Hair nightmare: What to do if you don’t love your hair after your salon visit

Continuing Hair Romance’s Salon Advice series to help you navigate the hair salon and love your hair.

So you’ve found a great salon, and you asked for the hairstyle you like but it didn’t quite turn out as you were expecting…

What do you do?

First of all, breathe – it’s only hair and it will grow back.

Next – don’t leave the salon without saying something.

I’ve been there. It’s like you’re in shock and you just nod, get out of the chair, pay and leave. It’s only once you’re outside your voice comes back and you wonder why you didn’t say “is it really supposed to look like that?”

If you take a moment to breathe, you can work out why you’re in shock.

Dianna Agron freaking out during her haircut, but she’s pretty happy with the result. In fact, she started a trend!

Problem 1: They did what you asked but you hate it

A dramatic change can take some adjustment time. A big colour change will also mean you need to tweak your makeup and wardrobe too. Make sure you tell your stylist you’re still not sure about the new style before you leave but give yourself a day or two to see how it feels on. Head to the beauty counter and ask to try makeup colours that suit your new hair. Play around with your wardrobe and try on different combinations.

If it still doesn’t feel right, call your salon and discuss what can be done to change it. They can also give you styling tips to help you work with your new hairstyle. As it’s a change of mind and not an error, they will probably charge you but if you explain they may give you a reduced price.

Problem 2: You had a consultation but they weren’t listening

You said one centimetre and they took four inches.

Maybe your hairdresser is too snip-happy or maybe you had a lot of split ends and were in denial about it. Ask your hairdresser for an explanation. If it was because your hair needed the chop they probably did you a favour. If they can’t measure, it may be time to find a new hairdresser. At least you have time to find a new salon while your hair grows back. Try some Twist & Pin hairstyles in the meantime.

You said no layers and now your hair is all feathery

Either your hairdresser is stuck in the 80s or you didn’t have a clear consultation. You’ll know to be really clear next time, but what to do with your feathery hair now? If you’re happy to lose some length, ask for the salon to cut your hair again into a blunter style.

You said blonde highlights and they gave you tiger stripes

This is a hard one. Look around the salon, are there a lot of awful hair colours and obvious highlights? You probably picked a bad salon and you have to ask yourself if you trust them to fix it. Tell your colourist you’re not happy with your hair and ask what can be done to correct it. Maybe finer highlights/lowlights can be done to disguise them, or a toner can help too. Ask for a more senior staff member to do it if you’re not comfortable with your original colourist.

Your colour looks way too strong

This may not be an error at all. Talk to your colourist, but as strong or dark colours fade very quickly, they often dye your hair a little darker than the colour you want when it’s first done. Your hairdresser wants your hair colour to last 6 weeks and still look good, so often it can be little strong in the beginning. Discuss it with your colourist and see how your hair looks after the first wash. If you still feel like the colour is too strong call your salon and ask for a colour correction appointment.

Bad haircuts happen, we’ve all been there and although it feels awful now, it will grow back. As a positive, you’ll learn some new styling skills trying to tame your mane into a style you like while your hair grows back. Hats can help you through lots of bad hair moments too.

A lot of bad haircuts can be avoided. It all comes down to expectations and communication. Make sure you have a proper consultation with your hairdresser and ask them questions. Be confident they can achieve the look you want, or agree on a compromise that is better suited to your hair type.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell your hairdresser if you’re not happy. You can just go elsewhere, but most hairdressers will want to help you and correct their hairstyle rather than lose you as a client.

If it’s really over, I’ll tell you how to break up with your hairdresser in the next part of the Salon Advice series.

Tell me about your worst hairstyle. How did you cope?

Photograph by Camilla Akrans, collage by Hair Romance
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  1. says

    Great tips! I’ve always visited hair salons being totally confident. I usually say, “I want a modern short haircut; least volume possible. Do whatever you think will suit me fine”. So far so good, except for one time :/.

    I am now trying to find a good hair salon in California. I’ve never had my hair cut here.

