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Short Cut Saturday – Pink hair

by Hair Romance on August 30, 2014 · 2 comments

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Hair Romance - fabulous short pink hair

How stunning is my friend Liz’s hair?! I fell in love with her pink hair but wait till you see what she did next… I’ll share photos of her next amazing hair colour next week. I love seeing women play around with hair colour. When your hair is short it’s the perfect time to do [...]


Short Cut Saturday – Pixie crop

by Hair Romance on June 21, 2014 · 6 comments

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Hair Romance - short hairstyles - pixie crop

This is the haircut I would have if I went short again. And my hair was straight or wavy. With my curly hair this short hairstyle would never work on me. Not unless I straightened my hair every day. And moved to a city with no humidity. Do you ever hairstyle you dream about having? [...]


Short hair colour trends

by Hair Romance on March 30, 2014 · 1 comment

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Hair Romance - short hair inspiration - blondes

Every time the seasons change I think about changing my hair colour. With long hair, I need to be more considered but with short hair I loved making major hair colour changes. Short hair is younger hair. By younger, I mean that it has only been growing for a year or two. When your hair is [...]

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Clemence Poesy - short cut romance

Clemence Poesy has the perfect bob haircut. Now, I’m not about to cut my hair anytime soon but I’m always collecting inspiration images of fabulous short hair. This is going to the top of the list. This cut is perfect for fine to medium thickness hair and will suit straight to wavy hair. To style [...]


Would you go blue?

by Hair Romance on March 8, 2014 · 13 comments

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Dolores Forsythe and her fabulous blue hair

Would you wear blue hair? I am a big fan of Advanced Style and the fabulous ladies he photographs. Dolores Forsythe, pictured above, proves that a blue rinse can look fresh and modern. I adore her hair, and think she rocks blue highlights in with her natural grey hair. Love her choppy long bob haircut [...]


How to grow out a pixie cut

by Hair Romance on February 15, 2014 · 2 comments

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Phyrra - how to grow out a pixie cut

Pixie cuts are hugely popular again but what do you do when you decide you want long hair again? This in-between stages can be awkward and you need a plan to grow out your pixie cut. One of my favourite beauty bloggers, Phyrra, is at the start of her transition from short to long hair. [...]


7 ways to style short hair

by Hair Romance on February 8, 2014 · 3 comments

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7 Ways to Style Short Hair - Hair Romance

Wear a different hairstyle every day of the week with the easy guide to styling super short hair! The lovely Norlin of Baubles, Bubbles and Bags Style File recently went for the big chop and I love her new short hair. With her new cropped hairstyle, she’s styled 7 different ways to wear short hair. Head [...]


3 ways to style a pixie cut

by Hair Romance on February 2, 2014 · 3 comments

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Hair Romance - How to style a pixie cute - sleek part

The trend for pixie cuts continues and I am very happy about that. I love short hair, and had a pixie cut for a while myself. Now with Hair Romance, I’m keeping my hair long for braids so my lovely friend Barbs is helping with today’s tutorial. Short hair doesn’t mean you only have one [...]


Jennifer Lawrence shows how to rock a pixie cut

Ok, so who has’t got a little girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence? Pretty much everyone I know wants to be besties with J-Law, and since chopping her hair she’s become even cooler. One of my fave hair bloggers, Roxie of How-to Hair Girl wrote a fab post about how to rock short hair, and give [...]


Short Cut Inspiration – bobs and braids

by Hair Romance on January 18, 2014 · 12 comments

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Short hair with braid - Marilou

This hair is so good if makes me want to get a haircut right now. I first spotted it on Pinterest but it led me on a long tumblr trail to nowhere. But after some hectic google searching I finally found the source. This gorgeous hair belongs to French-Canadian singer Marilou. She posted this photo on [...]