is better for thick hair x

  3. Peddie says

    Hello dear!
    I just love your website! with the amazing tips u give!! thanks thanks thanks!!
    I dyed my hair into a very light shade so it caused damaged,and i dont want to flat iron my hair cuz i might lose them!!! and now my curls are frizzy and my hair is not as thick as before :((
    I dont know what to do! what do u suggest me to do?



      • Peddie says

        Sweetie,would u mind please suggest me a product for enhancing curls? Or which of the products u mentioned above are more suitable for thin and damaged curls?

        Thanks a lot.

        • Hair Romance says

          Try evo Liquid rollers which is a great curl cream/gel texture. Also do a weekly conditioning treatment to help your curls. Try Kerastase oleo curl or O&M 7 Day Miracle x

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