5 Tips for Becoming an Express Makeup Ninja

How to be a makeup ninja with Makeup Utopia

Makeup Utopia is one of my go-to beauty blogs for all things makeup. Run by professional makeup artist, Sara-May, it’s dedicated to the pursuit of perfect makeup.

Sara-May has helped me with so many makeup questions, and so on the release of her new ebook, Express Makeup, I asked for her top tips on how to become an Express Makeup Ninja.

5 Tips for Becoming an Express Makeup Ninja

  1. Look after your skin. Your makeup can only look as good as the texture of the skin underneath it.
  2. Lay everything out the night before. You’ll have more time for doing your makeup if everything you need is ready for the morning.
  3. Choose sheer formula makeup products for easy blending. It’s so much easier to achieve perfectly blended makeup with sheer formula products.
  4. Use your fingers. For quick makeup on the go, learn to use your fingers to apply and blend your makeup. Sara-May’s tip is to keep antibacterial wipes on hand.
  5. Practice makes perfect. Don’t try a new makeup technique when you only have 5 minutes to get ready, stick to tried and tested routines.

Express Makeup ebook teaser

If you need help planning some quick makeup routines, then Makeup Utopia has the solution. Express Makeup is your guide to giving good face every day  in only 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

Sara-May has a makeup look for any occasion with easy step-by-step instructions to achieve each look. Since buying my copy, I’ve reorganised my everyday makeup kit and tried some new looks I didn’t think I could do in such a short time. You can get your copy of Express Makeup here.

What’s your quick makeup trick for giving good face in the morning?

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  1. says

    Great tips!!! Today I’m wearing my “express makeup” which is: mineral foundation, concealer, setting powder over the concealer, a little bit of blush, mascara and a tinted lip balm. All in less than 15 minutes (I’m so proud of myself lol)

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