My top 3 braids tutorials

I love braids. They’re such a versatile hairstyle, and the same technique can give you so many different looks.

I can’t quite remember where my interest in braiding started. I had long hair when I was young and I think I learnt to braid my hair for dance classes because my mum didn’t know how to do it.

After cutting my hair short, braiding was no longer relevant. Then as my hair grew, I rediscovered the braid. Even in my bob-length hair, I would do a basic braid to keep the front layers of my hair back. The longer my hair, the more I experimented with different types of braids.

Here are my top 5 braid tutorials on Hair Romance (based on your clicks!)

1. The Easy Braided Ponytail

Hair Romance easy braided ponytail hairstyle

A simple ponytail with a braided twist! Find my tutorial for the easy braided ponytail here. It really is easy and you don’t have to know to how to French braid.

2. The Easy Braided Updo

Hair Romance hairstyle how to - easy braided upstyle

I like easy styles, and while this one has a few steps, it’s really easy to do. I promise! Find my tutorial for the easy braided updo here.

3. Four strand braids and slide up braids

Hair Romance - four strand braid - version 1

Hair Romance - 4 strand slide up braid comparison

Maybe I should call this the top 5 braid tutorials, as this post is a 3-in-1! If you love the three-strand braid but want to try something a little harder, this four-strand braid is perfect. There are two variations, plus the slide up twist, that make this a top clicked post. Find my four-strand braid tutorial and slide up braid tutorial here.

If you love braids you will love my 30 Braids in 30 Days. I’ve written a guide to braiding your own hair, and created 30 braided styles to inspire you to have more fun with your hair.

Are you a fan of braids? What’s your favourite braid?

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  1. Nana Yoshioka says

    I love the four strand slide up braid no. 2! I’ve seen one with a ribbon instead of the middle braid. Do you think there are options to wear this ribbon style even as an adult and not as a little girl? I’d really like to try it :-)

    • Hair Romance says

      definitely Nana! The type of ribbon you use will make a difference – go for a block colour in a thin ribbon to accentuate the braid. I love a ribbon hair accessory and it doesn’t have to look childish x

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