5 hats to add your your hair-drobe now

Hair Romance - 5 hats to add to your hair-drobe now

This year I made a goal to wear more hats. So far I’m doing very well.

I have been wearing some classics from my wardrobe and now I’m on the lookout for more.

The thing I love about wearing hats is that hats makes everything else you’re wearing look more stylish. When you add a panama to a white t-shirt and jeans then BAM! Suddenly you’ve got an outfit.

These five hats are classics and are the perfect building blocks to your hair-drobe. Did I make up hair-drobe? I’m talking about stylish ways to dress your head.

  • A short-brimmed fedora (and love the coloured band)
  • A floppy wide-brimmed sun hat (for perfect 70s chic)
  • A statement sun hat (perfect with a white or black jumpsuit)
  • A raffia hat (easy to keep in your bag)
  • A panama (timeless in black and white)

All five are on my wishlist – can you help me decide which to buy?

FedoraSun hatStatementRaffiaPanama

PS. Shopbop are having a massive Friends & Family sale with 25% off everything with the code INTHEFAMILY14 til 17 April. That includes sale prices too.

PPS. Sorry, I’m a shopping enabler, I have to share these things.

PPPS. So what’s on your wishlist right now? I’m also getting another pair of my fave jeans.

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  1. Lisa says

    I love wearing hats myself but it always seems too windy causing me to worry constantly that it will fly off. Any tips for how to keep your hat on?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Lisa, that’s a great idea for a post. Some hats are more prone to flying off. Buying a hat in the right size and that fits below your occipital bone will be easier to keep on. I also use large bobby pins or hat pins to keep them in place. On really windy days, a wide brim is always a pain so I wear fabric hats or a well fitting short brim hat.

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