    Hope you’ve started the week off with a smile! ;D

    Miki recently posted..What makes you smile?My Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Miki! Sometimes letting your hairdresser do what they want works because you don’t have any expectations, and if your hairdresser is creative you can get a great result. Except when I’m growing my hair I let them do what they like too

  2. Elli says

    I don’t really get that problem because when I go to the hairdresser I just tell them to do something nice to my hair. Then they just do and if I don’t like I say which parts I don’t like and they fix it. Sounds quite brave as I write that now… :)

  3. says

    Well I recently had a bit of a nightmare, and being a stylist myself luckily I could correct it at home.
    However great advice for anyone who’s sat in the chair and wanted to cry. We’ve all been there.
    Kelly recently posted..Get Shorty!My Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Kelly, I read your post, pretty terrible service. I thought you handled it well and lucky it was a freebie

  4. Maggie M says

    Oh my worst ever cut was in 9th grade when I was a freshman in high school. I had shoulder length hair and wanted to go short-ER but not SHORT-short. I tried a new salon and wound up with some awful middle ground between a bob and a pixie. I have naturally curly hair and at the time I had no concrete grasp on how to manage it at a GOOD length – let alone in Fraulein Maria form. I cried and cried and cried. I have a short/slow growth cycle too, so it felt like FOREVER before it grew out again. I’ve kept my hair pretty long ever since then!

  5. says

    A friend of mine recently had a disaster with her hairdresser. She asked for 1 inch of the ends but instead the hairdresser took 4! She was heartbroken because she had lovely long hair but instead of saying anything she just ran out crying! I think she could have done with your advice!
    Edel recently posted..Yum yum yum in my tum!My Profile

    • Sherry says

      The exact same thing just happened to me. She held up what she was cutting and we agreed but then she just kept cutting. I assumed it was evening my layers… No it was taking more and more. It went from mi back long and light brown to a bob cut and colored black( I ask for light brown with red tones and told her to use nothing medium because my hair would grab color) I actually cried… Te whole way home. I did write the manager a letter and I turned down the stylist offer to fix it…. How with glue? The color I fixed myself at home. It’s such a blunt cut tho I can’t even get extensions without cutting more so it’s a bun for the next year! Devastated :-(

  6. Emma says

    I’ve gone home and finished the job myself using nail scissors more than once…. i have no fear of scissors! I once had a hairdresser leave a heavy clump of hair to hide a hole she’d cut in the side of my short hair. After chopping it myself I found why it had been left in heavy clump, then moaned all over facebook! a week later I paid a barber £8 to correct it! The barber did a lot better cut than the hairdresser who charged £35 and no one ever guessed a barber did it!

    • Hair Romance says

      That’s awful! Lucky you’re so sharp with the scissors. My MIL is a barber and she is one of the best cutters I know

  7. says

    Recently had a nightmare like this. Went to a salon I’d never been to over Christmas to bleach my roots. The hairdresser ended up toning it, it turned out yellow. Another hairdresser toned it again, it was still yellow. The woman who was the head of the salon clearly saw that there was a problem and told me to come back a few days later and bleached my hair to an inch of its poor life. Thankfully she was very sweet and gave me world class hair treatment, but still. I like to think that when i come to a salon, people know what they were doing. The hairdresser should clearly have seen that my roots were too dark for “a bit of toning”. Have now thankfully found a hairdresser who gives the most thorough consultations I’ve ever seen. Explaining everything as she goes along etc. I think that’s very important and it makes me feel reassured on so many levels.
    karina recently posted..glossyboxMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Karina, I so agree that a good consultation makes all the difference. It puts you at ease and you know what your hair will look like at the end

  8. says

    I think I’ve only had 1 hair cut I was unhappy with and that was when she got a little too carried away and a top layer way too short. I survived for a couple of weeks until my hair grew (thanks to hair clips and whoever invented the ponytail)!

    Cheers, Fiona @ AcumenCreative

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Jenny Leigh! I agree, every hairdresser want to hear “I love my hair” from their client but you can’t manage those expectations without communication.

  9. Katerina says

    I was 18, and wanted to spice my natural blonde a little bit, make it colder and a bit brighter, and specifically asked for a cold shade. They made me chicken-yellow, and I really didn’t cope the way I should have. Just like you said, I was in such a shock, I just payed and left. I can’t believe it now, but I actually cried(!) for many hours till my friend came in the evening and dyed my hair herself, with a simple and cheap Loreal hair dye, and it actually helped the color.

