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Hair Romance - how to do beachy waves with ghd

Beyond straightening, there are so many curls and waves you can create with your ghd eclipse styler. Brought to you by ghd eclipse For a long time I had a shameful secret. I wrote a hair blog but I couldn’t curl my hair with a styler. Curling your hair with a ghd is one of [...]


Hair Romance - 90s normcore hair - half up double buns tutorial

Stepping back in time to the 90s again! In the final post of my #normcore series, we’re reminiscing about hairstyles we loved to wear to school in the 90s. These styles were co-created with my friend Rosalie who is obsessed with normcore fashion. Personally I think normcore only looks hot when you look like a model [...]


Hair Romance - 90s normcore hair - double buns tutorial

More #normcore 90s hair! Yesterday I shared a tutorial for the half up hair knot. My friend (and hair model) Rosalie messaged me to say she had been wearing that style non-stop on her European summer holiday. I doubt she’ll say the same for this style… I mean, Rosalie does makes these double buns look [...]


Hair Romance - 90s half up knot bun hairstyle tutorial

Looking for a simple and casual updo? This half up knot bun is super quick and easy to do. Are you into normcore? My friend Rosalie has a minor (major) obsession with this 90s trend. We were talking about doing some hair tutorials inspired by normcore hair and our favourite 90s hairstyles. It was heaps of fun [...]

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Hair Romance - Knot a braid hair tutorial

Is it a braid? No, it’s knots! Yes, it’s a terrible pun but I had to do it. This cute style pretends to be a braid but really it’s a series of knots. Best of all, it’s really easy to do. This hairstyle tutorial marks the start of Blondes Week on Hair Romance! Curls Week [...]


Hair Romance - curly hair how to - the top knot tutorial

Welcome to a week celebrating curly hair! This is the start of a new series on Hair Romance that will focus on different hair types and hair colours. First up is curly hair! I love my curls. But it took a long while for me to say that. My curly hair used to frustrate me. Now, [...]


Hair Romance - perfect messy ponytail steps

Who doesn’t wear a ponytail at least once a week? This go-to style can be boring but not anymore. Brought to you by Schwarzkopf I’ve teamed up with Schwarzkopf to inspire you with three ways to wear a ponytail as part of Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair. I rarely used to wear a ponytail (as I’m [...]


Curly side braid hairstyle tutorial

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Hair Romance - Curly side braid hairstyle tutorial

Here’s another braid tutorial in curly hair that I love to wear during the week. It’s perfect for messy curls, or day 2 (or day 3) hair. This simple Dutch side braid reminds me of the Katniss braid from The Hunger Games and it’s one of my easy everyday hairstyles. A Dutch braid is just like [...]


Braids for Days + WIN with Schwarzkopf

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Hair Romance - upside down braid bun - how to

If I could choose just one hairstyle to wear forever it would have to be braids. Brought to you by Schwarzkopf I could wear braids for days without ever repeating a style. No matter where I’m going or how I’m feeling, there’s a braid for every occasion. But with so many ways to wear braid, [...]


Hair Romance - 7 hairstyle tutorials you can do in wet hair

Some days dry shampoo just won’t cut it. You need to wash your hair but those precious minutes you used to apply a conditioning treatment mean you don’t have time to style your hair. Now I normally wouldn’t recommend going out with wet hair but sometimes there’s no other option. That’s when you need some [...]