Curls Week – Why did my hair change from straight to curly?

Welcome to a week celebrating curly hair!

Curls Week - Hair Romance

Now you know why your hair is curly but what if your hair changes?

That’s exactly what happened to my hair.

For years I had long, straight hair. Maybe it was a little wavy, but never frizzy. Then one day it started to change.

All of a sudden I had curly hair.

And I had no idea how to style it.

It took a long journey of trial and error to work out how to style my curls. I slowly fell in love with my curls and they are the reason I started Hair Romance.

Now I know from your comments and questions that I’m not alone in this hair change and I have found some reasons why this happens.

Hair Romance - Why did my hair change from straight to curly

Why did my hair change from straight to curly?

There are several theories as to why hair changes texture.

Hormones, stress and ageing as seen as the common causes for changes to your hair texture and quality.

You’d think, with the size of the hair industry, there would be a conclusive answer to this question, but research is still underway and there are no decisive results.

One interesting fact about curly hair is that the gene for straight hair is recessive but that the curly hair gene is not completely dominant. That means you could have the curly hair gene but until it’s activated, your waves and curls will be dormant too.

The most likely theory, in my opinion, is to do with your hormones. Hormones are a possible trigger for the curly hair gene.

As well as affecting the quality of your hair, hormones can change your muscle tone too. This includes your scalp. The change of muscle tone could affect the shape of your hair follicles and their direction of growth. Straight hair follicles grow straight out but curly hair follicles have a hook shape.

With my hair, puberty was the when my curls decided to appear and this fits with the hormone changes. For many women, pregnancy and birth have a significant impact on their hair too.

So if you’ve noticed significant changes to your hair texture, check your hormone levels and talk to your doctor and hairdresser about it.

How to cope with the change to your hair

If like me, you’re finding your new curly hair difficult to handle compared to straight hair, help is at hand. Start here with my guide to styling curly hair and check out my other curly hair posts.

On the other hand, if you had curly hair and it’s starting to go straight, find out how to get your curl back.

Have you experienced a major change in your hair? Has your hair gone from straight to curly, or the other way round? Tell me about it in the comments.

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  1. Tracy says

    My hair changed when I was about 17, I always had wavy unruly hair with a permanent frizzy halo and my hair was shoulder length. I started to let it grow and begun to let it dry naturally as more time in bed seemed more appealing than time spent blow drying my hair and noticed that my hair was getting curly, and the longer it grew the curlier it seemed to get. My hair now sits just above my hips at this stage and I love love love my curls. I have always been fond of my curls as I have found they suited my laziness just having to wash and go but it’s only in the last 7/8 months I have fully got to grips with my curly hair and how to care for it properly (mainly since finding your wonder website) and I have noticed a massive difference. People even commented on my hair after I made the changes asking had a put colour in or had a new cut put into it because they knew it looked different. Ooh and I had been using a big t-shirt to dry my hair but needed to buy another and my mam suggested a cotton fitted sheet for a baby’s cot. So I bought a pair and they are great, with the elastic they are curved and fit snuggly around your head and all your hair gets gathered inside it too…brilliant!

    • Hair Romance says

      wow Tracy, your hair sounds amazing! It’s so long too! Thanks so much for your kind words and for the fab tip about the cot sheets. Such a smart idea x

    • Megan says

      So my situation maybe a little different my daughter is 7 years old and up to age 5 she had thick but stick straight hair then we got it cut up to her jaw line and it turned to course wavy frizzy hair . It has grew down her back keeping the same frizzy texture . I dont know what happened . Hair dressersaid the thickness couldn’t supoort that haircut but I never seen something change overnight like that.

      • Hair Romance says

        Hi Megan, it’s crazy how much hair can change. It could be that the weight of her long hair made it straight and once it was cut it was able to curl.

  2. Kim says

    My hair was always so straight people would ask me how I got it so straight and smooth. Until I had a pulmonary embolism when I was 43. The stress of nearly dying made me lose a lot of hair. When it came back in it was curly. It continued to be curly for 5 years while I was on the medication warfarin. When I switched blood thinners, the curl went away. A few months ago I started taking warfarin again and the curls are back.

    I think it was the stress of my illness plus the medication that makes it curly.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks for sharing your story Kim. Stress is definitely a factor as the body sees hair as unnecessary so it’s the first to be affected when you’re unwell. Hope you’re doing ok now x

  3. says

    The hormones thing totally makes sense. My hair was pin straight til I started high school and became progressively curlier over the years. Then last year my hair started changing back towards straight (right now there is a soft wave, but lots of frizz) which coincided with my son’s birth.

    • Hair Romance says

      It’s weird how it works, isn’t it Tasneem? Pregnancy in particular has a massive impact on your hair especially the post-partum shedding that many experience.

    • Mayari says

      Ya same with me, kinda. Ever since I hit puberty, my hair has been curling a lot more than usual, and when I braid it at night its just plain frizzy in the day. When I wash it in the morning midway through the day its a big “Hermione”-like poof. And the weird thing is, I live in Arizona, smack dab in the middle of the Sonoran desert, where there’s no humidity to make it curl. At certain times of month, I find that it starts to curl even further. And it used to be poker straight. My mother has the poker straight hair I used to, my father and sister have thick curls, and both grandparents on my mom’s side have curly hair, so the gene thingy might be true too for me, where it just popped up and now my hair’s curly.

  4. Charlette Smith says

    I have curly hair, always have. And probably always will. (I am 52, 4 kids and waiting for the 10th grandchild, due any time)
    But, I do know 2 women that had straight hair until they went through chemo. Once their hair started growing back, it was extremely curly.

    • Hair Romance says

      How exciting for your 10th grandchild! Chemo is such a horrible process, I’m not surprised their hair changed as well.

  5. Anke says

    I had curly hair when I was very little. Then it got straight with slight waves on the bottom half of it. When I was 11/12 years old my curls came back. First waves, then full on ringlets. So the hormone thing makes sense. Unfortunally during my teenage years I got very sick. The medication I took made me loose a lot of my hair. When it grew back the bottom part was straight, so layering it was just looking weird. It was like Annie with a mollet (if thats how you spell that). Now I’m 26 my curls have loosened a bit to the point if people ask me if I had a perm and the bottom part of my hair is starting to curl again! Im very happy with that.

    You’re website is amazing btw, keep up the awesome work!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Anke, and thanks for sharing your story! Glad your curls are coming back and hope you’re ok now too x

      • Anke says

        I am okay now, thanks.

        Also, because of this blog I want google crazy and looked for a hairdresser who was actually specialized in cutting curls. I came up with the curlsys system and went for an appointment yesterday. My hair FINALLY has an awesome haircut and I have a huge mane of big curls.