  10. says

    I consulted with my former hairdresser a few years back to get my hair done for my aunt’s wedding. I wanted her to pin curl my hair and have a 1940’s style. I kept trying to explain to her what I wanted done, but I don’t think she could understand me and kept rambling on about how she would do my hair, which was the complete opposite of what I wanted. It wasn’t the first time she didn’t listen to me. So instead of going back to get my hair done for the wedding I done it myself.
    Break up with a hairdresser? I just don’t go back.

  11. lynda says

    don’t you just love it when hairdressers say” it will grow back” yes maybe but when it’s taken years to grow it, and they just hack it off in a few seconds well thats it, all those years of caring and looking after it and keeping it healthy are gone.i felt i just wanted to spend the next 5 years behind closed doors so noone would see how bad it turned out i was a recluse for weeks i had my son do the shopping and i just stayed at home and did the housework i was lucky in that i’m a stay at home mum and hubby went to work it has takenn me weeks to get out of this place as my hair has started to grow a bit and it doesn’t look like a horror story as much now,.i’d love to sue, but i heard you can’t, i will just stay away from hairdressers permanently and get my sister or hubby to do it from now on.

    • Hair Romance says

      oh Lynda that sounds like a horrible experience! I hope it doesn’t take 5 years to grow back, and I hope you find some styles you like in the mean time. Not all hairdressers are bad, in fact most pride themselves on making their clients look good. Good luck and hope you start to love your hair again x

    • Lynn says

      That’s exactly how I feel right now! It’s horrible the way they say communication is key but even sometimes they don’t do what you want and what they want and literally have no other thoughts about it. Everyone says oh it’s pretty and you just stand there shocked nodding and pay then leave.. Horrible.

  12. Leigh says

    I agree with Lynda. I recently went to get highlights and a trim and I had a little breakage and was told to cut some bangs or cut it even needless to say the stylist chopped my hair and it looked like a mullet haircut. It took me years to grow my hair to the length it was and I felt completely violated when she just whacked it off like it was nothing.

  13. Anna B. says

    When i was going into 7th grade i told my hairdresser to give me long layers and side bangs. I guess she decided that what she wanted was better so i got eighties feather / hardcore scene hair. I balled my eyes out for two days. it sucked! LOL at least now i know to the person exactly what i want!! (:

    • Hair Romance says

      Eek, lesson learned there for sure Anna! My awful haircut was in 7th grade too, such an awkward time and bad hair makes it worse x

  14. Kerry O says

    I have just had a bad hair dye. my hair dresser didn’t fully understand and did it more to her taste but I don’t know how to tell her that I don’t like it. I’m going back on sunday to tell her but I’m unsure how to explain to her without her blaming me. I didn’t want to complain there and then because she was happy with her work and I didn’t want her to be upset but my hair is literally what I imagined the worst case scenario to be. I even starting panicking and shaking in the chair. could you please give me some advice on how to complain when I know my hairdresser will try and convince me that she did what I wanted. thanks x

    • jessica says

      Thats a really good question. If the hairdresser seems happy or in a hurry or if they seem like they really want you to like it, it’s hard telling them its not what you wanted. I hate hurting their feelings.

      • Hair Romance says

        exactly Jessica. I’m the same. But in the end, your stylist won’t be happy when you don’t come back so it’s best to try and fix it at the time x

  15. Sierra says

    I STILL have my hair salon nightmare which really sucks. I asked for platinum blonde highlights the hair stylist dyed my whole head bright platinum blonde. It’s sucks because my mom wont let me change it back because it’s too damaged. ):

  16. Isabel says

    I got recently got my hair cut medium length. I also have short layers. Its like a long shag or flip, I’m not sure how to describe it. It used to be long and wavy with not much of a shape, but it did frame my face. Now I really hate it and want it to be the same as before I cut it. Do you think it will grow back with the same shape???? And how long do you think it will take to grow back in the same way? Thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Don’t worry, it will grow back! But you may need trims to re shape it in the same way as before. Hair grows around 1cm or more a month so you can work out how long it will take to be the same length. In the mean time, twist & pin it up!

