Vintage style: French Roll Hairstyle Tutorial

Hair Romance - How to style a classic French Roll hairstyle tutorial

Do you love vintage hairstyles but feel a little like you’re in costume when you wear them?

The French Roll is your fail-safe vintage updo that still looks modern.

Channel your inner Audrey with this classic hairstyle.

So simple, so chic. It’s easier than you think!

Hair Romance - How to style a classic French Roll hairstyle tutorial

For my last post as part of the Top 5 Style and Beauty Bloggers for Kidspot and Vogue Australia, I’m sharing a French Roll hairstyle tutorial.

Click here to see my post and find my French Roll tutorial.

You’ll also learn my trick for inserting hair pins so your style stays in place.

Do you love wearing a French roll?

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  1. Louise English says

    Would love to try this one… if there was just one more picture of the style from the back so I could see how the top section of hair should be pinned above the roll…
    Unless you can explain it to me?
    Love the tutorials. gives me lots of new things ideas to play with :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Louise, sorry I always try and take photos from every angle but I don’t have another shot. As it the tutorial, I roll the hair under and use bobby pins to secure it all around on top of the French roll. If your hair is long, you can also use a hair elastic to keep the top section together. Place the elastic about 2-3 inches from the ends of your hair and then tuck it under and on in place. Hope this helps!

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