Before and after on my hair with the new ghd eclipse styler

Hair Romance - Before and after with ghd eclipse styler

Can you tell which is the before shot and which is the after shot of my hair using the new ghd eclipse styler? 😉

In case you can’t see the gif here is a side by side comparison of my crazy mess of hair before and then tamed hair after using the ghd eclipse.

Hair Romance - my hair BEFORE and AFTER using the ghd eclipse styler

I know you’re asking, how did I get my hair so bad in the before shot? Well with as little effort as possible!

I washed my hair but didn’t apply any smoothing products as I normally would. Then I used the ghd air hairdryer to blast my hair dry with my head upside down. I purposefully didn’t use a brush to blowdry my hair to make this test as difficult as possible. I used ghd Heat Protect Spray on my hair before straightening with the ghd eclipse.

What’s so new about the ghd eclipse?

ghd are calling the eclipse a game changer and I was curious to find out more. I was invited to the media launch last month and saw the styler in action on some really challenging hair.

Hair Romance - my crazy hair BEFORE using the ghd eclipse styler

And yes, my hair could fit into that “challenging” category.

I’m talking about frizzy, thick, curly, kinky, coily, coarse hair. At the launch there were models with all types of hair with stylists trialling the new styler in their hair and getting amazing results.

ghd eclipse 1

The new ghd eclipse features tri-zone technology, with 6 sensors in the plates to ensure that they remain at 185 degrees across the entire plate. Most stylers only have one sensor.

ghd state that the optimum temperature for straightening hair is 185 degrees. Dr. Tim Moore, Chief Technology Officer at ghd’s research facility in Cambridge, UK explains that an optimum temperature of 185ºC delivers the ultimate styling results;

“What we’ve found is that different hair types absorb different amounts of heat. Challenging hair types absorb much more heat, causing the plates to lose their temperature more rapidly. What ghd eclipse® does is maintain that temperature throughout the entire styling process – from root to tip – ensuring faster and easier styling for any hair type”.

The casing is a completely new design and features aerogel insulation which means the case is cool to touch, even after styling for a long time.

What does this mean for your hair?

This means faster, smoother styling.

The styler plates stay at a consistent temperature the entire time you’re straightening your hair. The casing however stays cool, for up to 45 minutes of styling. I have never styled my hair for longer than 20 minutes so that would cover you and you’re friend’s hair for a night out.

Would I be able to replicate the results using the ghd eclipse styler in my own hair?

Here’s a shot of my hair half way through styling with the ghd eclipse.

Hair Romance - halfway through trialling the ghd eclipse in my hair

How to straighten your own hair

  • Your hair must be completely dry before you start.
  • Work in small sections. Clip up the rest of your hair while straightening your hair in sections starting underneath near your neck.
  • Holding a section of hair, carefully place the stylers close to the root of your hair and slide them down your hair to the tip in one smooth stroke at a consistent speed.
  • Be careful going too close to the root so as to avoid that “bump” or avoid pulling the styler straight down from the root.
  • To style the back of your hair, work in sections and angle your hair slightly to the side so you can reach around.

It’s important to keep the tension in each section of hair while your run the irons down to the tip to get the smoothest finish.

Expert styling tips

Usually you use a fine tooth comb to hold each section of hair as your straighten. This ensures there are no knots in your hair and keeps the tension in each section.

Next time you straighten try using a bristle brush. if you have coarse or curly hair, using a brush with allow you to hold you hair with more tension. Then running the ghd down the taut section of hair will give you that salon finish every time.

To create a softer curve at the ends of your hair, hold the styler at a slight angle as you move from root to tip.

Hair Romance - my now straight hair after using the ghd eclipse styler

Does your hair need the new ghd eclipse styler?

  • If you have “challenging” hair, the ghd eclipse will make styling your hair in one stroke possible. You’ll get the best results by blowdrying your hair with a round brush first.
  • If you have medium thickness hair, you’ll find the ghd eclipse very quick and easy to style your hair.
  • If you have fine or straight hair, you won’t need this styler. If you blow dry your hair with a brush you probably don’t need to use a straightener at all.