  6. Teresa says

    It’s been the other way round with me. I used to have really curly hair, like angel curls and when I got 8 or so they turned straight. I still mourn for my curls ):

  7. says

    Great subject and one i hadn’t considered yet which is unusual as we have this conversation A LOT in the salon. Equally as popular is also curly hair gone straight due to over straightening, colouring, hot ironing etc or in Teresa’s case just outgrown with age. We so often have clients baffled as to where their curls have gone :-)

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks for commenting! I agree it’s often colouring or heat styling that changes hair, but there are so many factors in play :)

  8. Ashley says

    My hair is the opposite. It was very curly when I was little, to the point no one believes that it is me when they see my baby/toddler pictures. By the time I was 5 or 6 it was completely straight.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Ashley, that also seems like a common story. Baby hair is quite fine and so it can curl more easily. Maybe as you grew and your hair grows longer and stronger it becomes straight

  9. Elaine Larsen says

    I side with the hormone crowd. I had straight hair as a child that went frizzy when puberty hit. Then I lost some curl with each baby that I had. I like my hair now, it’s a lot easier to manage.

  10. says

    My hair went from nearly stick straight to gradually getting curlier and curlier, starting when I was 28 (so after 10 years on the pill). I don’t get perfect ringlets naturally, but the top especially go very curly when I let it air dry with some product and scrunch. Your blog has been a lot of help! I just wish it wasn’t so frizzy, but so far haven’t found the perfect combination.

    • Hair Romance says

      I love hearing all the different ways that our hair changes, thanks for sharing your hair story Trude x

  11. Heather says

    My hair was mostly straight as a child. Just a small amount of “flip out” at the back of my neck by the time I was 5. Then by high school I had weird sporadic waves, and by University it was fill on Shirley Temple! I loved my curls! Once I figured out styling it was wash and wear and I got compliments everywhere I went! Then during pregnancy with my first child my hair started going straight. By the time I delivered I had nothing more than a kink in my bangs, but not even diffusing would bring about wave! Now I’m pregnant with my second child, and my hair is still straight as a board. I’m hoping once I deliver this little one my curls will return, but in the mean time I’ve cut my hair short and I’m starting from scratch trying to figure out styling again. The good news is that I passed my curls on to my daughter who has a head full of crazy ringlets!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Heather, that’s such a crazy change in your hair! Hope your curls come back and glad your daughter has picked them up in the meantime :)

  12. Raye says

    I had completely straight hair forever. kept it a short “pixie”, bobs. Then in my late 20’s I had a major back surgery and spent a year in recovery. After that, my hair turned. curly, in loose beautiful ringlets, keep it in a very long shag.

  13. Megan says

    My hair also went from straight to curly. I don’t remember the exact age it started changing, but if I had to guess, I’d say it started to get a little wavy around 16 and became really curly by 18. I don’t think I ever really minded though. I knew I could run a straightener over it if I ever wanted to have straight hair for the day. I don’t do a lot of hair styling though. I just let it air dry… although it takes hours now that I’ve let my hair get long again. I’m glad my hair went curly though :)

  14. Akemi says

    I remember having thick, straight hair that would curl a bit at the end when I was young and every few years it got curlier and curlier and I cried a lot because I loved how pretty my hair was. It was straight with curls at the end. My hair now is so curly, still thick(i think it’s gotten thicker) and so frizzy that I barely can do anything with it.

    I’m mixed, my dad is half black, native american, English, Irish, Scottish and welsh. My mum is half Japanese, a quarter Norwegian, Irish and Scottish and we most recently found out Austrian. So as you can imagine, my hair is all kinds of confused. I’ve tried everything to manage it, co-washing, air drying, products for curls, oils and everything. While my hair retains a lot of moisture and is very strong, I can barely style it. If I do get to style it, its a miracle. I love having my hair straight but I hate sitting down for five hours to straighten it.

    I found a picture of me from when I was around 11, my hair was in a high ponytail and my hair still reached my mid back, it was then that it started to frizz more. But now, when I try to grow my hair out long, it gives me migraines. I love my hair long and makes me so sad I can’t have it that long. I love how thick it is and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I get people asking me if my hair is naturally curly, and while I am flattered, they often say they wish they had my hair but I tell them they dont because unlike a lot of people with curly hair, mine is just so hard to manage. I love my curls, it took me a long time to love them and appreciate them but, I want my old hair back. Straight with natural curls at the end. At least with that, I knew how to manage my hair and it wasn’t as unresponsive as it is now.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Akemi, I know your hair feels like hard work compared to your old hair and I understand because my hair is similar. If people are complimenting your hair, maybe you should try seeing it through their eyes. Your hair sounds amazing xx

  15. Brooke says

    I have very curly hair so I hoped my kids would as well…my youngest is 19months with very curly baby hair that keeps getting tighter!(so exciting for me but that’s not to say it won’t change!) my middle child had curly hair until she was one and then it all fell out and came back stick straight. She is now five and in the last few months she has started to grow fuller hair and the top later is stick straight but from just below the crown the rest has started to spiral!!(even more exciting!) but it looks pretty silly right now because the top layer is longer than the rest because it’s so straight! Such a strange thing to happen and no matter what I read about it there’s no real reasoning for this!

  16. ana says

    My hair went from afro curly(age 0-7)then it turned pin straight(age 8-13)now it really wavy and turning curly again (I’m 14 now)but I haven’t seen any post of that only straight to curly

  17. Davina TAYLOR says

    My hair has changed dramatically from long thick and straight to frizzy dry breaking at 6 inches in three months since I started taking Warfarin Please advise me the best treatment Unfortunately because i am an older woman the doctors think what I look like is no longer important

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Davina, sorry but one of the possible side effects of warfarin is hair loss. I’m not sure what to suggest as I wouldn’t want to interfere with your medication. The good news is the hair loss is reversible once you stop taking warfarin. I would do a conditining treatment and get a trim to even out any breakage/split ends. A fresh haircut can make you feel a lot better. Hope you are ok x

  18. Philip Charles says

    Good day I stumbled upon this article because my mum and I started noticing a change in my hair (I’m a guy (x ) she told me my hair might be changing. Both my parents have really curly hair my older sister has pin straight, thin hair and I’m 15 years old I have been growing the top of my hair and leaving the sides short. The top of my hair is about 10 centimeters (4inches or so ) And I’ve always had pin straight and thin hair until now my hair has started to turn wavy from the top the sides are too short to tell if it’s changed. Do you think my hair will keep changing?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi! You’re probably at the age to be experiencing hormonal changes in your hair. I’ve also heard it said that your hair changes every 7 years. It’s hard to know if it will continue to change as everyone is different :)

  19. Cynthia says

    My husband’s hair was straight with a very faint wave, until he slipped into a Coma in May 2013. His kidneys had shut down, he was put on a respirator and a fading tube was put directly into his stomach. He was this way for 8 days. He experienced major hair loss. When his hair began to grow back it was curly/fuzzy.
    It has been over a year now and it is still curly/frizzy. What can be done to control it. And will his straight hair ever return?
    Would shaving his head make it straight again???
    Answer, please.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Cynthia, I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s health. I hope he is ok. It’s hard to tell if his hair will change back. The stress of illness can have a long term effect. Use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and use a moisturising cream to control the frizz right now. If his hair is short, you could try shaving it to see if this makes a difference. I’m not sure if it will. I wish you all the best x

    • Krystina says

      For sulfate free, I use Organix awapuhi ginger shampoo and conditioner, and use a smidge of their moroccan argan oil after I’ve towel-dried. Amazing stuff, has helped a lot with the overall health and condition of my hair. I’ve never used any shampoo/conditioner that’s made my hair feel this good while washing, let alone after washing. They have different versions of the argan oil, depending on hair type.

