Who has influenced your hair?

Ok, Disney did a survey of British hairdressers to find the top 10 most influential hairstyles. Not surprising Ariel made it into the top 10 (and maybe it’s not wrong with Blake Lively having a very Ariel moment debuting her latest red hair). Top of the list is Audrey Hepburn and her Breakfast at Tiffany’s French roll, with hairdressers saying this is the most requested look. 
Also on the list are Marilyn, Twiggy, “The Rachel”, Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole.  Head here for thearticle but it got me thinking, who has influenced my hair the most?
I remember in high school watching Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda in their early movies from the 60s and swooning over their enormous hair. That’s where my love of big hair began.
I have had so many hairstyles and colours. I love changing my hair, the way it changes your whole look is why I love hair so much. I almost cut my hair again with the swathe of stars sporting gorgeous pixie cuts. Michelle Williams was my favourite.
Gwen Stefani is a major hair idol of mine. I have no idea how she keeps her platinum hair in such great condition. It’s a special hair quest I need to follow and find the miracle answer. Also, how can she appear in public so frequently and yet never have any regrowth? Her hair is a phenomenon. 
For my hairstyles I’m often inspired by hairdressers themselves and the crazy editorial looks they create for catwalks and shoots. I try to recreate them in a way that is easy and wearable. 
I would love to know whose hair has influenced your hair the most? What’s your favourite hairstyle? Whose hair would you swap yours for? Who is your hair idol?
Images from SMH
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  1. AKB says

    Madonna! Mostly the Guy Ritchie years, very straight and very blonde. Before that it was Jennifer Aniston. Now I'm after Jessica Biel and her medium brown with high shine.

    I did read an article once where Gwen talked about her upkeep. She uses Keratase in the orange (?) bottle and I think gets root touch ups every two to three weeks. If I can find the article again I will send you a link! XO

  2. Hair Romance says

    Great hair idols Amanda

    Yes, Kerastase is amazing. I should try more from their range. Would love to see that article, thanks xx

  3. Anonymous says

    This is a tad embarrassing but I'm going to share… I was 15y.o. and I wanted Kim Basinger's Vicki Vale hair (Batman)… that long, blonde bodywave (I already had the long and the blonde) so I went to my local hairdresser and ended up with a noodle perm. Ohgod, perms, what a disaster! (I'm sure most people have a perm nightmare) I washed my hair repeatedly, brushed it as often as possible and wore it in a braid for about a month. Nobody knew that I had that perm. Phew. ~ Alicia

  4. Kelsey Peterson says

    Definitely Jennifer Aniston. I love her hair and have taken her picture to hair appointments more than once. Love this blog and all the tips tutorials and trends that you post!

  5. Hair Romance says

    Alicia, thank you so much for sharing! Don't you feel better? I had a perm too. But would you believe I got my hair permed again 6 years ago? I love it that time. I should write about that soon…

    Kelsey, I agree, Jen has always had great colour.

  6. Audrey says

    I get bored with my hair very easily so its usually kept just below the shoulders or completely chopped off. I think my top two hair idols are Louise Brooks for that amazing bob I've copied more than once and Rihanna (although I'm not feeling the shagpile red look she has going on at the moment).
    This blog is the peanut butter to my jelly right now xx

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