How does this compare to my other favourite straighteners? I’ll have a full comparison review of the leading irons coming up after Fashion Week.

The ghd eclipse is now available from salons and retails for $300. Find your nearest Australian salon here.

Disclosure: I was gifted the ghd eclipse in accordance with my disclosure policy.
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    • Hair Romance says

      Teehee thanks! I have had a ghd since they launched too. I’m on to my second one now and this new version is a big step up again.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Nikki! How funny are the before and after shots? My hair is crazy! The after shots are with no product and only one stroke on each section. I was really impressed.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Becky! I was laughing at how bad my hair looked! The result is pretty amazing considering I didn’t even try that hard to straighten my hair and didn’t use any product.

    • Hair Romance says

      Teehee! My no-makeup look to camera 😉 I’m really impressed with the eclipse, and my hair is proof

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Anne, I still use both. I like the Steam pod in more humid weather but the eclipse is more portable for travelling and quick styling x

  1. Nicci says

    Did you end up doing the review comparing this to other straighteners? I’m looking at getting the ghd wonderland pack that’s out at the moment. $370 for an air hair dryer and a V straightener is a deal hard to beat. But I’m scared I should be getting the eclipse???

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Nicci, no I still haven’t done it (as have been wearing my hair naturally a lot lately). That is an awesome price for the air and the V styler. I can’t say for sure, not knowing your hair, but if you’re using the Air first, the V styler will be great. Unless you have coarse hair you won’t really notice a massive difference to the eclipse. I’d ask at a salon before and get them to try them both on your hair so you can compare x

  2. Hannah says

    You posted in april? The Eclipse only came out in October…well here anyway. Anyways, i have super wavy, frizzy and thick hair! I was in another country and I used my straightener just before we left and Mum wouldn’t let me take it hot so I had no straightener! (DISASTER!!!) While I was away, I went swimming… without thinking of the consequences, and I had a huge mess of hair on my head. My aunty had an eclipse and she let me use it. It was amazing, so fast and I only had to do each section once!! it left my hair so smooth and silky and as I type, my Mum is in the shops buying me one for Christmas! So excited:D

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Hannah! You will love it! I was sent an advance press sample so I could review it. Hope you get your mum something fab in return for Christmas :) Christina x

  3. says

    Ohhh, dear. hope I found a genuine review on eclipse.I have very rough, frizzzzzy hair, gonna get one eclipse ASAP. It’s sure that ghd gold max is behind the new launch??pls suggest, which one to go for.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Shi, I think the eclipse is really amazing on coarse hair. That’s my pick but if you’re not sure, go in to a salon and try both to compare for yourself

  4. Caitlin says

    Hi there, I have been looking at reviews and was wondering whether you’d ever tested the glampalm and your thoughts on how it compares to the new eclipse? I have thin straight hair and mostly use a straightener for fixing kinks and curling. I’d love your advice!

  5. says

    From looking at the before and after I’m not that impressed. The price for one. The chi can do a better job in my opinion and more sleek.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Christi, my hair is very coarse and I haven’t used any styling products to smooth my hair so I was pretty happy with the results. On a typical day I would use a smoothing cream before blowdrying my hair and a serum at the end and I love using the eclipse. Like I wrote above, if your hair is normal thickness or easy to straighten, you don’t need the eclipse but in hair like mine I love it.

  6. Danielle says

    Your hair has come out great with the Eclipse! I’ve got extremely curly hair that looks dry and unhealthy when not straightened with a GHD. I was thinking of buying the Eclimpse but someone suggested getting a Halo straightener instead. Have you used this and what would you suggest for curly, stubborn hair? Thanks

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Danielle, I haven’t tried the Halo but I know the eclipse is great for really curly hair x

  7. Chy says

    Hey, love how your hair looked! Amazing results although what a funky for you have before! Could do some awesome styles with that!
    I’m looking at getting a ghd, I have a lot of hair that is pretty difficult to keep straight, I’m wondering if it’s worth getting the eclipse or the original ghd will do just the same for me. What do you think?

    Thanks for this post, Love it!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Chy! The original ghd is pretty great but they eclipse is even better. I would go the eclipse if you can afford it, it’s very easy to use and the results are great.

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