New hair – the colour mullet

I just got my hair done and I have a mullet.

No, not a mullet haircut! That is never coming back. EVER.

But the “business in the front, party at the back” hairstyle has been reinvented with colour.

Hair Romance - the colour mullet - business on top

Hair Romance - the colour mullet - party colours underneath

I had my hair done by the fabulous Stevie of Stevie English Hair and this time I let him do whatever he wanted. I completely trust him and I love my hair every time I walk out of the salon. Thanks to Missy for the cut and awesome blowdry too (this is day 2 and still going strong!).

We’ve been playing around with some fun colour lately, and I love this peek-a-boo colour. Stevie has kept it classic on top and you just see slices of colour at the ends or when I put my hair up.

It’s still business on the top but party underneath! If you work in a conservative office, this is a great way to play with crazy colour without anyone knowing. It’s easy to hide in a bun and you can let it out after work.

Would you reconsider the mullet, done with colour?

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  1. says

    I LOVE your new hair! It’s fabulous. And I would for sure consider a “mullet” if only I hadn’t recently made the switch from blonde to brunette! The maintenance was killing my hair and I really wanted to make it healthy again above being in style with my colour.

    Maybe in the future for me but yours rocks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Kyleigh! I’ve been going a little darker too as the blonde can be tough on your hair. You could always try clip in extensions for a fun look (and no damage!) xx

  2. Ella says

    I love your hair party! Looks fabulous on you. I have a short pixie crop otherwise would totally embrace this mullet. Maybe a few pink + orange foils through the front?!? X

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Ella! There’s a few pieces of colour just hiding at the front too. You should try some colour in your pixie too! x

  3. Lily says

    Your’s looks AMAZING! i’ve had my ends dip-dyed for almost a year!! (since just before xmss last year) and i’m looking for something different. I’m planning on going completely purple, like, Beyonce ‘Midnight Heat’ purple. It’s gonna kill my hair though,, i’m a very dark brunette and i’ll have to get the colour stripped out. Any ideas for keeping my hair (at least close to) healthy once i dye it? Thanks

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Lily! That purple would be amazing! It will kind of kill your hair, but regular treatments (like O&M 7 day miracle) or in-salon treatments will keep it going. strong. Try not to overdo the heat styling too x

  4. beth says

    I really love this and saw it a while back but have come to look at it again… I don’t live in Australia, I live in UK and was wondering what I would ask for if i got my hair done like this – do you think just taking the website pic in with me would be best? I have light brown hair that is waist length and havent dyed it before, but this looks like would be fun plus goor for work into the bargain… also did you get permanent or semi for this?

    thanks :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Beth, wow your hair sounds amazing! My hair was already lightened so this semi-permanent colour lasts really well in my hair. I would definitely take some photos in with you to the hairdresser and explain what it is that you like about the style. Then they can customise it to your hair. Good luck! x

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