The one makeup item I can’t bear to leave the house without

Hair Romance - Rope twist headband braid

I am obsessed with good eyebrows.

Ever since I learnt about the power of a good brow from Rae Morris, I put down my tweezers and was determined to grow my brows back to their former glory.

I rediscovered my brows thanks to the talented Lien Davies and her Ultimate Brow Shape formula.

I’ve never had “Cara Delevingne” brows and my brows are actually quite fair so I always fill them in. I have one or two gaps from my tweezing and waxing days that I’m hoping will eventually grow back. Until that time I use a very fine brush and a Bobbi Brown matte eyeshadow to fill in the gaps using very fine hair-like strokes.

I know it sounds crazy, but even if I’m exercising or wearing no makeup, I still touch up my brows. I can’t bear to leave the house without my brows looking good.

There’s magic in a great brow that frames your eyes and makes you feel more “done”, even on those no-makeup days.

If I only had 30 seconds to do my makeup, I’d next grab my concealer and a tinted lip balm that I could apply on the run.

I’d love to know what makeup item you can’t bear to leave the house without, leave me your favourite products in the comments. Are you a lash girl? Or is blush or lipstick more your thing?

PS. You can find the tutorial for my rope twist braid hairstyle here xx

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  1. Jan Mackenzie says

    Hello Hair Romance,

    I have been following you for a while on instagram. I have curly hair similar to you and I was wondering if you might know of a hairstylist in Brisbane who specialises in cutting curly hair.

    Kind regards

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jan, I don;t know anyone personally but I just put a shout out on facebook so hopefully can find you some suggestions there xx

  2. says

    My brows get monthly love at my threading appointment but I sadly neglect them in between. For me it’s a lipstick or gloss … I’ve even been known to turn around and go home if there isn’t one in my handbag!

  3. says

    Completely agree, my brows are thick and dark so I always at least shape them a bit with a brow gel before leaving the house. Otherwise they get a bit Peter Gallagher-esque. I also have an extremely good eyebrow girl, she costs a bomb but she makes them look amazing!

    • Hair Romance says

      Love a brow gel, but I still need to fill in the gaps. A good brow expert is worth every penny in my opinion xx

  4. JoLee says

    I love eye make-up. That’s what makes me feel put together. However, my eyebrows are my favorite facial feature! I am naturally blessed with dark, thick eyebrows. They just need a little shaping and a little gel, and I am good to go.

  5. says

    I finally had my first appointment at a brow EXPERT last week – and I wondered why I waited so long! In one appointment she was able to shape them better than anyone ever had and showed me where I needed to grow them. The goal is to have perfect brows in time for my 30th birthday in September!
    I will never leave the house without mascara. I’ve been known to go completely makeup free all weekend – with the exception of mascara. It’s my security blanket!

    • Hair Romance says

      I took ages to make my first appointment too Sonia, I thought it was so expensive but I now think it was the best money I ever spent on cosmetics.

  6. Elizabeth says

    I keep my eyebrows moderately tweezed and that’s it. I actually have natural brows approaching the Cara Delevingne look but I like to keep mine a bit more tamed. My must-have makeup item is thick black mascara. I have fairly smooth skin so a concealer or foundation isn’t too important to me, but mascara makes me feel put together.

    • Hair Romance says

      Your brows sound stunning Elizabeth! Mascara would make your eyes pop with those perfect frames above them x

  7. says

    Lipstick! The right shades make my blues pop big time. But I wear glasses, and those tend to cheat and frame the eyes for me. I’ve noticed that strong frames + eyeliner and even eyebrows can clash. Shades to make the blues pop? Maybelline Elixer’s bright pinks, or MAC’s Kanga Rouge. (I can wear Kanga Rouge with NUTHIN’ on my face, including glasses, and bam – takes 10 years off!)

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