Would you go blue?

Dolores Forsythe and her fabulous blue hair

Would you wear blue hair?

I am a big fan of Advanced Style and the fabulous ladies he photographs.

Dolores Forsythe, pictured above, proves that a blue rinse can look fresh and modern. I adore her hair, and think she rocks blue highlights in with her natural grey hair.

Love her choppy long bob haircut too.

Would you go blue? And do you dream of being one of the amazing women on Advanced Style when you grow up?

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  1. Summer says

    If I didn’t have to bleach my hair to get a good blue color, I’d be all over it. Maybe when I’m grey I’ll rock the blue.

  2. says

    She looks freaking fabulous. I’d love to have bright coloured hair but it’s such a pain to maintain. I had pink streaks for a while but they were just a nightmare to maintain and expensive too!

    • Hair Romance says

      I never knew you had pink hair! We’ll have to wait to go grey and then do whatever we want with our hair :)

  3. says

    Remember Mrs Slocombe from Are You Being Served? She rocked the green, blue, purple rinses and I always thought when I embrace the gray I’ll also embrace the colours.

  4. says

    Personally, I don’t think blue would work on me. But I’ve seen others wear it and totally dig it! This shade in particular is fun!

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