Short Cut Inspiration – bobs and braids

Short hair with braid - Marilou

This hair is so good if makes me want to get a haircut right now.

I first spotted it on Pinterest but it led me on a long tumblr trail to nowhere. But after some hectic google searching I finally found the source.

This gorgeous hair belongs to French-Canadian singer Marilou. She posted this photo on Instagram and that’s how I found out about her stunning food blog. My French is a little rusty but I am loving her videos.

Now back to the hair, this lob cut is slightly concave, with longer layers at the front.

To get the look, curl your hair loosely with a one-inch barrel curling iron, or conical wand. Once your hair is cool, run your fingers through to break the curls up and you can use a sea salt spray for more texture.

Make a messy centre part, then take a large section on the right and do a reverse braid (Dutch braid) across to the back of your head. Pin the end in place with bobby pins and arrange your hair over to hide the pins.

This style is great in second day hair, as it works best with more texture in your hair. You can fake it in clean hair with dry shampoo or sea salt spray.

Looking for more short hair inspiration? Here’s 17 more ways to style a bob / lob haircut and more braids in short hair.

Does this style make you want to cut your hair too?

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  1. says

    I love this haircut! I am really wanting to cut my hair but I have thick fluffy wavy hair that I vowed I would never cut again cos it just puffs up like crazy. Hmm, should I do it?!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hmmm, I’m inclined to say stay long Steph, unless you’re prepared to spend more time on your hair. Short hair can be easier to look after, but also needs more maintenance.

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