Big Hair Friday – Windswept

Big Hair Friday - Windswept

Beautiful windswept image by Berta Firsich

Happy Big Hair Friday!

I think I’ve just had one of those weeks where I can’t wait for the weekend! I feel like I’ve been chasing my tail and my hair is blowing everywhere.

At the moment it feels like I have too many ideas but not enough time to do them all. It’s a much better problem than no ideas at all. I just need to detangle and find my way through to braid all the pieces together. At least a few hair puns will help, right?

I want to get my focus back to helping you to love your hair. Each week I’m creating new tutorials but I want to create a new series to talk through and find answers for your hair problems. What stops you from loving your hair every day?

Tell me in the comments below what hair problems you have or hair questions you would like answered.

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  1. Jeni Overbey says

    I have the kind of hair that is greasy looking in the front. So even if I get the back looking nice, by halfway through the day, I still feel like I don’t look my best. I’m growing my bangs back out, so that helps. I end up brushing braids, twists or other things out after work, but at least I didn’t look as greasy as the day wore on.

  2. says

    Oh dude. My hair.

    So I can’t ever just wash and go, because it is wavy and fluffy and weird. So I either have to curl it or straighten it. If I curl it, I can’t put it in a pony tail because it’s too short to sit properly. If I straighten it, i can put it in a pony tail, but I then also look a bit weird with dead straight hair. I can’t do top-knots or anything where my hair is scraped back off my face, because I have the wrong face shape to carry it off. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOOOO!

  3. Crysta says

    My color is really grown out right now but I haven’t decided what I want to do next, so I’m at that awkward “hello roots!” phase but am feeling uninspired to book an appointment. I’m also trying to decide if I want my hairdresser to cut in some bangs/fringe, what type and style will work best for my face, daily routine, and how to properly grow them out if I don’t end up loving them.

  4. Hana says

    My hair is naturally straight but every time I wash it when it dries it gets all frizzy, even after I put on some leave in conditioner. My hair is also super thick and I can’t seem to find cute ways to put it up because there is so much of it.

  5. RZ says

    No more waves?
    I never had curly hair, but I definitely had extremely wavy hair four years ago, and since then it has just become straighter and straighter until now it is flat, and tends to straggle in hippy-like strands. I use the same pharmacy-brand shampoo I did four years ago and a Garnier curl cream (okay, maybe not the best for my hair), and my hair is the same length (very long). So the question is… how do I return to my glorious waves? Or perhaps the straightening has to do with the fact that I have developed a worsening (and still unresolved) food intolerance during the same time period?
    In the meantime, all your braid tutorials are really helping me be less blah 😉

  6. meg says

    I have curly/wavy hair that sometimes holds its curl from day 1 to day 2, but not always. It’s not consistent and that makes me a bit frustrated. Also, it’s thin and so sometimes braids and other hairstyles do not look so great even when I fluff them out.

  7. Kayla says

    I have a similar problem to RZ. My hair just likes to hang around my head completely limp and scraggly. I have fine/thin hair but a lot of it. How can I add more body?!

  8. Christina says

    I have really thick long wavy hair. Lots of the styles shown, I can’t do because it is so heavy, it falls. I would love updo styles that work with heavy hair.

  9. Hair Romance says

    Thank you for these great comments! SO much inspirations for new posts, I’m on it xx

    PS. Keep ’em coming!

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