Big Hair Friday – Mermaids

Cher in Mermaids mermaids cast Cher - mermaids

Do you remember the movie Mermaids?

I recently watched it and I forgot how much I loved it. Cher is fabulous, Winona Ryder is so angsty and Christina Ricci is adorable. If you’re looking for some lazy weekend viewing, I highly recommend this trip down memory lane.

One of my favourite parts is how Cher took a cooking class but she left after the hors d’oeuvres section and so everything she makes is on a skewer or in a cute shape. I want all my meals to look like hors d’oeuvres!

There’s also lots of fabulous big hair and that brilliant Mermaid costume.

Are you a fan of Mermaids?

Hope you have a beautiful weekend xx

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  1. Kelly says

    Hi, recently came across your blog, we have a similar hair type! Unfortunately, my braiding skills are not even close to yours:) Mermaids is one of my favorite movies, Cher’s hair (and wardrobe) are terrific, not to mention Bob Hoskins is so great!

  2. Leigh says

    Love your post! Cher’s hair is so fab. Good thing we’ve got hair extensions these days to achieve those lovely curls anytime! :)

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