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Reader Question


Hair Romance loves brides with short hair and a lovely reader was looking for more wedding hairstyle inspiration for wearing a veil with short hair. Sian asks: I’m getting married in September, and all my friends and family (well not ALL, but a fair sized group of them) are all encouraging me to grow my [...]



Emily asks: A few months ago I got very thick, blunt fringe which just doesn’t work with my hair, so now I’m growing it out and I was wondering if you could help with styling a fringe when growing it out? I used to love doing a centre parting, but now I just don’t know [...]


Hair Romance - Pixie hair cut

How do you know if you’ll like your hair a pixie cut? Larita wrote to Hair Romance with a question I think a few of you might be asking: I’m so bored of ponytails! I’ve been drawn to pixie cuts for a couple years now, but never had the courage to seriously consider it. However, [...]


Messy chignon updo hairstyle web collage

Hair Romance answers the important questions… about hair. Send your hair dilemmas to thehair[at]hairromance[dot]com. Kaycie asks: I’ve been following your blog for a while and knew you would be the right person to ask for advice… My brother-in-law is getting married in April and their wedding is 1920’s themed. I have medium-long hair and side [...]



  I am addicted to my iphone, and if I’m not on it then I’m probably on my ipad! I’ve been thinking about this for a little while and it makes sense (to me) to create an app just for Hair Romance. What do you think? I’ve been searching through the iTunes store for good [...]



How would you style your hair if you didn’t have an ear? This was the question posed to me by a lovely reader, Rachel, who has microtia. Microtia is a condition characterised by an incomplete or underdeveloped ear. It literally comes from the words “micro” (small) and “otia” (ear). Rachel wanted to try some new [...]



Does this make my hair look longer? Does your hair stop growing at a certain length? Do you find you can’t seem to grow your hair past a certain point no matter how hard you try? Hair Romance reader Breanna felt this way and sent in her question: I’ve searched the internet, read forums and [...]


Hair by Marie Uva – Photo by Andrew O’Toole Q: I cut my hair short back in 2008, it was long enough to touch my lower back. I regretted the decision and I’ve been growing it out ever since but it still has only gotten as long as the top of my breasts. How can [...]


“How often should I get salon hair treatments? I get my hair coloured every 6 weeks or so and it’s pretty normal but can get a bit oily at the roots but dry at the ends. What’s the best treatment for my hair?” Hair Romance asked hair expert, Geoffrey Herberg, founder of Chemistry For Hair [...]


We always want what we don’t have. For hair, straighties want curls, and curlies want straight. I love my curls but love straightening them out too. Hair Romance reader Emily asks –   I have had fine, thin, and straight as a board hair my entire life. Some of the hair styles you show do [...]