Team Red – How I changed my hair from blonde to red

So I’m a redhead!

Hair Romance - new red hair

Hair Romance - new copper red hair

Hair Romance - my new red hair

Hair Romance - my new copper red hair

What do you think?

My hair has been through a lot over the last month and I have some fun hair colour stories to share with you next week. Let’s just say my hair goes through a lot anyway!

After some red hair encouragement on Instagram I decided to just do it.

I think my hairdresser (Stevie of Stevie English Hair) was just a little excited when I told him. He’s been suggesting it for a while but I was scared to stop being blonde. I am kind of obsessed with blonde hair after all.

So with so many colours in my hair, going darker required a few steps to ensure an even colour result.

Stevie created foils with my blonde hair, just using conditioner on the ends and using a high lift tint on the roots. These foils are mainly around my face and a few through the top sections.

Next he applied a permanent colour on my roots to colour my natural hair. All over he applied a medium depth colour to unify my blonde hair so that on the next step the resulting colour would be even. Blonde hair can be very porous so it’s important to fill the hair so that the colour lasts longer and has an even shade down the length of your hair.

My final colour was applied to the rest of my hair over the previous filler colour to achieve this copper red.

Now this is paraphrasing Stevie just a touch but I just wanted to share that it’s a lot more than just putting a red rinse over my hair. Stevie used Original & Mineral colour on my hair which I love because it is ammonia free and low chemical.

I am still expecting some colour fade as my hair is so light underneath but we’ll see how it goes. At least I can give those colour save shampoos a good test for the next couple of weeks.

I still get a shock when I catch it in the mirror but I like it. I still had an idea that I would go back to blonde but now I’m not so sure. I might stay on Team Red.

Have you ever gone from blonde to red? Did you stay a redhead or have you gone back to blonde?

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  1. says

    ohhhh love love your color!!! it looks amazing!!! I’m a natural blonde but have ALWAYS loved red. I dabbled with red and blonde back and forth but finally went reallly red awhile back, and then to dark. I haven’t been blonde in about 8 years and I love it!!

  2. Ella says

    You pull red off amazingly!!! My hair has been coloured varying shades of red for 6 years now. Went from foiled natural hair to red and love it. I think you’ll love it too. The good thing about shades of red/copper is if they do fade, they do it nicely – so it’s a new colour every couple of weeks!

  3. Melissa says

    I’ve been lurking for a long time, but came out of hiding today to say I LOVE the red! It looks fantastic with your eyes and so healthy!

  4. Dimana says

    I went from black to red, but mine is true copper red color and it’s AMAZING :))
    I love your color <3 Very good transition

  5. Deana says

    Love the red! I went from blond to red 4 years ago and never looked back! In fact, I can’t without some real work since I use henna, and I absolutely adore it.

  6. says

    The color looks fantastic on you, and you know I love red! I went from light brown to red. It has been probably 15 years and I have been using the same color the whole time. Obviously, I am a red fan!

  7. Hana says

    I love your hair! I just modeled for the Matrix Hair Show and they colored my hair red. I love it so much but I’m still not used to it even though its been a few weeks haha

  8. says

    You look amazing! You always look incredibly beautiful to me, and going red is certainly no different. I’ve been everything from platinum blonde to dark, dark, dark brown – and every shade in between! These past few years though, I’ve really embraced bronde (y’know, brown and blonde) because I think it’s very me. x

  9. Angela says

    Absolutely love the red! You pull it off very well. I am actually a natural redhead and I put a few blonde or strawberry blonde streaks in to help camo the white coming in. Even being natural red…it fades like everyone else when I color it. I just started embarrassing my hair color in the last 10 years, so I am not ready to go white or anything else, besides I did that in my younger days when red wasn’t so cool. Enjoy being a Ginger! WE HAVE LOTS OF FUN!

  10. says

    I’ve decided to finally go back to red this Fall. This would be a great transition look for me. So, I favorited this post so I can show it to a color expert and say ‘I want that!’ :)

  11. Vanessa says

    Very pretty! I like it on you better than blonde :) I had red hair for a while, I loved it, but I’m really lazy so I dyed back to as near natural as I could (uh not very as it turned out) and now I’m growing out my natural level 7-8 dark blonde hair…..I have a bit of an ombre thing going on that I don’t love but I’ll live. You rock it!

  12. Simone says

    I went red from platinum blonde last sept after being blonde for 5 years but previously red for almost all my adult life prior.
    I love red but it felt so dark when it was curly, loved it when it was straight! that I have gradually gone back blonde. Luckily I have a great hairdresser … I love red but I think I’m a blonde at heart. You look lovely red.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Simone! I know what you mean, it definitely takes getting used to and I find myself wearing more bronzer than I did as a blonde

  13. Michele says

    I’m a natural bronde but I’ve been blonde, brunette, dirty blonde and red. I’ve had the red for 8 months now. I really loved it but I’m about to go blonde as I have some sort of issue with my curly hair being red (I think the red plus the curls gets too many stares, touches and oooohs and that it weirds me out!). I’m working super hard to embrace my natural curls. You’ve helped me so much in trying to learn to love my curls. You make curly hair look cool and beautiful! Thank you for being an awesome role model in the curly world!

    • Hair Romance says

      oh thank you so much Michele! That’s super lovely of you to comment. I don’t see myself as a role model but if I’ve helped you to love your curls then that makes me very happy. Christina xx

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