Twist & Pin – Rope braided headband hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - rope braided headband tutorial

Style your hair with just twists and pins!

This rope twist headband braid was inspired by this tutorial. I have long been a fan of using your hair as your accessory. This headband braid tutorial is a favourite of mine.

I like the twist of using your braid as a headband across your hair instead of over the top. This would be a gorgeous festival hairstyle or a beautiful bohemian wedding style.

Hair Romance - rope braided headband tutorial

Rope braided headband hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - rope braided headband tutorial


Prep your hair before you begin. I’ve blowdried my hair with a curl at the ends using a large round brush.

I prefer this hairstyle with a softer, messy curl but you can wear your hair any way you like.

  1. Section your hair. Take a 1-2 inch section of hair above your ear. This will be your rope braid.
  2. Split your section in two for the rope braid. A rope braid is make up of two twisted strands wrapped together. The trick is to twist each strand in the same direction, then wrap them together in the opposite way. So if your twist both strands to the right, you wrap them to the left.
  3. Keep twisting to finish your rope braid. Remember to keep twisting to the right and wrapping to the lift. Secure the end of your braid with a small clear hair elastic.
  4. Stretch your braid. A necessary step for any braid, it just makes it look thicker and emphasises the shape of your rope braid. You can rub it between your fingers or pull it gently at the sides to widen it.
  5. Pin the braid across your forehead. Pin it in place under your hair on the opposite side.
  6. Repeat on the opposite side. Make sure you take a section level with the first for your second rope braid. Secure the braid with an elastic and stretch it out.
  7. Pin the braid across to complete your headband. Place the braid alongside the first braid and tuck the ends under and pin into place with a bobby pin.

Hair Romance - rope braided headband tutorial

Style tips

  • This style works best in medium to long hair. If you have a bob you could use some clip in hair wefts to create the braid sections and pin them in place at either end.
  • If your braid keeps slipping, use hairspray on the sections before creating the rope braids. You can also spritz it at the end to finish the style.
  • This style would look gorgeous with three strand braids, or four strand braids if you have thick hair.

Hair Romance - rope braided headband tutorial

I hope you try this rope braided headband hairstyle in your hair, and if you do, tag #hairromance in your photo on Instagram so I can see it :)

Where would you wear this hairstyle?

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  1. Hardeep says

    Hair can makes a perfect and gorgeous look to a girl or woman, Simply its fantastic!! Your step by step process is easy to understand.. Thanks for sharing

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