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Curly Hair

Hair Romance - braid or twist - curly bun hairstyle tutorial

I don’t think there are enough hair tutorials that show naturally curly hair so I’m loving my mini-series of hair tutorials in my messy curls. These bun hairstyles are perfect for second (or third) day curls that are a bit slept on and don’t look fresh enough to wear out. For most of my tutorials, I [...]


Hair Romance - curly hairstyle tutorial - headband roll

Today’s tutorial is really easy and quick and perfect for messy curly hair days. That’s pretty much the trifecta for hairstyles that I can do in the morning – easy, fast & no prep needed. This hairstyle has been on high rotation for me. Following on from last week’s curly hairstyle tutorial I thought I’d [...]


How to style your most beautiful curls

by Hair Romance on June 6, 2014 · 4 comments

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Hair Romance - Before and after - curly hair style

Get my tips on how to style perfect curls. Brought to you by Schwarzkopf I wish my hair was like Beyonce’s and I just #wokeuplikethis but it takes some tricks to get my curls to behave. You’ll often see me wear my hair straight and that’s because it’s fun. I like to play around with [...]


Hair Romance - curly double bun tutorial

Looking for an easy style to pin up your messy curls? This double bun hairstyle is super easy and keeps volume in your curls. It’s twice as fun as a regular bun and I like to keep it a little loose and messy, just like my curls.


Hair Romance - rope twist braid bun hair style tutorial in curly hair

I’m always experimenting with quick ways to tidy up my curls on the second (or third) day. This rope twist bun hairstyle is a cute variation on a regular side bun. It’s fast to do, so you can get out the door quickly in the morning. Plus this buns stays in place all day so [...]


Hair Romance - How to get volume in curly hair without a hairdryer

Hands up who wants more volume in their hair? I’m sure I’m not the only one with my hand up right now. I received a lovely email from Tracy who is feeling a bit flat about her hair. She writes: The biggest problem I have with my hair is when I let it dry naturally. [...]


Hair Romance - curly hairstyle - the twist-tuck bun

Today’s tutorial is for the curly girls. You can still try this style in straight hair, but the texture of curly hair really works for this low bun. I’m calling it the Twist-Tuck Bun hairstyle, because that’s how you do it! First a twist over ponytail, then tuck it under for the bun. This bun [...]


Hair Romance - How to get a great curly haircut

All curls are not created equal. Finding a hairdresser who understands this can be tough. I know, I’ve had several bad haircuts in my time. I had an email from a lovely reader asking about curly haircuts: Just discovered your blog and love it! I’m just recently trying to really embrace my curly hair after years of [...]


Hair Romance - Ultimate holiday hair guide

Here is your Ultimate Holiday Hair Guide to keep your hair looking its best, and giving you hairstyle ideas for every lunch, dinner and holiday get-together. From picnics to parties, here’s everything you need to have a good hair day. Caring for your hair Good hair days start with looking after your hair. Are you [...]


Big Hair Friday

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Big Hair Friday

Happy Friday! Ok, maybe it’s already Happy Saturday in Australia but I’ve got a good excuse to post a little late. Last night was the final awards night for the Kidspot Voices of 2013 blogging competition. I was a finalist in the Beauty and Style category along with my good friends Andrea from Fox in Flats [...]