Big Hair Friday – Bottega Veneta girls with fluffy curls

Bottega Veneta Big Hair

Bottega Veneta Big Hair on the runway

Backstage big hair at Bottega Veneta Fall 2013 Milan

Backstage big fluffy hair at Bottega Veneta Fall 2013 Milan

I love the trend for curly hair on the fashion week runways this season. These gorgeous curls at Bottega Veneta are like  the grown up sister of the Marc by Marc Jacobs girls.

Inspired by these looks, I decided to brush out my curls. It’s crazy and frizzy but there was something about it I kind of liked. I even wore it out to a fashion event. I figured if I pretended it was intentional, people might mistake it for a high fashion trend! I think it worked for 90% of the time…

I am still working on my version of this gorgeous big hair. The backstage tips to this look from Redken hair expert, Guido Palau, is to start with clean hair. Then rough dry hair with Redken Guts 10 Volumizing Spray Foam mousse to add texture. Guido created a deep side part and curled the hair tightly in one-inch sections using a 13mm curling iron. Just before the show started, Guido brushed out the curls with a boar-bristle brush, placing a single bobby pin above the right ear.

How do you feel about brushed out curls? Should we bring it back as a look this season?

Images:, Michele Morosi/InDigitalteam/
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  1. Janessa says

    I am a huge fan of messy hair and neat hair, both! I love brushed out curls and they make the hair look more fun and if I were to wear that hairstyle, I wouldn’t have to worry about my curls being perfect. For neat hair, I love a few looser strands and a bit of ‘imperfection’ is perfect in my opinion.
    :] I guess I am addicted to Big Hair Fridays as I always seem to comment on these!

  2. curlywurly says

    Big brushed out curls are something that never sits completely right with me. I think most of the time they look amazing on other people (especially in fashion!) but if I ever try it myself I end up feeling like a clown, or too disheveled. Some days my hair looks just like this when I get out of bed… hehe!

    • Hair Romance says

      I know what you mean! I wore this the other day and don’t think I could quite pull the look off…

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