Short Cut Saturday – The New Bob

You asked, so I’m bringing a new section to Hair Romance – Short Cut Saturday!

Short Cut Saturday will feature inspirational short cuts and easy hairstyles for short hair. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comments below.

I love this layered bob hairstyles, one of the styles featured in Refinery29’s Fall hairstyles feature.

This is a perfect style if you’re growing out your pixie cut, or you’re looking for an easy short hairstyle.

If your hair has a natural wave, the layers will encourage this. Use a volumising mousse at the roots and let your hair air dry, or scrunch dry with a diffuser.

If your hair is straight, the layers will add shape and you can use a curling wand to create some waves. Wrap your hair around the curling wand away from your face so the curls sit better. When your hair has cooled, run your finges through to break up the curls and get this soft finish.

Alexa Chung has done so much for the layered bob, and made growing your hair out look cool. She’s a great inspiration if looking for short hairstyles for fine hair.

Do you have short hair? Who’s your hair idol at the moment? Do you like the new Short Cut Saturdays? What would you like to see next Saturday?

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  1. Lianne says

    THAT is beautiful. I'm having my hair like THAT. I'm going to grow my hair until I'm 30 and then I'm going to cut it all off. Ive always been a shoulder length kinda girl because that's what I've always got, but I've always really wanted long or short hair as I'm actually quite daring…. It's just my hairdressers are normally a bit more timid so restrain me. Not anymore though, so first I'm going to grow it and then I'm going to chop it off. Just to see which I prefer.

  2. silveroutlinedwindow says

    Love this idea – I recently cut off my long blonde hair into an asymmetrical bob-like cut – I LOVE IT – still!

  3. clementine* says

    i chopped off all my hair in may and i love how its been growing out, but i am at a loss with ideas to style it differently. i love this idea :)

  4. christina says

    Geez! I absolutely LOVE this cut. I recently chopped all my hair off and I love looking here for shorter hair inspiration!

  5. Layla says

    Argghh I LOVE short hair. My friends recently bought me a coupon online for a super haircut and style sesh with a really great salon in the city recently…I'm new in the city though – how do you figure out where a good place is to go? They got my deal off – and looking at it on-line, it looks really decent. Is it okay to be shopping on-line for great hairdressers?

  6. Laura a.k.a rah says

    i'm currently torn between keeping my short hair or growing it long again… Short Cut Saturday may only make my choice more difficult! :)

  7. nicola lynde. says

    I love this cute bob. I only wish I was brave enough to chop of my locks….maybe short cut saturday will be the inspiration I need.

  8. Hair Romance says

    WOW, love the response to Short Cut Saturday! It's definitely becoming a regular feature, though I'm stil trying to grow my hair so I will have to balance it out with more long hair ideas too 😉

    Thanks for all your comments xxx

    @Layla – interesting question about hairdressers and these group voucher deals. I'm posting salon advice this week & next and will write about it

  9. Layla says

    Thank you! I’d really appreciate that. Any chance you can review the site I got my voucher off and let us know what you think about the style deals they have there? (

  10. Hair Romance says

    @Layla – not sure about that site. Seems ok (and made me laugh) but it's kind of pot luck with voucher deals. I always think if it's too good to be true it probably is.

  11. Layla says

    Hi 😀 Got my hair done with the coupon and it turned out fabulous after all 😀 Guess I got lucky with this site?

  12. Jenny says

    Graar! I tried this today and I wound up looking like Sophia Loren, which is an odd complaint to have. How do I get cute and natural rather than 50’s housewife?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jenny, I’m a bit of a Sophia fan but I do know what you mean. Rather than going for a classic curl, which can make your hair look a bit like a helmet, go for a messy curl. Using a curling wand, alternate between curling sections forward and away from your face. This way when you loosely brush them out they won’t form waves, but still maintain a curl that looks more natural. Add a little sea salt spray or dry shampoo to add some more texture if you need it. Hope this helps! Christina x

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