Bedhead waves hair inspiration at Yifang Wan, London Fashion Week

Backstage and hair Yifang Wan

I’m never sure how to style my hair with those triple barrel wave wands, but the hair at the Yifang Wan show at London Fashion Week provides some cool bedhead hair inspiration.

The trick to using the triple barrel wave wand is to keep the sections even, hold the wand horizontally and make sure you move the wand to the end of the wave to begin the next. This gives your hair that consistent, rolling wave.

Then shake your hair around to rough it up, and make it look a little lived in. Perfect curls just won’t do.

Do you have a triple barrel wave wand? How do you use it to style your hair?

Images by Lyndall Miller Photography
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  1. says

    wow how cool! I’ve never seen a curling iron like that before. I can see how awesome it would be for someone who just wants to end up with waves anyway. Thanks for sharing :)

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