Top 10 Hair Boards to Follow on Pinterest

The top 10 best hair boards to follow on Pinterest
Looking for some hairspiration? Pinterest is your beautiful rabbit’s hole to fall down and find your next hairstyle.

I was an early adopter of Pinterest but for some reason I stopped hanging out there every day. (I think it was because I had to get some real work done!) I’ve rediscovered Pinterest and now I’m wondering how I could have ever stayed away.

In no particular order, here are 10 of the best hair boards on Pinterest you should follow.

Fun for your head –

Bando - hair board to follow on pinterest
This whimsical board from always makes me smile.

Inspiring Hair – Makeup Utopia

Makeup Utopia - hair board to follow on pinterest
From braids to bows, you’ll find all kinds of beautiful hair to inspire from Makeup Utopia.

Braids – The Beauty Department

The Beauty Department - hair board to follow on pinterest
The Beauty Department dishes up a big serve of pretty and a side helping of tutorials on their braids board.

Hair-Obsessed – Phyrra

Phyrra - hair board to follow on pinterest
Beauty blogger Phyrra is even more hair-obsessed than I am and this board of amazing hair proves it.

Beauty – eat.sleep.wear.

eat sleep wear - hair board to follow on pinterest
A dreamy collection of gorgeous images on the beauty board by eat.sleep.wear.

Good Hair Day – 15 Minute Beauty

15 Minute Beauty - hair board to follow on pinterest
Pinterest isn’t only pretty pictures, 15 Minute Beauty’s Good Hair Day board is full of hair tips, tricks and reviews.

All Things Hair – Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily - hair board to follow on pinterest
Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily really do round up all things hair on this board.

Hair Love – The Plastic Diaries

The Plastic Diaries - hair board to follow on pinterest
Embrace your hair romantic with this Hair Love board from The Plastic Diaries.

Hair – Whoorl

Whoorl - hair board to follow on pinterest
Haircut inspiration abounds on this gorgeous hair board by Whoorl, aka Hair Thursday.

Hair Hair Hair – Lipstick & Cake

Lipstick and Cake - hair board to follow on pinterest
A mix of tutorials and envy-inducing hair on this hair to the power of three board from Lipstick & Cake.
If I can be so cheeky as to add an 11th board to this list…

Hair Romance Tutorials – Hair Romance

Hair Romance - hair board to follow on pinterest
On my Hair Romance Tutorials board you’ll find all the best hairstyle picture tutorials in one place! One of my other favourite boards is Braid Romance that celebrates my love of all things braided.
Are you addicted to Pinterest? Who’s your favourite pinner? Leave me a note in the comments below as I love finding new boards to follow.

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  1. says

    I go through phases with Pinterest too! Nowadays I say to myself, “I’ll just go on for 5 minutes and take a look around” – sometimes I find nothing, so it’s no great loss and I just hop off. Other times, I look at the time and an hour (or more) has passed by! I absolutely love pinning hair images (I’m @soniastyling1 on Pinterest). x

    • Hair Romance says

      Pinterest is like a time machine for me – 5 minutes instantly turns into an hour! Just followed you too x

  2. says

    Thank you so much for mentioning me – I’m honoured to be included in such fine company :)
    I was following quite a few of the boards you mentioned, and I’ve just followed the rest x

    • Hair Romance says

      Not at all! Love your style! You know we were talking dreadlocks last week, they featured on the Camilla runway tonight. Maybe they’re making it mainstream? x

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