Hair Romance Braid Bar

Hair Romance Braid Bar 1

Want to learn to braid your hair?

I have started to step out from behind my laptop to host some fun and friendly hairstyling events and I’m loving it!

Last month I held a Braid Bar at the very cool Stevie English Hair salon in Bondi Junction.

Hair Romance Braid Bar 2

Take a look at what happens at one of my Braid Bar events and find out when and where my next Braid Bar events will be held.

Hair Romance Braid Bar 3

Inside the very cool Stevie English Hair salon.

Hair Romance Braid Bar 4

Goody bags packed and waiting for class to start.

Hair Romance Braid Bar 5

Every guest receives a hairstyling gift bag thanks to my fabulous event supporters, Schwarzkopf and Lady Jayne. You get to use some of the awesome products during class and the rest are yours so you can keep practising at home.

Hair Romance Braid Bar 6

My classes are a mix of demonstration and workshop. I try not to talk too much and prefer to get straight to hands-on practice.

Hair Romance Braid Bar 7

How cute is Indie?! She’s the resident salon dog at Stevie English and is a sweetheart.

Hair Romance Braid Bar - Indie

I mean, look at that face!

But back to the hair…

Hair Romance Braid Bar 8

You’ll learn some basic braiding skills and I’ll show you how to transform them into endless styles yourself. And believe me, it’s actually easy to do!

Hair Romance Braid Bar 9

It’s fun to come along with a friend so you can practice together but you’ll also meet new friends during the Braid Bar as it’s interactive.

Hair Romance Braid Bar 10

I demonstrate the styles but the fun begins when everyone tries the style in their own hair.

Hair Romance Braid Bar 11

Hair Romance Braid Bar 12

And I also show you how I do the style in my hair. I find it’s completely different doing the style on someone else compared to recreating the style in your own hair.

Hair Romance Braid Bar 13

And I just love seeing everyone braiding away and trying something new with their hair.

Hair Romance Braid Bar 14

I’m determined to make sure everyone leaves knowing how to braid their hair and with a few quick and easy styles they can keep practising at home.

Hair Romance Braid Bar 15

Plus with these amazing gifts to take home you’ll have all the tools to hand to style your own hair. It’s all about having fun with your hair.

Thanks to the lovely Steph of Lipstick & Cake for all her help on the night, including taking all these fab photos. You should check out her blog for beauty, fashion and some delicious recipes.

Thanks again to my wonderful event supporters Schwarzkopf, Lady Jayne and Stevie English Hair salon.

Upcoming Braid Bar events

Beginners Braid Bar – Sydney 18 August

I’m excited to announce my next Sydney Braid Bar will be on 18 August. This Braid Bar is specifically for beginners.

Come and learn all the braid basics with me. You’ll learn my easy styling tips and I guarantee you’ll leave my class knowing how to do a new braid hairstyle in your hair. I’ll also help answer your hair questions too so that you can streamline your hairstyling routine to get more good hair days.

These classes are fun with a friend, or come and make some new friends on the night. Book your place here.

Braid Bar – Brisbane 4 September

I’m also coming to Brisbane! I’m just confirming a few last minute details so please email me at thehair [at] if you’re interested in my first Brisbane class.

Can’t wait to meet you there!

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  1. moriah says

    Is there any chance you’ll be posting videos of a workshop? I’m jealous of all the Australian folks who get to participate. Of course I’d love to be part of a class in person, but that’s probably not going to happen!

    It’s neat to see the products you’re using. It looks like the Schwarzkopf ec brand is an Australia thing, but I recognize several of these items as part of their got2b line here in America. I have the volume powder (I assume it’s the same thing inside) and the canister and even the cardboard box it comes in are the same–though mine has wild purple and hot pink labels. Pretty different from the sophisticated, more natural-looking packaging you guys get :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Moriah, I am planning to do more YouTube clips and I’ll try and shoot a video at the next event too. You’re right Schwarzkopf is also Got2B. That powder is one of my all time fave products. It’s my secret to big fat braids! x

  2. Georgia says

    Hi, will you be doing any in Sydney at the start of October by any chance? I’m an international reader and will be there then :) x

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Katelyn! I’d love to do some classes in the US. Hoping to head back there soon so will keep you posted xx

  3. says

    You should come to Atlanta and do a braid bar =] Then should wait a while and then come so I can grow my hair back out haha. Those events look like so much fun!

  4. says

    That is great that people can come in and learn to braid! I am always amazed that people are amazed at what I can do with my hair. Braiding is not that hard! A little practice is needed, but it gets easier and is great for being able to have cute hair. :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Stacy! I feel like everyone is a bit intimidated by braids but a few simple tricks make it easy and fun to do. Plus it’s my favourite style for dirty hair too 😉

  5. Marjana says

    I love you website. And make braids all the time. That’s only hairstyle of majority of women in Pakistan. But I cannot make an updo with a braid, because using any bobby pins hurts. Can you tell me a way to do so to keep the heat off.

  6. says

    Hi Christina, do you ever come to Melbourne and run these classes? I feel pretty hopeless with all things hair so this would be a a good to go along to.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Fee, I am planning to come down to Melbourne soon! What area of Melbourne would best suit you for a class? xx

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Georgia! I’m hosting an event at West Elm in Bondi Junction on Thursday but then my next event will be in the new year :)

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