How often do you wash your hair?

Hair Romance's daily steps for beautiful hair

What’s your daily hair routine? Do you wash your hair every morning? How do you care for your hair on days when you’re not washing your hair?

I’m back on the Schwarzkopf Style Studio Blog sharing my daily hair routine and talking about the gold standard in hair care.

Head over to the Style Studio blog for my daily steps for beautiful hair.

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  1. kimberley says

    Wash my hair, well every 7-10 days. By day 5 I use dry shampoo to vamp it up, works a treat. I leave it to air dry, then style is really well when it’s completely dry. If it’s looking a bit drab I add some GHD curls. For a treatment I massage coconut oil in all over but heavily on the ends and leave it for as long as I can, the longer the better, sometimes a few hours. Then I shampoo and condition as usual. I have very dry, frizzy and bouffy hair, the coconut oil leave it feeling very soft and silky.

    As for between treatments, oils, serums and leave in conditioners, my hair just drinks it. I’m yet to find a product that truly does what is says, ie. “eliminate frizz and leave hair soft”. The only way for me to achieve this is with either a good blow dry, GHD or Instyler.

    • Hair Romance says

      Coconut oil would be the best for your hair Kimberley. I can imagine you would go through bottles and bottles of serums and creams!

  2. says

    In winter I can get up to 7 days unwashed with dry shampoo for a touch up. In humid icky Sydney summers i can maybe got 4 days before I need to wash it.
    My hairdresser also advises his clients brush really well in long strokes before bedtime to use a satin pillowcase to stop the oil from sitting in one spot. It works pretty well!
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    • Hair Romance says

      Any brand of pure coconut oil is fine Alizeh, and I prefer organic coconut oil. I use a brand called Melrose but there are lots around.

  3. says

    Every day with a gentle shampoo. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp (thanks to a book by Philip Kingsley I read and uh, logic) and leaving a buildup of crap on my scalp grosses me out. Sometimes it’s more like every other day though – depends how lazy I’m feeling. That said, I have quite straight/un-processed hair though which might make a difference. I don’t put anything in my hair except shampoo, conditioner and the occasional deep conditioning treatment. Sometimes I’ll use a scalp exfoliant but that’s not very often now because my head is clean clean clean.

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  4. Nardeen says

    I wash my hair every 7 days, both winter and summer a like. I used to shampoo my hair 3 times (yes I later realized it’s a big mistake) then I use a conditioner and a hair mask. However lately after realizing my huge hair care mistake I radically changed my hair care routine, I bought a sulphate free biotin shampoo along with its keratin conditioner and keeping my hair masks as usual, a natural organic hair cream mask and at this point I stopped, I use all of these and then not touch my hair for the next week when it’s due time to wash it. I started doing this a couple of weeks ago and I know it’s not an enough time to see results but the problem is I don’t know any daily hair care routine and through out the week I can’t style my hair at all, it’s look like a giant mess of curls with no definite shape! Can you help me out here? I need your opinion on my washing and hair care routine and a suggestion of daily hair care routine. I have a medium length curly/wavy hair. Much appreciated :)

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