      I’ve used many of the Organix products, and I try to rotate, so I can say with conviction they are my favorite. Their Biotin and Collagen version is another fave of mine, and so is Keratin & Oil, but this one is like #1 for me. But everyone’s different!

      Their products are usually available at Rite Aid, Walmart, Amazon, etc. Cheaper prices at Walmart of course, try to catch it on sale elsewhere. A little product goes a long way for the awapuhi version – very little – but some of the others need a bit more. Amazon actually has poor prices for it, but, it’s available there. Depending on which product you’re looking for or develop a liking of, of course – Biotin is quite popular, so tends to be easier to find, but Rite Aid had my awapuhi on sale this last week so I bought a few :)

      • Krystina says

        Oh, and by towel-dry, I mean I just wrap it up for a minute or two and then unwrap it! There is no scrubbing, just squeezing, basically, and I make sure it doesn’t tug in any way on my scalp! :)

  20. Mary J. says

    Help, please!

    Starting at about age 30, my thick, straight hair started to get just slightly wavy in the back. Over time, the waves started coming in here and there, some on the sides, more in the back. Here we are, 13 years later, and none of it is exactly curly, about 25% of my hair is still straight as a stick, some is very wavy, some in-between, all just a jumble, and all of it, where once it used to be sleek, shiny, and straight, is all frizz, all the time. I have no idea what to do with it. I have no idea how to cut it. I can’t layer it for fear the frizz will be worse. I’ve tried texturizing the ends, but it looks a terrible mess. My hair is a mix of course and baby fine strands, so I try not to take heat to it too often, because I dread splitting the ends and making it just look even worse.

    I’m desperate for a new hairstyle besides long and all one length. My stylist is terrific, but even she is at a loss. I’m a low-maintenance kind of person, and I have no desire to become someone who spends more than just a very little while “doing” my hair each day. Should I suck it up and go to some expensive, big-name hair stylist? I’ve thought of going to see Tabatha or someone of her ilk to get some truly expert advice and styling. I need some updating, soooo badly. I’m an actress, and this is really a business decision, not just personal.

    What do you guys think? Does anyone else have this kind of thing going on? I mean, if I had more even waves on my head, it wouldn’t be such a problem, but this weird mix i’m left with is baffling and depressing. I miss my wash-and-go straight hair, but I can’t live in the past. I have to deal with what’s here, now. Thanks, all.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Mary, I really feel for you as your hair sounds like such a mix of textures. What I would probably suggest is a keratin smoothing treatment to even out your hair texture. This will give you back a wash & wear hairstyle that is easy to manage. You’ll need to spend on the salon treatment, but in the medium term it will make your hair much smoother and easier to manage. Hopefully someone else may have some other suggestions too, but if your hair is frustrating you that much then I would change it. Good luck, Christina x

    • Candace says

      This is me and my hair, exactly!! It’s devastating. Have you had any success on finding a style and products that work? I put mine in a ponytail everyday because I don’t know what to do with it. I too, miss my straight, wash and go hair. :(

    • Krystina says

      I so feel you!! All I can do is add my experience with this issue, if you still are looking for suggestions, maybe my experience will help you??

      I have 1/3 or so of my hair now curly/more than wavy, depending on how I mess with it. Organix shampoo and conditioner – I highly recommend at least researching their Keratin & Oil, Biotin & Collagen, and Awapuhi Ginger. It shouldn’t be terribly expensive, I know amazon has it for like $8, no no, lol. Walmart or Rite Aid is a better bet price wise, at least for the first two.

      Look into them and see if you’re interested, everyone is different, but they’ve all three been amazing on my hair. I really love the sulfate free, little product-use factor of the awapuhi, but all three make my hair feel amazing and smell good. I’ve been a year without a cut now and can’t even really find a split hair. I take supplements as well, but I’ve only been a user of Organix for about a year now and I can tell a huge difference.

      After whatever shampoo and conditioner I decide, though, I’ve found the most critical factor in how my hair behaves depends on how I handle it while it dries (I only ever towel dry, no heat ever, oh man what a disaster! lol). I usually add a very small drop of a hair conditioning treatment in – of course, I’ve been using Organix Argan Oil for the last year, of which they have versions for different hair types – and just let my hair dry naturally.

      I’ve found that if I handle it – aka running my fingers through it unconsciously here and there and everywhere – it tends to lose most the curl and turn to frizzy mess waves. If I don’t touch it and just let-it-dry-no-touchy!, it has these soft defined curls that are shiny and healthy looking.

      Basically, while I am a huge fan of Organix and the help I feel using it has given me personally, the most deciding factor in my hair’s behavior seems to be how I handle it while it is drying – and that means from towel-dried to complete dry, no in the middle. Either I don’t touch it at all, allowing it to dry it as it likes (aka, the soft, defined curls), or I try to force it into submission, so matter how small the manipulation or gesture (frizz upon wavy undefined frizz). Le sigh.

      So yeah, just my experience! I hope it’s helpful :)

      • Hair Romance says

        thanks for sharing your tips Krystina! I so agree that how you handle it as it dries makes the biggest difference x

  21. April says

    I had some waves as a child but at puberty it curled right up. I’ll also mention the exact same thing happened to my older brother. We both inherited the curls from our father, but at 72 his curls have transitioned back to waves, so I’m guessing ours will too when we get up there in age.

  22. Robyn says

    My hair was poker straight as a child, started curling when I was 17, and remained curly until I had my first daughter at 30, and second daughter at 31. After that (and maybe being on insulin for gestational diabetes), my hair went completely flat. However, now I am 35 and noticed a few weeks ago that my hair was starting to curl. I bought some Bumble and Bumble and tried it in my wet hair today and I have a head of full curls….weird. Also, after reading this blog and comments about hormones, I may have to check to make sure I’m not pregnant….

  23. TallTxRed says

    I had put to rest for a few years on my search of hair change. (beginning of research said that hair follicles do NOT change) I researched it very deeply back in the early 2ooo’s. Why? Because my daughter (now almost 17) used to have the softest large blonde curls, she reminded me of a very very young Shirley Temple but thinner hair. But when she was about 4 she started to loose huge amounts of hair.. no balding, no sickness, no medications.. I took her to a dietary specialist, a glycemic (sugar issues) specialist, had blood tests, etc. All told me she was checked as normal. Just a kid with almost no hair.

    She used to have locks down to her shoulders at 4yo and within a 5 months she had baby fine straight as straight can be hair! We had to use hair creams to keep all her ‘new hair’ from sticking straight up (have pics of 4″ of fine hair floating straight up/ like she was hit by lightening daily) because of it’s fine’ness’. It took about a year to get thicker and longer. She became a ‘woman’ at 9 and the only change was her hair got double thick and not as blonde.

    We started to notice at about 11 her “roots” were curly. Like using a half inch curling iron. Stress could have been a factor.. Our/My income had changed for the worse. But she felt she had to learn to ‘straighten’ her hair with a flat iron almost daily. Can you imagine? Having about 4 inches of curly hair with 14″ of straight hair?

