Hairstyle Tutorial: How to create a big faux bob

One of my most frequently asked questions is “where do you find ideas for your hairstyles?”

Honestly I find inspiration everywhere. I love creating shapes with hair, and thinking about new ways to wear a style.

Every season I’m inspired by the looks on the Fashion Week catwalks. They really are the creative centre for hair trends. Sometimes the initial looks can seem unwearable but you can take elements of them to inspire your everyday styles.

Schwarzkopf have also been looking to international fashion weeks to define the key hair trends for 2013 and have put together these four amazing looks –

Schwarzkopf Looks 2013

Clockwise from top left: Big Bob, Fringer, Gloss and Sleek Colour


I was invited to the unveiling of the Schwarzkopf Looks for 2013 at the equally stylish Eau de Vie in Darlinghurst. Grant Withnell, Technical Stylist for Schwarzkopf had spent all day recreating the cawalk looks on some seriously gorgeous models but I got the inside scoop on how to do these looks in your own hair.

Can you guess which look I was dying to try?

Faux bob hairstyle tutorial for long hair

The Big Bob of course!

Grant went all out on the night to create the biggest bob he could. He used 5 sets of hair extensions and 5 hair donuts to make this gravity-defying hairstyle! Though I can tell you this style is achievable in your own hair, without any extensions. With just a few product tricks you can get some fabulous volume in your hair.

Faux bob hairstyle tutorial

I’m sharing my full tutorial for this hairstyle over on the new Schwarzkopf Style Studio blog.

Click here to see my hairstyle tutorial for the big bob!

Have you ever faked short hair? Which is your favourite trend from the Schwarzkopf looks?

This post was brought to you by Schwarzkopf
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    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Lara! Because of your undercut and the length of your hair, you could almost do this with teasing and a few pins. would love to try it! x

  1. says

    Love this! Wish my hair was long enough to do it. BTW that bow necklace looks sort of like a tattoo in that last photo. Kind of cute! x

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Smags! YOu already have a big bob 😉 xx PS. Funny you say that about the necklace, I have another one from Polli and it looks like a tattoo IRL too, freaks people out!

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