Hair Colour Inspiration: Pink Hair

Pink hair has been doing the rounds for a long while but I still love it. I loved the bright shades at first, and then the colour-block ombre trend, now I’m loving these softer tones.

Charlotte Free manages to pull off all three trends in one go.

Grey hair and cooler pinks are still popular at the moment but golden pinks will be the next trend. I love warm peachy toned pinks woven into blonde hair, just so pretty.

Have you ever had pink hair? You can see my pink hair here, or try it for one night only with Color Bug temporary colour.

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  1. Maci says

    I had Pink streaks 2 years ago and just put them back in when AVEDA upgraded their color to add pastels and bolds ( I am a stylist). LOVE it yet again, it’s a way for blonde’s to do something fun without having to strip color out of your hair after you are finished. :)

    • Hair Romance says

      So true, great way to think of it Maci. Plus I think the pink looks even prettier when it starts to fade

    • Hair Romance says

      For sure. Not all workplaces appreciate brightly coloured hair, but the dip dye is fun as your can hide the coloured tips in a bun for a more conservative look

  2. says

    I don’t think I can pull off a full head of pink hair, but I do enjoy some steaks of funk in my hair. In fact, I’m getting my hair done in a week and can’t wait to see what I put in it this time
    Jessica recently posted..Dragon ToddMy Profile

  3. says

    Oh my goodness, I’ve been in love with my all natural blonde hair for years since I last dyed half my hair hot pink but THIS has to happen. I love the idea of soft peachy pinks mixed in with my blonde hair. LOVE love love. I can’t wait to call my hairdresser and make this happen. I’ve been contemplating cutting my locks off just to have something different but this idea is sooo much better. Thank you for the inspiration! Can you feel the excitement radiate through the screen? ;]

  4. Valerie says

    I love the first picture, I am “over 50″! And my hair is grey I would love to have it done in that very pale pink but am frightened I will look like Dame Edna (Barry Humphreys) ! I’d love to see what another older woman looked like to give me the courage to try this :-)

    • Hair Romance says

      Haha I’m sure you wouldn’t look like Dame Edna Valerie! I was just chatting to Jayne Wild last week about one of their older clients who gets new colours added in to her white hair all the time. I think it would be fun! Plus grey hair doesn’t hold colour that well so it wouldn’t have to be permanent in case you changed your mind.

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