    So then hair damage is being done. So we slowly clip away.. then drastically. Last hair trim was about 5 inches and her embracing the curls. She does this by loosely braiding her wet locks over night so she might get her hair back to her waist again.

    That was just two years ago. Here we are at almost 17 and the top 4 inches of her 18 inch long hair is now straight at a board! I am so frustrated! I don’t know how to help or suggest hair styles.

    I have trichotillomania since 12 so I am clueless on to how to help her to the next step. I know how much hair can make you feel comfortable.. I lost that battle. Of course I admire how thick and strong it is now, just don’t know how to get her to like it… quarter straight and 3 quarters curly. You just can’t make a natural curl. Can you?

    Wish us luck!

    Or will we go thru the damage again from using heat to match the hair?

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks for sharing your story, that’s a massive hair journey that you and your daughter have been on. I’m not sure what advice I can offer, except to say that straight to curly can look great and it’s on trend now. I would work with her natural hair and not worry about the switch in textures. Good luck to both of you xx

  24. Valori says

    I am 58 years old and have had thick silky straight hair for most of my life. The only exception was a wave that developed across the back when I was pregnant at age 32 with my second daughter. I am at high risk for a particular cancer and beginning in early 2011 I participated in a clinical trial that had me taking an oral smart bomb chemotherapy for one year. This drug is not known for causing hair loss like traditional chemotherapy. However, I started shedding excessively so they lowered my dose to keep me from quitting the trial. The shedding stopped but then I developed beautiful waves (which happened to only two people in this major study across four renowned cancer centers), which went away soon after I was finished with the drug. That was about two and a half years ago. Now, in the past few months my waves have reappeared, and in the past couple of weeks I have started shedding excessively again. I am well past menopause, take very few drugs except for migraine prevention and headaches, and have not done anything unusual or made major changes in drugs, vitamins, or supplements during this time. I did endure a bout with walking pneumonia earlier this year during which I was given a lot of antibiotics and steroids, and I’ve lost some weight but it has been done responsibly via WeightWatchers. Do you have any ideas on what could be going on here?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Valori, hair is a funny thing as it’s a real barometer of how our body is doing. It can also show quite a delayed reaction too as hair grows so slowly. Hair grows around an inch a month so depending on how long your hair is, this change could have be triggered months earlier. I hope you’re feeling well now and your hair starts to go back to a normal cycle soon x

  25. Marie says

    My hair was always fine and so straight it couldn’t hold a curl for more than 20 minutes before it dropped out. Then, when I was 6mths pregnant with our 2nd baby, I got a soft perm done, just to add some body and help me get through the lanky, greasy hair stage. Well, unlike the other perms I had had, this one had a loooong term impact.

    Even when the perm had grown out and I had cut that hair off, my hair still had a wave and an awkward kink to it. Finally, 7 years ago, things got pretty tough with illness and family illness and whatnot and about that time, my hair decided to do the curly thing. Now we’re coming out the other side and my hair has settled into full-on ringlets! Which I have to admit looks flippin’ cool, considering it’s long enough for me to sit on.

    It’s been pretty interesting trying to figure out how to work with curls- until 6 months ago, I was best friends with my flatiron or just pulling it all up into a twist or a bun. Now I’ve decided to tame the beast and am loving what I have! :)

  26. Cody says

    There’s no cure? My hair changed when I was 13, I had nice thin hair for the first 12 yrs of my life. I would make a deal with the devil to get it back. I hate my hair now. I remember the first time I had it chem straightened, I was crying with joy..well until it dried.. No matter what I do it won’t straighten, what do you recommend for a male? I want my old hair back. Any products or suggestions?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Cody, sorry you feel that way. You can get your hair chemically straightened and there are smoothing salon treatments too now that work well. It sounds like you need a better haircut too that will help you manage it. Find a great barber and you’ll see that curls don’t need a cure :)

  27. Megan says

    First, I have to say that I just accidentally came across your blog… and I am so happy that I did! I can’t wait to look through everything and get new ideas for my hair.

    My hair was stick straight and thin all through high school and college. It wouldn’t even try to hold a curl. Then… I became pregnant with my twin boys. I don’t remember my hair changing too much while I was pregnant but I do know that it started to get a little thicker. Right around the time they turned two, my hair started to get a little curl to it… and it hasn’t looked back since! It’s crazy how much it has changed in just two years!

    I definitely believe hormones played a role… plus my mom had straight hair growing up and right around the time she had my older sister hers started to get curly. So hormones and genes.

    I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it. Some days there is just too much frizz, and other days it’s not too bad. I’m embracing it more now… and beginning to really like it!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Megan! Thank you so much! Hope you find lots of style inspiration here. Some of my tutorials are shown in straight hair but they work the same in curly hair too :)

  28. Kelly says

    I have had straight long thick hair my whole life (down to my waist). I love it long; it is one of my favorite attributes. After my second child who is about to turn two in January, it was even thicker and shiny beautiful. But then baby hairs came in very curly. They are everywhere now. .. it looks so funny bc now I have pin straight hair with tiny curls around the base of my head. And then I have these long jet black thick hairs spread out amongst my hair. My hair is mousy blonde. How do I style it in the mean time so that it will look uniform until it turns all curly?

  29. helen says

    I’ve had dead straight, heavy thick hair all my life. The last many years it’s been long, in fact I could sit on it between trimming. Well, my shoulder has been bothering me and it became a real problem to wash it and deal with the tangles and knows. Two days ago it was so full of static electricity I got fed up. I had it cut today, expecting to get a fairly sleek bob. :-( Nope. As soon as they cut it off everything that was left instantly became a mass of curls, actually upsetting the hair cutter so much she called in someone else to deal with the back. Long story short, a couple of people said it looks cute, my daughter said she likes it, however, frankly I look like Bozo the Clown right now. Big puffy poufs of curly hair on the sides and flat on top (of course). Because of my shoulder using a curling iron will be next to impossible. Any ideas for me? Pleeeeeease???

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Helen, how crazy! I can’t believe your hair changed so much with a haircut! I would get an oil or spray gel to help your style your hair. Also play around with different ways you can style your hair (eg. diff part, ponytails, hair accessories, clips etc). good luck x

  30. Jocelyn says

    I was born with thick,coarse,pin straight hair. When I was around three or four my hair got really curly. This lasted I think about a year and then my hair turned wavy but no defined curled. Then when I turned 12 my hair started to get curly again but my hair is not nearly as thick than it used to be. I didn’t really notice that my hair was getting curly because I used to straighten my hair regularly but it got really damaged so I had to cut off about 2/3 of my hair off so now I had my hair a little bit past my shoulders.So I have had pin straight,wavy and curly. My curls are median sized not tight and people ask me if I curl it.

