Big Hair Friday – Radiant Orchid Hair

Hair Romance - Big purple hair - Grazia 1

Hair Romance - Big purple hair - Grazia 2

Hair Romance - Big purple hair - Grazia 3

Hair Romance - Big purple hair - Grazia 4

It’s taken me a while to warm to Radiant Orchid as the Pantone Colour of the Year.

How do you feel about it?

I guess I’m not really a purple person. I never wear purple and I don’t think I own any items at home that are purple. I first started to be swayed when Rosalie went for purple ombre hair.

Then I was on Pinterest and I spotted this old Grazia editorial and I can see how I could be further convinced of Radiant Orchid.

So tell me, are you a fan of purple?

Editorial from Grazia Italy
Model: Vika Falileeva
Photographer: Nelson Simoneau
Hair: Tomoko Ohama
Images via Fashion Copious
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    • Hair Romance says

      It’s definitely a statement, but hair chalk is a good alternative for a fun look for one night only 😉

  1. curlywurly says

    I love purple, I love to wear it darker hues in winter and lighter more pastel ones in summer. My stylist and I have been playing with purple on the ends of my hair, I think its fun, but I can hide it for work.

    • Hair Romance says

      ooh that sounds awesome! I love that you can hide it away for work then it comes out to play on the weekend :)

  2. says

    I wrote a blog post the other day about my (slightly un-natural!) pink obsession. Purple is pretty much the only colour I really dislike. Though I must admit that the ends of my magenta hair is currently deep violet (which was actually royal blue due over the pink). I’m guess your more of a pink person too. I find people either like pink or purple, not usually both for some reason!

    • Hair Romance says

      ah I’ve never thought about it but yes, I’m much more of a pink person. Seems like pink and purple should go together but I’m much more of a pink and red girl

  3. Rachel says

    I’m not convinced on the purple hair in this case, but I do love the whole photoshoot– the textures and bright matte lips, and that kitten!

  4. Nana Yoshioka says

    I like purple, but it would not work for me as an everyday hair do (corporate policy does not exactly promote quirky hair). I have another question: could you do a “tips for keeping your hair in check while traveling”-special? I live in Europe but travel home to Japan every now and then (usually once or twice a year). And my hair always looks awful! Sure, spending half a day in a plane does that to you, but I sometimes think that some women are pulling it offer better than I am (and I could really go without the “what have you done to your hair?”-look from my mother…)

    • Hair Romance says

      That’s a great idea Nana! I have been thinking of writing about hair for long haul flights and I’ll add in a hair guide for when you’re travelling xx

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