  17. Kate says

    Hi there,

    I just recently got a what I thought was a lovely hair cut when I got out of the salon but when I went to style it a couple weeks later bam it wasn’t good. My hubby assured me it looked cute but he will admit liked it longer. My mom likes it better than what I have but me nope! The hair dresser cut off too much I wasn’t expecting so much and she put layers in that she assured me I would still be able to put up in a pony tail which I can’t very easily now. I had long straight hair all one length but she had cut funny layers around the sides that don’t go up into a pony tail :( I am sad about it as I had lovely long all one length hair a few weeks ago and now layers. When she was done with the cut she said oh and I put a few more layers than I was going to. I was was a bit shocked because she she layers would be minimal! and she cut it so it’s in the in between stage not long but not short which is hard to style now! I always have to blow dry it now when before I could just wash and go. I always told myself no matter what a hairdresser said I wouldn’t get layers stupid me, I didn’t listen to my inner voice.
    Now to wait for it to grow put again :(

    • Hair Romance says

      Oh no! I can’t believe she cut more layers “than she meant to”! Twist the side layers back and the the back up into a chignon and you’ll have an easy style that beats a ponytail any day. A few pretty clips and headbands will help the time pass while your layers grow back x

  18. cupcake says

    omgeee ok so i wanted to dye my darkkk brown hair a lighter brown, but the hairstyler said it would look bad when my roots grew back, so she just bleached sections of my hair and put the dye on my whole head. it looks so bad!! itjust looks like my regular hair color with brown/ blonde hightlights. I LOOK LIKE A FRIGGIN’ TIGER ZEBRA MIX. all i wanted was an even light brown hair color. and i have this hot mess. i should have told her i didnt like it when it was done, but she seemed so happy at her work. i want to get it fixed, but i dont know what to do!!!

    • Hair Romance says

      That sounds awful cupcake, but it can be fixed. Call the salon to discuss the situation, or see another salon recommended by someone you trust. They should be able to add in additional highlights/lowlights to blend teh stripes, and achieve a colour closer to what you want. Good luck!

  19. Lee says

    So I went yesterday to my usual girl who for a hair cut and highlights. My hair cut looks great, but the highlights not so much. I wanted 2 colors a dark brown and almost a white blonde. Well as I leave the shop yesterday I found myself thinking “it looks very blonde, I don’t see much of the dark brown like I normally do.” I thought that maybe it was the way she had styled it.
    Went home and washed out the hairspray, and low and behold my hair is mostly blonde, and parts of it close to the roots look brassy!!!! I am so upset about it. I am either going to call and see if she will fix it, and if she won’t I will have to go somewhere else or get a home kit to put more brown in there.

  20. Callie says

    My hair was done two weeks ago to my horror. I was not only shocked by the hair itself, but by the $220 it came out to be! I paid and left, thinking maybe it was the light and that I will appreciate it when I got home. Nope! Hate it. My highlights look ashy-green. I called to tell her and was told that since she used a bleach product, this was impossible. She said she would have to see it. I told her to let me know when she has time, and I haven’t heard back.
    What do you do when they hand you a tab for more than what your hair is worth, and what do you do when they just don’t care to fix the color?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Callie, that doesn’t sound great at all. They should have a consultation with you at the start and give you an idea of what the price will be. I think you need to go back into the salon to fix it up. Better to go sooner than later. It sounds like they don’t care about building a loyal clientele, but if you trust that they can fix the colour for you, I would insist they make an appointment to see you. Unfortunately if you don’t think they care, and don’t trust them to fix it, you’ll need to pay to go to a different salon. It won’t help for this appointment, but next time make sure you have a consultation with your hairdresser at the start and ask for a quote for what they are suggesting. Good luck, Christina x

  21. Shannon says

    I wish I had read this thismorning! It’s 2 weeks until my wedding and I wanted to get the bronze out of my hair (it tends to pick up warm shades over time) so I asked for a light ashy brown or a dark ash blonde, she also recommended a trim I agreed to 1 inch, I know have 4 inches off my once long hair and it is dark brown :( have just spent the afternoon crying! Will call her in the morning to see if she can lighten it without putting hideous tiger stripes through it! So annoyed at myself for even going this close to my big day!!! And also for not speaking up immediately.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Shannon, definitely call and it will be possible to change it in time for your wedding. Don’t worry, it will all work out. Best wishes for your special day xx

  22. PJ Parker says

    I live in Jacksonville, Florida, and after 12 years of searching, I am convinced the stylists here only know one haircut for short hair, one for medium hair, and one for long hair. They have no idea how to style hair, they have no idea how to cut hair, but they are all great at petting the customer, nodding their heads and saying “yes, yes, uh huh, I understand”. They do the only thing they know how to do and what you say doesn’t mean a thing.