  31. Megan says

    Any ideas on what to do if my hair is doing the reverse of yours? I have fine curly hair, and it’s been curly since early childhood. Now that I’m thirty–and after two babies–the top and bottom layers of my hair are getting straighter while the middle seems to be staying the same. Any ideas on supplements I can take or treatments or products I can use to encourage my curl? It’s seriously like I’m losing part of my identity! I’m a curly girl!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Megan, sorry to hear your hair is changing the other way. It can be hormones or sometimes environmental damage that can make your hair go straight. I would do a hydrating conditioning treatment once a week to make sure your hair is in good condition. To encourage more curl you may need a stronger product like a light spray gel. Toni & Guy has a good hair product like this. Good luck x

  32. says

    My hair started changing in the same way just last year, but it’s only started going in curly in the front for now. While I am waiting for the rest to catch up I have been wearing headbands for quite a while and I’m sick of it!! It’s too short to cut but long enough to show. Is there any other way to style it while my hair is in an awkward state??

  33. Hayley says

    I always had waist length thick and dead straight hair. It thickened at about 25 after my first child. At 32 i had an epiphany to shave it all off, which i did. 2 yrs of growing it back, it is thick as ever but crazy curly too! My brother has fabulous curly hair which i always envied, seems now i have it too. Weird!

  34. Krystina says

    I just wanted to weigh in on this for ‘research purposes’ – lol. I developed hypothyroidism a few years ago, and a side effect of it (of which there were many for me, because I had always heard about people using hypothyroidism as just an excuse for things, it was rare, so surely that couldn’t be my issue, and so I took forever to go to the doctor, but anyways *deep breath* haha) – was losing a bunch of my hair on the top half of my scalp. How weird, right?? I also lost the outside half of my eyebrows. Whaaaaaaaaaat.

    Once I got correct medicine figured out and had been taking it for a month or two, my hair started to grow back. Curly.

    It was ONLY the hair that fell out – aka, those follicles that dropped the hair and then started to form new hair with the corrective medicine replacing my thyroid – that grew back curly. So I can quite literally clip up the top half or so – from where you’d draw your thumbs up and back, starting from above the ears, to the top back of your skull – and the rest of it lies as straight as my hair has always been. So I know for a FACT it was hormones that changed my hair texture, because I was bone straight before. Now I have 1/3 non-frizzy curl if I don’t touch it while drying or 1/3 frizzy wavy curl if I do, and 2/3 straight. It’s very weird.

    Also, I’m a radiation therapist. It is not unusual whatsoever for cancer patients who are on chemo regimens that cause hair loss for them, to grow back hair of a different texture or color.

    But yeah, good thing my eyebrows didn’t grow back curly. ;D

    • Hair Romance says

      wow, that’s fascinating Krystina! I have a thyroid condition too and when it’s out of balance I can really tell as my hair falls out.

  35. Rizza says

    My hair used to be so silky, soft, and manageable, people would often notice and apraise it. They would tell me that I’m so lucky for having a perfectly straight and shiny hair until one day, I was in sixth grade that time, my mom noticed that some strands of my hair was curling already. Then I tried hair rebonding to bring back my straight hair but I was hopeless. Well, what can I do when curly hair trait is on my genes? Now my hair is so thick and its texture is not smooth anymore, it makes me look older. Sad but there’s nothing I can do.

    • Hair Romance says

      It doesn’t have to be sad, Rizza! Curly hair is awesome and while it can take some trial and error to understand how to style it, it’s more versatile than straight hair xx

  36. Anonymous says

    I had straight hair for awhile, and it started getting curly when I hit puberty. My mom has straight hair, and my dad has curh hair, so my mom figured that’s why my hair started getting curly. For the past few months I’ve noticed that it’s going back to straight with only a few wavy strands and wavy bangs. I don’t straighten it as often as I did in middle school and my first two years of high school, so I’m wondering if it’s stress or something? Probably senior pressure. It doesn’t bother me, but I was just curious as to why it was going back to straight again.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hair is a funny thing, no one has a definitive answer as to why it changes but stress and hormones are definite factors.

  37. Mariam says

    Thank you for this post, i was wondering what happened to my soft wavy hair, i used to love it, i only had to fix my bang and let my hair loose to dry and it would be perfect, i never looked at the mirror during the day to check if my hair looks good or not, but i had my baby and i started taking thyroid pills, that’s when my hair started to change, at first curls started to appear in the bottom, then month by month i started to get those curles in the middle of my head and finally my whole hair. i was depressed, to be honest i am still depressed because it takes me forever to style my hair, i bought all hair tools to fix it, this is something new to me and i just cannot accept my hair as curly, i have no idea how to style a curly hair. now i now this is normal and i should start embracing those curls.

  38. puzzlepopples says

    My hair went from pin straight to spiral curls when I turned 30! I’m not sure if it had to do with my age or changing birth control brands. lol If I knew it was the bc I’d probably switch back to the old stuff. Curly hair is beautiful but I miss my straight hair because I knew what to do with it

    • Hair Romance says

      How weird! I wonder if it was your bc. Hormones can really affect our hair. Hope you learn some curly hair tricks to make it easier to style x

      • Melody says

        This is happening to me right now. Last year my hair dresser noticed a patch of course curly hair where everything else is strait and smooth. I didn’t think much of it until a month ago I started noticing more patches of course curly hair. I’m 32 and the only thing I changed last year was my birth control. The patches are now spreading everywhere. I have no idea what to do with this. My hair color changed in my twenties but this is just bizarre and I have no idea what to do with course curly hair.

  39. Marilyn says

    My niece has the same hair I do except hers has a natural wave. Until recently, that is. I have been noticing more and more my hair is getting distinctly wavy. I stopped curling it at least a year ago in an effort to improve its condition. It’s really weird. I’m 43. I hope it lasts, I have always wanted wavy hair.

  40. says

    I have always had pin straight, fine straight hair. In my teenage years I yearned to have hair like Jon Bon Jovi or any hair band for that matter. I would get perms that just would fall out of my hair. When I hit my mid 20’s I just embraced my straigh hair and was happy that this was the trend! People were actuall moving away from curls and waves and using something to straighten their hair! Now that I am 48 soon to be 49, I have curls and waves. It seemed to happen overnight! I also started using Wen shampoo. Not sure if my hair just drank up all that moisture and loved not being abused by abbrasive shampoo or if it’s a combo of the shampoo and hormones but I have to say I LOVE IT! I am going to embrace my curl wavy hair just like I did when it was straight. Love your site!

  41. says

    Since I was very young I always had silky smooth straight hair. It was so flawless ;). But when I turned 10 I started getting frizzy ugly hair with a few waves in it , and it looked horrendous. I started air drying my hair to cut down the heat mostly just a blow dryer. And I think that started making me have really wavy hair. To this day my hair is really wavy and puffy. Some people may think it’s amazing but to me I hate it. Most of my time I just waste on using heat on my hair like flatironing it. I wish I could just have my straight hair back. It’s also probably bc of my hormones since I already started hitting puberty. I don’t know if it’s possible but can my hair turn straight again? I’m really curious if you actually know please reply xo.
    Monica recently posted..Wedding hair inspiration – one headband, three waysMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Monica, it’s probably not going to go back to straight but the good news is you will find a better way to style your hair and it will make your love those waves. Check out my tips on styling curly hair. I also just airdry my hair a lot more now. Good luck, it does get better xx

  42. Dana says

    My son had straight, light blonde, silky hair as a child, but at about 14 years of age, his hair became much darker, course and curly. We couldn’t believe the change!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks for sharing your story Dana, I often thought it was just women but men can have hormonal hair changes too.

