1 minute hairstyle – Braided bun in curly hair – New video tutorial

Hair Romance - Easy Braided Bun tutorial video

Need to put your hair up in less than a minute? Try this easy braided bun hairstyle that works in both curly and straight hair.

Hair Romance - Easy Braided Bun hairstyle tutorial - before and after

I’m trying to get over my fear of making videos (and total lack of technical ability!) with a series of curly hair videos that I made while I was staying on Hayman Island.

In the tropics, the weather can be a little bit wild as you’ll see in the video. My hair is blown around and is pretty frizzy, but if I can do this style in a storm, you’ll master it in no time at home. 

Don’t worry, the storm didn’t last long and a few minutes later the sun came out as you’ll see in my next video tutorial.

1 minute hairstyle – Braided bun in curly hair

Click here to watch the video on Youtube.


  1. Split your hair into three equal sections.
  2. Do a basic braid (plait) – cross the left section over the middle, then the right over the left and repeat to braid your hair to the end.
  3. If you prefer a side bun (like I do) angle the braid over your shoulder.
  4. Twist the braid up and around to form a bun. Pin in place with bobby pins.

Styling Tip

Curly hair stays in place easier than straight hair. If you have straight hair, I recommend finishing the braid with a small clear hair elastic before twisting it into the bun. This will stop your braid unravelling and make it easier to pin in place.

Hair Romance - Easy Braided Bun hairstyle in curly hair

Let me know if you try this style! Tag you photos #hairromance and tell me where you’re wearing it xx

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