Easy everyday hair – Half-up Dutch braid tutorial

Hair Romance - Easy everyday hair - half-up Dutch Braid Tutorial

If you're looking for a pretty everyday hairstyle, this half-up Dutch braid tutorial is your easy hair solution. I've been playing around with half-up half-down hairstyles a lot lately. I sort of forgot about them for a while but I don't know why. They're a great compromise style. You can keep your hair off your face but still leave your hair ...

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7 simple ways to get more done in less time

Hair Romance - Beauty Blog School - 7 simple ways to get more done in less time

Last week I presented a keynote session at the Problogger Conference with my blogging bestie, Carly of Smaggle. We work together running fun blogging workshops and we presented a session of actionable productivity tips. If you’re a blogger, you can find our full presentation here (and some cool free downloads!). The main focus of our talk was ...

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Hair Romance book - Christina Butcher

Win the Hair Romance book!

To celebrate the anniversary of my book, I'm giving away three copies! I know, I can't believe it's been a year since my book was launched in Australia either. The time has flown! I cannot express my thanks and appreciation to every one of you ...

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Hair Romance - Easy half up braid tutorial in curly hair

An easy half up braid tutorial for curly hair

The hardest part of styling curly hair for me is the front layers. This easy half up braid tutorial lets your pin back the hair from around your face so that you're not constantly tucking your hair behind your ear all day long. I tuck my hair ...

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Hair Romance - Hair tips - Change your part - change your hair

How to totally change your hairstyle in seconds

Bored of your hair and looking for a quick hair fix? It's as simple as changing your part. It seems too easy, but switching the side that you part your hair will totally change your hair. At first it might seem weird. You're not used to seeing ...

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Hair Romance - The beauty benefits of drinking lemon water

The beauty benefits of drinking lemon water

This drink is the perfect way to start your day. You'll be surprised at the incredible beauty benefits of drinking lemon water. As part of my Beauty-Full Food series, I thought I'd share something simple that I do every day. I drink warm lemon ...

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Hair Romance - Does hair oil make your hair oily

Does hair oil make your hair oily?

Does hair oil make your hair oily? A lot of people ask me this question. My answer: not if you’re using it the right way. Brought to you by L’Oréal Paris Elvive So what is the right way to use hair oil? First off, there are at least 11 ways ...

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