  43. Ranko says

    I had really straight hair when I was little and whe puberty hit me I got frizzy hair. I can’t find any solutions because you see, its not my whole head that is curly. It’s just certain parts and it makes my hair puff up and hard to manage. It’s only certain places of the top half of my head that is frizzy and I get it straightened once ina while but it only lasts a couple of months, maybe 3 months at best before the curls come back. I really don’t know what to do. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Ranko, straightening lasts around 3 months at most and this is a regular treatment you can do to your hair. Alternatively, you can learn how to manage your curls and embrace some of the frizz. If you’ve straightened your hair a lot, it can take time for your natural curl to reform. Check out my other post on how to get your curl back x

  44. Manoela says

    When I was younger, I had straight hair with a lot of volume. One day they cut it in a really bad way and that’s when I started to straighten it. I did it for soooo long that my hair looked AWFUL. I felt awful about it. So, two years ago, I decided to give my natural hair a shot. I knew it was really curly, but the thought of having a different hair motivated me. For a long time I was in that between where half of my hair was straight and half was curly, and i had no idea what it was going to look like. Right now, I’m having a tough time adjusting to it. The neck area is really curly, whereas the top is just straight. The volume and the work to keep it at least a bit curly is hard, but when I see how healthy my hair is, I do not regret it. I’m going to cut my hair and hopefully it will fall in place. Thank you for your posts <3333

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks so much for sharing your curls story Manoela! It’s a tough journey to transition back to natural hair. Good luck xx

  45. Elaina says

    I’m agreeing with hormonal changes cause hair change, I have always had long thick straight hair, Had two daughters hair didn’t change, 18 months ago had my 3rd child a boy and now I have long thick wavy hair and right at the back underneath are proper curls very odd! i can blame my son for the crazy hair now luckily he is totally adorable so will let him off :)

  46. says

    Hi. Always had long straight hair, or if shorter- a little hint of wavy. In the past 4 year my hair has become very curly and it’s taking a lot of effort to manage. Lots of curlee heads in my family including my mother, aunt, gran and 2 of my 3 children.
    Not sure of reason for change in my hair. A series of major earthquakes in my city over a couple of years, along with my mother’s death could present a good case for stress as the cause. Hormones too I guess (I’m plus 50). Time to get on top of the situation and embrace the new image. One of life’s wee curve balls.

    • Hair Romance says

      Isn’t it amazing how our hair reacts to life events and stress? Glad you’ve got lots of curls around you to help as you embrace your curls :) x

  47. Gina says

    great article! thanks for explaining the genes theory “cause my dr mentioned it and I laughed, didn’t think that genes can be activated later in life.
    here is my story, I had straight thick hair all my life. once I hit 30 my hair started to get very frizzy and harder to style then within 4 months period my hair became totally curly. I learned how to style it and now I love my curls.

    • Hair Romance says

      Wow, thanks for sharing your story Gina! I’m amazed at how many different ways hair changes from straight to curly. So glad you love your curls now x

  48. Marie says

    Hi everyone. My hair used to be straight, but now it’s curly, and I hate the new style. I only want to get rid of the curls but I don’t know how to do it without chemicals. The new hair doesn’t look good on me and I want my straight hair back. I think it started with stress and the depression I had, i lost a lot of hair, and then the style changed..I had no pregnancy or menopause… I am in my early 30s. Everyday that I look in the mirror, i think how i hate my new look! Any comments? Thank you all for reading :-)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Marie, there’s no way to change your hair back without chemicals. Brazilian smoothing treatments will give your the results you want. You can get them in salon every 3-4 months to keep your hair smooth and straight. But curls aren’t so bad if you give them a chance. if you’ve been straightening your hair, your curls won’t look their best but the more you wear it curly, the better they will look. Good luck xx

  49. Gaynor Davidson says

    Please help! I’ve luckily had naturally spiral curly hair all my life, until recently! I have been diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression, but I also suffer with tension head aches, and reading about the muscle tone, could this have affected my hair? I did beauty for two years, and therefore had to have my hair up each day, I kept it up because it was less maintenance. Then when I started suffering with tension head aches, it killed to keep my hair up, so I went back to leaving it down each day. It use to all be one length and as curly as anything, now I’ve had it layered and quite short than usual, and it’s so flat and very straight from the roots, and curly at the end, only the top hair is like this, the under neath is practically quite wavy, it gets me down so much as I’m not use to this! I’ve bought different hair products, now diffuse dry my hair where as I use to leave it to dry naturally, I’m desperate for help! If anyone knows anything, please say! Thank you xxxx

  50. Olivia says

    So today I had to wash my hair in the sink do to lack of hot water (I just moved). I used a shampoo/conditioner I had never used before, Nexxus Promend. Basically, my hair is extremely thick and coarse, and if I let it air dry it’s straight. But today I let it air dry and I got these gorgeous waves that are normally unachievable for my hair. I’m 16 and desperately hoping the waves will stay, though more likely than not they will go after I brush my hair or shower :(. I love my hair and many people are envious of the thickness, but I can never make curls or waves stay for long.

  51. says

    Well, since i was born, my hair was always really straight and long. But when i was 12 (2 years ago), i had a pixie cut and decided not to keep it because everyone told me I looked like a boy. So i let my hair grow back again, but as it started to reach my shoulders, it got really wavy and puffy :( what do you think that caused this? I’m really confused :(

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Onita, it sounds like my hair. Hormone changes can make your hair curly. I say embrace it :)

  52. Taryn says

    I was born with black hair and it grew out super straight. It then naturally turned blond and I was a towhead. In middle school my hair started to get extremely wavy then got super curly. I’m now in high school and it continues to get curlier everyday. Most of the super curly curls are in the front and they’re ringlets while the back of my hair gets a couple ringlets. Also, my roots are completely straight and the hair starts to curl about 3 or 4 inches down.

  53. Gruvee says

    My hair used to be straight as a kid, then went wavy when I hit puberty, and had long hair.
    For years I’ve had super-short hair that has been wavy.
    Just turned 43, and within a few days – BAM! – my short hair went CURLY.. like curly curly.. so much so that people started asking me if I got a perm over the week they hadn’t seen me.
    So my hair had been cut and styled for wavy hair.. and now these curls are just doing their thing. I keep getting asked what I’ve done to my hair/what I’m doing with my hair, and my response is “I have no freakin’ clue.. this thing is just doing its own thing.”

