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Happy Big Hair Friday!

I loved this style I spotted at Hair Expo. This hairstyle was created using stitches rather than pins.

Hair Sewing is a hairstyling technique where you use a plastic needle and linen thread to sew your hairstyle in place. It’s perfect for long or thick hair. If you’ve got smooth shiny hair that pins always fall out of, you’ll love this technique for special occasion updos.

Have you tried hair sewing before? 

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I haven’t done hair sewing in years! Thanks for the reminder! I used to do it to bind a braid of hair around my head (Heidi-style). I had super long, slippery, thick hair, and pins didn’t always work for me. I’d use a big darning needle and ribbon. It worked well, although the braid still had a tendency to slip backwards on my head. I’m thinking if I had started with French braids on either side of my head, I would have been able to sew the bottom part of the braid to the French braid and keep it more secure. I’ll have to give that a try now that I’m growing my hair long again.

    • Hair Romance says

      Oh that’s a great idea Elizabeth! I love the idea of sewing with a ribbon too, that would look beautiful x

  2. says

    This reminds me of what we do when we plait/braid a horses mane for competition. All the little, perfect plaits are stitched in rather than using rubber bands to give a neater finish :) // timidlioness

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