How to curl short fine hair

Karlie Kloss bob haircut - how to curl short hair

Bob haircuts are a key trend for short hair in 2013 and curling short hair adds a new dimension to your style. The “Karlie” as I’m sure it will now be called after the gorgeous Karlie Kloss is one of the most popular haircuts this year.

Karlie has fine to medium hair and always wears her hair with a curl or wave. Curls add volume to fine hair and gives your short hair a different look each time.

How to curl short fine hair

How to curl short fine hair

  1. After washing your hair, use a volumising product such as KMS Add Volume Body Build Detangler to your roots to add volume and condition your hair ready for curling. 
  2. Use clips to section your hair and keep the rest out of the way while you curl. Spray each section with a flexible hairspray such as Osis Elastic hairspray before curling.
  3. Use a micro wand to curl your hair. The smaller the barrel, the more curl you can create. The Cloud Nine Micro Wand is perfect for curling short fine hair as it has adjustable heat control and a conical barrel which lets you create different size curls. Always curl away from your face.
  4. After curling all your hair, let it cool. Then run your fingers through the curls to break them up and give a more natural look.

Tips for curling short fine hair

  • If your hair doesn’t hold a curl well, use bobby pins or flat clips to pin up each section after curling. Letting your hair cool pinned up in place will set your hair so your curl will last much longer.
  • Don’t use high heat styling tools on fine hair. Fine hair can be fragile so use a medium heat to curl your hair.
  • If you need more volume you can sprinkle some styling powder  on your roots for an instant lift.
  • Avoid rich serums and heavy hairsprays as these will weigh down your hair.
  • To create a softer wave, use a fine bristle brush such as a Mason Pearson to brush your curls out into a smoother finish.

Do you love the “Karlie”? What’s your tip for curling short, fine hair?

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  1. curlywurly says

    Love it!! it makes me want to cut off all my hair again (though I really want to grow it!). I was wondering what heat protectant would you recomend for fine hair before curling?

    • Hair Romance says

      I know, this makes me want to cut my hair too! You can use KMS Add Volume Volumising Spray instead of the detangler and that is a heat protector too. It’s best not to use too many products in fine hair as it will weigh the har down. ghd heat protect spray is also a good one.

  2. says

    thank you!! my mom has had her hair short for quite some time and has always had a difficult time curling it. It’s funny because she gets pretty jealous of my curls and has been trying out several techniques, but not much success ; / hopefully this one will be a success though!

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