  54. says

    I’m 53 and have had trouble recently styling my hair into a simple shoulder length bob style I’ve had ‘forever’ – visiting my longstanding hairdresser recently, they said my hair has gone curly and asked if I’ve started the menopause because major hormonal changes can cause this! On their suggestion, I’ve left my hair after washing (rather than blowdrying as usual) and it is really curly, which to me seems really bizarre / weird ! But I’m going to visit my GP and ask about testing for the menopause, because this is so strange!
    Karen recently posted..New hairstyle tutorial – A twist on the topsy tailMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Good luck, Karen! It does sound like a hormonal change and it’s really common. Hope you have fun with your new curls xx

  55. Heidi says

    I’m 41, and I’ve noticed that my previously very fine, VERY straight hair is starting to grow in curly. It started with just new grey hairs. They are little coarser and mostly wavy, which is to be expected. However now I am noticing that all my new growth (when hair falls out naturally and then grows back in) is coming in wavy and even curly. Mostly just above and behind my ears and along the underside of my hair. Weird! I’m not exactly sure how to feel about this. :-) If it was all my hair it would be ok, but this mismosh is a little alarming! My hair gets super frizzy in humidity now too. Especially since the majority of the new growth is still very short (less than 3 inches)
    Because my hair is very fine, I can’t really use product to tame it, because by mid afternoon my hair starts to look greasy if there’s anything in it. Oh well. Maybe once it grows out longer it will be easier to manage.
    I have a feeling I’m going to look like Doc Brown in Back to the Future in a decade or so. LOL

    • Hair Romance says

      Lol I’m sure you could never look like Doc Brown, Heidi! If you prefer it straight you could ask your hairdresser about keratin smoothing treatments. These tame the frizz and help smooth out your hair x

  56. says

    My hair went from stick straight to crazy when I turned 25. I’m 45 now and it is so many different things. Wavy, curly, ringlets, straight, frizzy all at the same time in different spots. I believe it’s hormones and I’ve had many pregnancies which I started when I was very young. I have a hard time finding someone who will know how to cut and style my hair. I’ve been cutting it all these years with the goal that I style my hair straight. However, recently I’ve been cutting my own hair to encourage the natural curls. I finally felt like I hit the jackpot with one cut I did myself but then the following time I cut it I followed the wrong tutorial which is something I followed previously before the cut I really liked for my natural curls. Now I’m back to square one and hating my hair again. Add in home dying to cover the gray and it also contributes to the texture of my hair. Searching pinterest once again for inspiration and tutorials. Wish me luck. :)

  57. Jenna says

    I can’t figure out why my hair changed!! I’ve had straight hair for 37 years! My hair thinned some and grew really fast after my child was born. I am not pregnant, my hormones are normal (been to the dr.) and I am not taking any medications. I’m on the same supplements I’ve been on for 10 years. Two months ago my hair just started to curl .. literally straight one day and curly and frizzy the next. I used the same shampoo and conditioner. My kiddo says I look weird with curly hair lol and I don’t disagree. It’s funny because I always loved my hair and never remember wanting it different….now for the first time I hate my hair.

  58. sonia says

    I used to have extremely curly hair when i was little, but at the age of 4 my godmother cut my hair and my beautiful spiral curls just fell out. Till this day i miss them so so much. When i was 4-7 i had straight roots and loose waves at the ends. But when i moved my hair didn’t know what it wanted to be so sometimes it’s half wavy/curly or half straight and wavy. I thought of shaving all of it off to see if some of my curliness comes back, but i don’t think it will

  59. Maddie says

    I noticed that only a few strands on the top layer of my hair was curly. The bottom layer of my hair is straight, soft, and smooth but the few curly strands on the top of my head are also frizzy and they stand out. How do I get all of my the same?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Maddie, it’s rare for all the curls to be the same. Curls are really unique and having mixed hair pattens is totally normal. Without curling, or straightening you can;t get them to all match xx

  60. Jessica says

    As a toddler i had gorgeous wavy rich dark brown hair. as i grew up my hair got straighter. My hair still has a little wave at the bottom now (age 15). I really want my waves to come back :(
    Is there anything i should and shouldn’t do?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jessica, I would avoid straightening your hair if you want to encourage your waves/curls. Remember too that the longer your hair, the straighter it will be. Shorter layers help encourage curls. Also it’s natural for hair to change so don’t stress :)

  61. says

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your site today! Sooo wonderful!
    I’ve been so upset about my disappearing curls lately. :( I have always had super duper thick hair and tons of curls. Two years ago I had to have a complete hysterectomy which threw me right into menopause at 44 yrs. old. Now at 46, my hair is changing drastically. My scalp is so oily and flaky, my hair is so much thinner and my curls are half gone. :( It’s so strange as the underside of my hair is just wavy now, the top where it used to get tons of volume is flat as can be and looks like it’s growing in straight, yet the middle top layers still have curls. I’ve worked in the salon/spa industry for years and my friend gives me great curly haircuts (and she’s been cutting my hair for 20 years, so she knows it inside and out) and we are both just baffled. I’ve switched up shampoos to try and help with the scalp issues. (at the moment using Redken’s new Cerrafil shampoo) and still use some DevaCurl products along with my Deva diffusor and bucket diffusor too. Yep…trying it all! (along with taking Biotin too.) It all just stinks. The thinning was bad enough, but when you identify as a curly girl for so many years and see it disappearing, it’s so sad!
    Planning on getting even more layers with my next cut…i already saved a pic from your site! any other tips you might have?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Colleen, sorry to hear about your hair changes and your health. I hope you’re doing well. Sounds like you are doing all you can and it may just take some time. Biotin takes 3-6 months to show a difference in your hair so keep going. Good luck xx

  62. Karissa says

    I think my hair may be turning curly with hormones, but when I think about it I look like more relatives on my dads side of the family and everyone says i look like his mother she had thick dark brown curly hair and I have straight thick dark brown hair and I recently pulled back my hair and noticed a beachy type of wavy hair on the underside of my hair it’s starting to get curlier as time progresses but my mom just blames the humidity for my hair starting to be curly but I think it’s because of hormones and my genes maybe my hair will be curly I’m tired of boring old straight hair hopefully my hair continues to curl up but at the moment the only super curly hair is those ones I’ve found already while the rest of my hair is waver than usual I I hope it does turn curly!

  63. gabby says

    HI my hair was curly when I was little but then it got cut and turned very straight but around my forehead I still get small curls is there a way to get my curly hair back?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Gabby, how little were you when you hair was curly? Often those baby curls are gone once they are cut off but your hair may change again later and turn curly x

  64. Marienny says

    I’m 14 and I have noticed my hair has been turning curlier every time I wash my hair. I didn’t notice much after I started look at old photos. My hair was so silky and kind of wavey but straight at the same time. I’m guessing puberty has much to do with it. The problem is my hair is just a mixture of curly puffy and frizzy and I have no idea how to fix it. It’s very stressful since the only time I can actually get rid of my knots its when I’m in the shower. But most of my hair is a mess from the top of my head. Do you have any tips on how I can tame the mess from the top of my head?

  65. Pam says

    My hair was curly (ringlets) during my pregnancy with my daughter. After her birth, it went back to normal. Now, I am 46 years old and all of the sudden it has gone back to ringlets again! Now, I KNOW I am not pregnant and do contribute it to hormone changes. It always seems to be tied to hormones.

