A new solution to tame frizz (that even works for curls)

Frizz. I battle it daily but until now there hasn’t been a treatment to tame the frizz without straightening your hair.

Brought to you by Kerastase

Hair Romance - Kerastase Discipline treatment review - Keratin smoothing for curly hair

Frizz is one of my biggest hair issues. I also know it’s one of your biggest hair struggles. The only ways to fix frizz, so far, have been through chemical treatments or blowdrying and styling. But I’ve discovered a new solution.

Blowdrying and styling is time consuming and can take a toll on your hair. Plus it’s totally dependent on the weather. So many times I’ve styled my hair only to face rain or humidity, and feel like I’ve completely wasted my time.

Chemical treatments are something I’ve steered clear of in the past. They are an effective solution for frizz but they also mean permanently straightening your hair. Many treatments can leave your hair flat and stiff.

Another risk is that some keratin treatments can change the colour of your hair. They can lighten coloured hair and even change the tone of grey hair, turning it yellow.

So when Kerastase asked me to trial their new Discipline smoothing in-salon treatment I was very interested. I love Kerastase treatments. I personally rate their in-salon treatments very highly and when I’m travelling I look for Kerastase salons as a sign of quality.

But I had a few questions first…

Will it change my curls?
Will it change my hair colour?
How does it work?

Hair Romance - Kerastase Discipline treatment and products review

Here’s what they had to say:

Will it change my curls?

No. Discipline is not a straightening treatment. It tames frizz and smooths your hair but does not alter your natural hair structure.

Will it change my hair colour?

No. There is no change to hair colour. Discipline nourishes and treats your hair, and adds shine.

How does it work?

Discipline works on two levels 1) to tame and smooth hair and 2) to restore and strengthen. Kerastase have developed Morpho-Keratin complex that restores hair by replenishing hair fibres with amino acids, wheat proteins and ceramides.

As well as strengthening the hair from the inside, Discipline uses polymers to smooth the surface of the hair and create an anti-humidity surface.

My hair – before

Hair Romance - Before - Kerastase Discipline treatment review

Yeah, I like to really test these treatments. This is my hair washed and conditioned and roughly blowdried. I used my normal shampoo and conditioner but didn’t use any additional styling products.

The in-salon treatment

My hair is washed with the Bain Fluidealiste. This range has two shampoos, one of which is the first sulfate-free shampoo for Kerastase.

Back in the chair, the Discipline treatment is applied to my towel-dried hair and combed through. The first difference I notice is the smell (which is divine) and that my stylist Shannen isn’t wearing gloves. She says that the treatment is so gentle she swears her hands feel better working it through my hair.

My hair is roughly blowdried and then straightened twice to activate the Morpho-Keratin Complex. Unlike traditional keratin treatments that need 210 degrees+ temperatures, Discipline is activated at 180 degrees so it’s gentler on your hair.

My hair is then washed and conditioned at the basin (plus an epic head massage!). I think that this is the best part of the treatment.

Finally my hair is blowdried and I’m ready to go. Hair drying time can be shortened by up to half after the Discipline treatment too. Over all, the whole treatment took just under 1.5 hours – and I have a lot of hair. Normally treatments take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

My hair – after

Hair Romance - After - Kerastase Discipline treatment review

I don’t know… can you see a difference? ;)

Discipline treatment – Before and after comparison

Hair Romance - Before and after - Kerastase Discipline treatment review

The Discipline in-salon service is a game changer. There is nothing else on the market that can give me these results without damaging my curls.

My hair feels so soft and it’s definitely smoother. The effects lasts up to 10 washes and you can even stretch it a little further by using the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray.

The real test – at home styling

Hair Romance - Kerastase Discipline products review

I washed and conditioned my hair with Bain Fluidealiste Sulfate Free ($42) and Maskertine ($60). There’s also a lighter conditioner (Fondant Fluidealiste $48) for fine hair.

Like all Kerastase products, you don’t need to use much product as they are so concentrated. Just a 10c size amount washes all of my hair. The shampoo has a small lather. As with other sulphate-free products, rather than using more product, add more water to create a lather. It rinses out easily and leaves my hair feeling super clean.

The Maskertine smells divine and is so nourishing on my hair. Remember to gently squeeze out any excess water from your hair before applying conditioner so that you don’t waste any product.

The Discipline Fluidissime ($46) is a leave-in spray that I applied on damp hair as a heat protectant and on dry hair to finish the style. It also has the same gorgeous fragrance and really smooths my hair.

