Half top knots – your new favourite hairstyle

Hair Romance - Half top knot hairstyle inspirations 06

Just putting it out there - half top knots will be your new favourite hairstyle. The gorgeous Laura from This Island Life is helping me with today's hairspiration. The half top knot has made a comeback lately because it's just so easy to wear. The half top knot is the perfect compromise hairstyle. It keeps your hair off your face but still ...

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3 chic ponytail tutorials to lift your everyday hair game

Hair Romance - 3 chic and easy ponytail tutorials

We all wear ponytails every day but your everyday hair doesn’t have to be boring. Here are three simple twists on your basic ponytail to give you good hair days all through the week. Brought to you by L’Oréal Paris Elvive So what lifts a boring ponytail and makes you look more polished? With the help of a few simple product tips, you can ...

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Vikings hairstyle tutorials - Lagertha's braid tutorial

Vikings hairstyle tutorials – Lagertha braids

There's so much braid inspiration on TV lately. Shows like Game of Throne and Vikings are known as much for their hairstyles as their compelling storylines and action scenes. I was just a little excited to see a backstage shot by Katheryn ...

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Hair Romance - 11 ways to use hair oils 1

11 ways to use hair oils for extraordinary hair

Often it’s the little things that can make a big difference with your hair. Like a few drops of hair oil that can be used in 11 different ways to give you extraordinary hair every day. Brought to you by L’Oréal Paris Elvive I love a ...

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Hair Romance - how to use sulfate free shampoo properly

How to use sulfate-free shampoo properly

What's the deal with sulfate-free shampoo? Or should that be sulphate-free shampoo? Sulfates (or sulphates) refers to ingredients normally found in shampoos, soaps and most foaming products. On the label, you're looking for Sodium Lauryl ...

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Hair Romance - Bobby pin tips

Bobby pin tip

Don’t open your bobby pins. The hook opening of the bobby pin is exactly the right size for the hair it can hold. If you open the pin, you’ll take in too much hair and the pin can’t close. It will slowly push itself out of your hair. This is ...

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