  66. Aisha says

    I’ve had wavy-ish hair forever. As a baby, my hair was curly but as I got older, it became so that my hair seemed straight after I combed it, but wavy/loose curls when wet. However, a year and a half ago I noticed that I had some really SUPER thick, coarse, kinky hairs growing. My hair has always been thick meaning I have a lot of hair, but I had never noticed hairs this thick/dark/weird feeling before. I googled it and all I could find were people complaining of it who ended up having low thyroid. My doctor checked my thyroid level and said it’s fine. This year I noticed that the number of those hairs grew substantially. That’s when I started to pull those hairs. I’ve noticed that my hair that grows back is also thick and dark, but some of them grow back kinky like the ones I pulled while others grow out straight up and stick up or out from the sides of my head. I always pull those too because they just look weird. Everyone says let it grow long it should become normal but I don’t get why it has this weird texture to begin with or why my hair is growing out sticking up. Maybe when hair grows out it’s like that for everyone but the fact that it’s thicker and darker than before makes it more noticeable to me now? I’m worried about these hairs growing kinky since they feel so weird. I’m always tempted to pull them and the issue is it doesn’t even hurt when I pull them. Sometimes they fall out from me just touching them, which makes me think they’re already dead or something. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Aisha, I’m not sure why these different hairs are growing but it may be worth seeing if they are easier to manage as they grow. otherwise if there are only a few then you can pull them out too :)

  67. Carla says

    Until my 30th I had wavy hair down to my shoulders. When I was 16 I even went to the hairdresser for permanent.
    When I wanted to leave my bangs grow long, I suddenly got curls.
    Sometimes I like my curly hair and sometimes I hate my curls.

    I am now looking for a good shampoo and conditioner because my hair is currently very fluffy and dry.

  68. Carla says

    I always test out everything. Perhaps a bit too much at once;-)

    Your videos are great too. I’m curious about your new tutorial…

    • Hair Romance says

      It takes so long to see if a product really works, right?! I have a curl specialist hairdresser show me a new way to style my curls. I haven’t finished editing it yet but will post it next week :)

      • Carla says

        I need some more patience :-)
        How often do you change shampoo or conditioner?
        How long do you use products before you know if it works for your hair?

        A new way to style your curls? I am very curious …

  69. says

    At 52, now my thin, straight hair has developed some waves, towards the top. When I was a toddler, I had some curls, not tight ones, then I had straight long hair, which I cut after awhile into bobs and pixies. Now, I am letting my hair grow and it’s to my waist, but wavy and more brittle. I started coloring my hair about 5 years ago and wonder if that has anything to do with the change. That and my being post menopausal. I have to say I am not happy with my hair!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Barbara, it’s likely that hormone changes and coloring your hair are affecting the feel of your hair. I always recommend doing an extra conditioning treatment when you start to color your hair. I do a treatment once a week x

  70. Judy says

    When I was younger, my hair was straight, smooth, and awesome. But in middle school, my hair suddenly started to be wavier and curling near the roots. Now my hair is wavy and unruly. I think that maybe hormones and stress may have changed my hair? I feel awkward being the only Asian girl in my family with wavy/frizzy hair.

  71. says

    I’ve been wondering about this for the longest time! I had straight hair until I was 7/8 but suddenly it became very curly and fluffy, still is now when I’m 18 of course. And I doubt stress or hormones had to do with it at that age, so for me, my genes must have done it! My dad has the genes for my hair type (his grandma’s texture is like mine), but my mom has pin straight asian hair. None of them knew how to handle it and I used to hate it. Actually, my name Tova could mean “tangle” in swedish so guess if I were teased for it… But now I’ve learned to take care of it and love it! I will definitly try some of your hairstyle tutorials, even though I like it the most when it’s newly washed with only some leave in conditioner!

  72. Jessika says

    I always thought I had natural curls but as I looked through old photo albums of me as a child around 7 years old…I noticed my hair was long and straight with almost a brilliant shine. I dug deeper and noticed it was almost as straight as my little sister’s whose is straight at the moment and beautiful. I suppose around puberty mine changed. I now have very fizzy ringlets that look pretty sometimes and look like a falcon’s nest other times. Ether way, I love them despite the fact it cant be strengthened at all anymore.


    Then again, since my bulimic tendency’s started at around that time maybe my nutrition loss changed the texture of my hair. I have lost quite a bit and it looks and feels very dry…

    Who knows…

  73. Rebekka says

    I had fine curly hair when I was a baby, and when I was about six years old, it was completely straight! Then it was almost straight until I was 13-14 years old, and then it started curling, but very slowly.. Three years later my hair looked almost like it does now(I’m 18), but it still keeps curling more and more :) The same thing happened for both of my sisters!
    I have tried almost everything to make it stop being as frizzy as it is, some things have worked, but it never seems to go away for sure 😉 I like my hair in general, but I never know what to do with them when I have to go to something fancy or formal, because the expectations often are that my hair looks absolutely flawless, and that is hard without straightening it which I try to avoid.. But I love having curly hair!

  74. says

    Hello, I too had a change. I am 20 years old and I’ve always had fairly straight hair. I have some baby hair curls but that was mostly it. This year however, I had an IUD (form of birth control) placed for about 6 months. Sometime after I had it removed, I removed I noticed the first grown 2 inches of my hair is very curly and continues to grow this way. I think you are correct in regards to hormones triggering change. No complaints here, though. Embracing the change with joy!:)

    • Hair Romance says

      It’s amazing how much our hair can change, Stephanie. Glad you’re embracing your new curls too :) xx

  75. Jasmine says

    Hey i was wondering if u know anything about curly hair going straight. Because that has happened to me and it’s very annoying because i miss my curly hair. I have straightened my hair a lot in the past but i used heat protection.
    I’m not sure if it has anything to do with my genes but it might be possible because my mom has naturally straight hair has my dad has naturally curly hair. I’ve been trying to find and answer forever but i can’t find one. So i’m wondering if u know why this has happened. Anything would help thx u!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jasmine, it does happen in reverse too as my friends hair is really straightening out at the moment after being super super curly. I’ve heard that our hair does have 7 year cycles so it could just be that. Straightening your hair, even with heat protection, can alter your curls. Check out this post on how to get your curl back. Hope it helps xx

  76. Karina says

    My story is even crazier. I had completely straight hair when was a child, no even hairpins would stick. Then, when I was around 10, I grew it longer and it started making waves and added lots of volume, since I have a lot of hair. Ok, during teenager years it got back to straight but always with some movement. Then when I was around 28 I cut it short and it got even more straight. I grew it and it got the waves back. Then cut it in a bob cut and damn! Got major curls! I tried to keep them alive but as the hair grew, it went away again. Now it’s medium length and all of the sudden I have this strange layer or very strange thicker and curly (but not at all organized) hair growing right from the top of my head! I thought I wasn’t treating that part right (since there’s just so much hair!) but even trying really hard to take good care os that section of hair, it’s getting more curly everytime I wash it! Any theories?
    You can tell by my story that hormons nor haircut may have being the cause (I think).
    Still, great post and thanks for sharing it! :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Wow, you’ve had some huge hair changes, Karina! I find it so interesting and I wish there was more research into the why.

  77. Hennie says

    I had full thin ,heavy and straight hair . When I reached to age 15, I lost so much hair everyday because
    Of hormones. I noticed that I don’t have heavy and full hair volume anymore, since that my hair become
    Curly and frizzy. Do you think Fullness and volume can be a factore for changing your hair from staright to curly?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Hennie, the more stories I hear, the more I realise that so much affects our hair. Often when the weight is taken out of your hair, it’s able to curl more. That;s why layers often allow more curl to form. Having thinner hair when before it was thick most probably is affecting the curl now x

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