Hair Romance - Kerastase Discipline treatment review - first wash

This is my hair roughly blowdried following the Disclipline treatment. I used a round brush to smooth the top layers but spent about half the time I normally would styling my hair.

I love how soft my hair feels, but isn’t flat or limp. It still holds it’s shape and I can’t stop touching my hair.

The real test – my curls

Hair Romance - After - Kerastase Discipline treatment review in curly hair

Like my hair but better. I love how much easier my hair is to style, and that I haven’t lost any of my curl. Success.


If permanent straightening treatments aren’t for you, then this is a new solution that is very different to other products on the market.

The Kerastase Discipline treatment is great for:

  • Frizzy, unruly hair that has been coloured
  • Fine frizzy hair
  • Curly hair
  • Men’s hair

Discipline is an easy solution for holidays or special occasions. It’s also a fantastic regular frizz treatment option if you have curly or wavy hair, or your hair is too fine or damaged for traditional keratin treatments.

What the Kerastase Discipline treatment won’t do:

  • Give you straight hair, like chemical treatments do.
  • Stop you blowdrying your hair, though it does make it quicker.

Kerastase Discipline is an in-salon treatment that takes 45 mins – 1.5 hours and costs approximately $120. It lasts for up to 10 washes but using the companion products can extend the finish.

To find your nearest Kerastase Paris salon visit Kerastase.com.au or phone 1300 365 552.

Is frizzy hair your biggest hair issue? Have you tried keratin treatments? Tell me about your experiences in the comments.

Post coordinated by The Remarkables Group. All opinions are my own.
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    • Hair Romance says

      That they do Ingrid! I’ve been so scared of smoothing treatments in the past but this one is amazing x

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sneha, it’s been about 6 washes so far and still looking good. I only wash my hair around twice a week and I didn’t want to wait too long to post about this. I’ll definitely do an update and post more pics in a couple of weeks :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Christie, I love how it smooths the frizz but not my curls. Sounds like it would be great for your hair x

  1. Saga says

    Is it possible to do the treatment at home? And what do you need for it? Because they don’t have the salon here where I live :-/

    • Hair Romance says

      Sorry Saga, this is an in-salon treatment only but I would recommend buying the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray. They also contain the Morpho-Keratin complex and can provide a 72 hour humidity barrier on your hair x

  2. Jasmine says

    Looks fantastic!!!
    Is this similar to the Bhave treatments?! Or what’s the difference between them??? Bhave are way more expensive but just wondering what the difference between the 2 were!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jasmine, Bhave have a couple of treatments and Discipline is different but would sit between the Bhave Rescue and Smoothe. Rescue is a great treatment for damaged hair and Smoothe is a great smoothing treatment. The Smoothe though has a stronger straightening element to it so it will flatten curls but it does last longer (3 months I think). Discipline doesn’t last as long, but it also works with your hair texture rather than altering it. Discipline is also quicker to apply. It depends on what you want your hair to look like afterwards and your hair type as to what treatment would best suit you x

  3. says

    Hi Christina!
    I have curly and unruly hair and I have been washing it with devacurl which I love. It has made my hair much healthier. Living in Miami though, it is very hard to escape humidity. I cut my hair short (Yasmine Sewell short), and I love I do have alot of hair and sometimes wonder about doing keratin. I did it twice and hated it (smell, texture, everything). Reading your post has made me think if I would do this, but I have been looking at kerastase website and the in salon treatment does not appear. It can only be bought at salons? Can it be applied at home?

  4. says

    Thanks for sharing this Christina. My hair has a natural wave but is very thick and hard to manage. I’ve been using some other products from kerastase and they are lovely on my hair.. I’ll give this a try too as I really need to tame the frizz!

  5. Jan O says

    After the treatment, what product do you use when you when you wear your hair curly. I would like to make an appointment for the treatment because I normally straighten my curly frizzy hair, but sometimes do go curly.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jan, I used the Kerastase mousse to style my curls and the leave in spray from this range to style my curls. I find my hair dries faster too with this treatment.

  6. Sophie says

    Hi, Thank you this looks amazing! I’m struggling to find a salon that does the discipline treatment, I’ve called a few Kerastase salons but they only do Keratin treatments. Where did you go? Thank you. Sophie

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sophie, I went to Murphy Gozzard in Paddington, Sydney. They are great. It’s weird that the salons didn’t do this treatment, hope you can find a salon near you x

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