How to get volume in curly hair without a hairdryer – Reader Question

Hair Romance - How to get volume in curly hair without a hairdryer

Hands up who wants more volume in their hair?

I’m sure I’m not the only one with my hand up right now. I received a lovely email from Tracy who is feeling a bit flat about her hair. She writes:

The biggest problem I have with my hair is when I let it dry naturally. The curls are still there and still in great shape, it’s just a bit flat at the top. When I use the diffuser on the hairdryer in winter it adds a bit of volume but come the warmer weather I prefer to just wash and go, is there anyway I can get a little bit more volume at the roots without using the hairdryer?

Good news Tracy – the answer is YES!

I’ve been giving my curls a rest from the diffuser through the Australian summer too and they are looking much better for it. I love heat styling for its speed and convenience, but your hair needs a break from time to time.

Here are some simple tricks for adding more volume at the roots of your hair.

Hair Romance - How to get volume in curly hair without a hairdryer

How to get volume in curly hair without a hairdryer

  1. Change where you part your hair. This trick works in straight and curly hair alike. When you dry your hair naturally, move your part to the opposite side or make a deeper side part on the side you normally part your hair. Then when your hair is almost dry, move your part back to where you like it sit and your hair will have so much more volume. I often change my part while my hair is drying, moving it gradually back where I like it to sit so it creates more volume all the way across the top of my hair.
  2. Try a zig-zag partIt’s really common for curly hair to look flat at your part line because curly hair has more volume at the ends. By making a zig-zag part, you disguise your part and add more volume at the top of your head. You can do a zig-zag part in wet hair, or use the first trick above, then change your part into a zig-zag line when your hair is almost dry.
  3. Use clips to hold up your roots. Get yourself some flat pin curl clips like these. Normally used for clipping your hair up into curls, these clips are great because they don’t leave marks in your hair. After washing your hair, clip them right at the roots of your curls. Use a few all over the top of your head and near your part. These clips will hold your hair up while it dries. When you remove them, you’ll have so much more volume at the roots of your curls.

These simple tricks are so easy to do and will add way more volume to the roots of your curly hair.

Thanks for the great question Tracy! If you have a hair question you need answered, write to me at thehair[at]hairromance[dot]com.

What’s your best tip for getting more volume at the roots of your curly hair?

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  1. says

    My hair is fine and flat AND I’m lazy about heat styling, so I’m all about the fake-its for big hair. I’ve taken to spritzing through some thickening spray, letting my hair air dry to almost dry/giving it a quick rough dry with a hairdryer, then pulling it up into a loose topknot before bed.

    I’m sure sleeping with my hair up is a cardinal sin but it gives my flat hair mega volume at the roots and cute flossy twists and curls. True bedhead!

    • Hair Romance says

      sleeping with your hair up is the best! It’s how I make a blowdry last for days, and it gives awesome volume at the roots. You have to clip curls more loosely but it still works x

  2. stephanie aszkenas says

    When I sleep on my curls..i wake up with limp straw like ends and the curls lose shape and become messy waves what should i do??! I mosturize my hair well..i deep treat it about 2x a week &Im gentle ! PLEASE HELP thanks 😀

  3. says

    My well-behaved hair likes to be parted anywhere. For real! But when I part it on the right, I get the best volume with my curls. And, since my hair is fine, I use the least amount of hair product I can get away with. I can always add in a tad more if I need.

  4. mary hevern says

    I have short curly hair; I have difficulty getting shape into the crown. I don’t have a part in my hair. Would the method of putting a clip at the roots help? I always dry naturally.

    Thank you

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Mary, yes I think you should try the clips. It can be harder to get them in the right spot (as you can’t see the back of your head) but they will hold your hair up while it dries. For extra volume I also use a styling powder at the roots of my hair or lightly backcomb my hair x

  5. Meredith says

    Okay so I have the opposite question – I’ve just started blow drying my hair and am in need of a good hair dryer/diffuser. do you have any suggestions? I’ve been looking around for a good one but I feel so lost…

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Meredith, I like the ghd Air or Parlux 3800. These dryers are at the top end but they are the best in my opinion. I had my original parlux for over 10 years so they definitely last.

  6. Corinna says

    Hi! I do have curly hair however my roots are very flat and straight I don’t like it because I have more volume at my ends? If there’s some sort of way to get my roots more curly or to have more volume please help me! Thank you :)

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