    I have flown to New York just to get a haircut I loved. I have flown to San Francisco, just to get a haircut I loved. I can’t afford to do that anymore, and I am soon to join the majority of women who live here, who allow their hair to be long and straight, or short and home cut BECAUSE there’s no alternative.

    Why go to a salon and pay for a bad haircut, when I can do a mediocre haircut at home?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi PJ, that sounds awful! There must be a good hairdresser somewhere. I’d be on the lookout for someone with good hair and ask them who cuts it x

  23. says

    Hi, I got hightlights put into my hair yesterday and the colour is very bright blonde like i feel like i need to get it toned down a bit i wanted to brighten up my hair but its way to bright. But the worst part about my hair is the sides!! they dont look the same like there is hightlights more on one side than the other and the highlights don’t even go down to the roots…
    plus i asked for a half an inch to be cut off and she cut way more i mean its very short now and i cant barely tie it up but i guess this will grow back i can live with this part.. I don’t No if i should go back and ask can she fix it for me or go somewhere else but then I’m thinking i did pay alot of money and I put my trust in her so she should have done it correctly in the first place.. What should I do??

    Any Advise would be good:):)


    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Libby, I would definitely call the salon and tell them your concerns about your uneven highlights. If you’re nto comfortable with the same stylist, you can ask for someone else to correct it. Unfortunately there’s not much they can do to make your hair grow faster, but ask them to show you two easy styles you can do in your hair to make it easier to look after. Good luck x

  24. paulamk2 says

    Glad I found this. I just left the salon about an hour ago. I told my hairstylist what I want and even texted her pictures I found on pinterest. But, what I have now is nowhere near what I wanted. I just want to cry and I refuse to go outside! She told me to wait a couple of days and see if I like it better, but I know I’m not going to! I don’t know what to do…I’m real close to going and buying a box dye and dying over it….

    • Hair Romance says

      I hope you’re ok! Be careful of putting a box colour over the top, it could lead to a bigger nightmare. I agree to give it a day and then go back and ask them to correct it. Good luck x

  25. Amanda says

    I just went in for my first appointment with a new salon tonight, for highlights. I normally get a light ash blonde color, since it looks really natural on me and works well with my skin tone, but this time my color came out a very golden blonde, a much warmer color than I’m used to, and the more I look at it, the less I like it. It looks completely unnatural and not good on me at all! I really don’t know what to do. I’m scared they won’t even be able to fix it, or all they’ll do is put stuff in to tone it down, which’ll leave it looking like a very dirty, dark, mousy blonde, when I was trying to go lighter and brighter for summer =( I just want my lovely light ash blonde back! But I don’t want to hurt my new hairstylist’s feelings, either!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Amanda, I would contact your salon. Your new hairstylist won’t be offended, they’ll feel worse if you never make another appointment with them. They can tone it which can remove the gold tones and will give you a good result. Perhaps adding a few lighter foils around your face will give you the lighter color you’re looking for. Good luck!

  26. says

    I think that your comments about confidence being one of the main things is correct and this comes from knowing your hairdresser and knowing what you actually want from your visit.
    Some hairdressers can be quite overpowering with what style they think is right for you but just remember its you that have ggot to stick with that style or pay someone else to put it right..

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Britney, it’s important to have that trust wit your hairdresser. It’s ok to say no if you’re not sure as it can be costly to correct x

  27. jenny says

    I just had my hair done a few days hair was light brown underneath and had highlights and lowlights on top. i told her i just wanted a little more blonde and now its almost yellowish blonde on top..i hate it! But the thing is she doesn’t work at a salon anymore just out of her house.what should i do? I think she left the color on a little too long.

  28. Annie says

    I had my hair cut on Friday. I specifically said to leave it ALL ONE LENGTH with NO LAYERS. So, how is it that I have pieces all over my head that are shorter than the rest?! I’m so angry. Like someone said above, I feel violated. I worked hard to get my hair all to one length. Blunt cut. And with five minutes and a pair of scissors, she fucked that up. I’m so angry. I went back and she “blended the layers” a bit more so at least I don’t have a ridge around my head. But really. My hair grows quickly, so there is hope. But I am SO sad.

