Hair Trend: Colour Block Hair






I’ve loved the fashion trend of colour blocking and now it has crossed over to hair.

Colour blocked hair has hit the mainstream with Lauren Conrad dyeing her tips after her readers voted yes. Do you vote yes for colour block hair?

Image sources: Abbey Lee shot by Max Doyle for Vogue Australia, Natalie Hockey photographed by Jamie Nelson for UK Stylist Magazine, Pinterest, Lauren Conrad from If you know the sources of the Pinterest images please let me know.

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  1. Melissa C says

    I love it! I just put bold bright red highlights in my hair and wish I woul have done this instead….it's next on my list :)

  2. Hair Romance says

    @Melissa C – Red is the new blonde! This is a great new way to do colour

    @Marissa at the boot – LC's tips are so much fun aren't they? Love having fun with your hair

  3. Cath says

    You have to love Kevin Murphy's hair work (pics one and three of Abbey Lee). When these pics came out in Vogue for their March issue last year they blew my mind!! Still do.

  4. once-sydney says

    i love lc's! i had not seen it at all before she posted it on thebeautydepartment, but i've had it on my brain ever since!

  5. Gretchen says

    I was going to vote no until I saw the green/blue in the third picture. I really like that one and might even be able to pull it off. I would love to see a post about easy ways to get this look, especially temporary ones so I could just try it out.

  6. Hair Romance says

    @Cath – I do, I've had these pics in mind for a while and when I saw the Beauty Dept I knew I had to post them all.

    @Jagegrrrl – that would be gorgeous on you!!

    @once-sydney – so fun isn't it?

    @Gretchen – beautiful isn't it? The Beauty Dept just did a how to and I have some tips on temporary styles, will post tomorrow


  7. Hair Romance says

    @msmadamemakeup – I know what you mean, it's all about personality with colour

    @Lynne Guyan Tanzer – See the next post for my hair history – I was ahead of the game…!

    @Melody – I think you can, especially with the way LC has done it. You can twist your hair into a bun or French twist and hide the colour inside! It may be a bit harder if you dip dyed your fringe… lol

  8. Me, my best and I says

    Not sure how this translates to "real life" but the 1st and 2nd last pics make it look really cool- Would temporarily do for a festival in summer maybe!!

  9. Hair Romance says

    @Madame B Fatale – I love your hair! I think the fringe would look amazing on you. Please do it xx

    @Me, my best and I – this could be fun to do with extensions? A fun temporary way to add some colour to your hair

  10. Nat says

    I love it too and the colours in the third photo are gorgeous! I'm not sure if I'd be brave enough to try it myself though :)

  11. Hair Romance says

    @Nat – those blues are gorgeous aren't they? I think it's a great trend to try if you're planning on cutting your hair as you can do it for a while and then cut if off when you're bored of it!

  12. Lilly says

    I vote YES! I have a blond streak in my hair but its grown out and kinda dry…:( Snarls soo easily! But I love the look! :)

  13. kris says

    does anyone know a good hairdresser in syd that will do great work, like the above pics… also hair extensions?

    • Hair Romance says

      I can highly recommend Stevie English salon in Glebe (and soon in Bondi Junction). Stevie does my hair and he is a colour genius. The salon does some great colour work. I’ve recommended several friends there for dip dye and they all loved it (see Danimezza and Ish and Chi )

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