    • Hair Romance says

      Oh no! So sorry to hear this Annie. It’s so frustrating when you are specific with what you want and the stylist won’t listen. I’m sure your hair still looks fab, good luck xx

  29. Meg says

    When I was in college I went to a colorist and asked for light copper, almost orange hair, and specifically said to not have any purple shades in the color. When she came out with the dye mixed it looked very very purple and I said something about it, but she reassured me that it would come out the color I wanted on my hair. When it was done, I had dark red purple hair. I almost broke down crying in the chair. I had suffered horrible acne for years until a few months before, and was only just then starting to feel confident in how I looked. The owner of the shop heard me when I was talking about what color I wanted, so I wasn’t asked to pay for it.
    I ended up washing most of the dye out with toothpaste and shampoo mixed together when I got home and then using moisturizing masks on it for the next three days. A week later I dyed my hair with a box dye getting exactly what I wanted in a fraction of the time, for less than a 5th of the price I would have paid the colorist. It was incredibly frustrating.

    • Hair Romance says

      Oh no Meg! I’m glad the salon didn’t charge you and you were able to fix the colour. I think they should have fixed it for you but I’m not sure I would have trusted them to do it right the second time

  30. Lorraine says

    Wish I had of seen this before I went to the hairdressers today..asked for layers..literally only layers on my whole head is at the front..asked for a side fringe and my fringe was just brushed to the side and I was repeatedly encouraged to keep my full fringe…There is no difference between my hair before I went in and after I came out..Its just the same. The only diffeance now is the hole in my pocket..

    • Hair Romance says

      Ouch, sorry to hear that Lorraine. I think you can still call the salon and ask them to cut it again. Try to speak to the salon manager and explain and they will arrange for the same (or different) hairdresser to re-style it for you.

  31. Paula says

    I had my hair cut yesterday and I sat there with a picture of the haircut I wanted which was just below shoulder length with a few wispy layers at the front (below chin level) with side swept fringe. I came out with hair that is on my shoulder, heavily layered throughout and shorter on one side than the other. the left side of my hair looks similar to the picture I showed her, the right side looks like the ‘rachel’ cut from the 80’s. I am devastated as my hair was half way down my back and it took a lot of courage to get it done. To make matters worse, I am a nurse and am meant to wear my hair up for work and it wont go up properly now without a ton of grips and hairspray which i hate.

    • Hair Romance says

      So sorry to hear that Paula, so frustrating. Hope it grows quickly and then you can even up the style to match your original ideal haircut x

  32. Name *steph says

    I asked for a toner to be applied to my very natural looking brown / blonde ombré…. I walked out of the salon with awful black brown hair…. I’ve never felt so devestated and didn’t say a word to them until I bawled my eyes out and called them to complain.. They are supposed to fix it tomorrow but I know they will just ruin it even more because after going so dark it will never look naturally light again and will damage my hair even more… Worst thing was I was there 5 hours with no air conditioning and it cost me in total 200 dollars…. I can’t even sleep I am so upset

    • Hair Romance says

      Good luck tomorrow Steph, they can remove the colour and make sure you do a deep conditioning treatment and you won’t have much damage to your hair. Hope they can get it back to the colour you want xx

  33. issy says

    i cut off my natural sideburns and now they have grown back all spikey and gross and its really noticeable

    • Hair Romance says

      Hey Issy, once they get a little longer you’ll be able to tuck them behind your ears. Good luck and resist the urge to cut them again x

  34. md says

    I just asked for partial highlights heavy in the front and I have brown hair. After it was said and done, it was very very blonde all over and the worst is that she didn’t even color the roots, it now looks like I have blonde hair that’s growing out. The blonde looks orange as well. I think I’m going to call tmrw to have them fix it but what do you suggest they should do to fix the roots/color/etc? Will they make me pay again to fix it?

    • Hair Romance says

      They shouldn’t charge you to correct the colour. It helps to take in an image of the hair colour you want them to correct it to, so that they can get it right. They will be able to tone the orange tones in the blonde easily, and perhaps a few extra highlights/lowlights to blend the colour. Good luck x

  35. Emma Owens says

    I recently went to the hairdressers to go from medium dark brown to pale candy floss pink.
    Well I got there and they didn’t take into account at my consultation how thick my hair is. It’s just below shoulder length. It took this one girl 1 hour and a half to bleach the ends without doing the roots!!! At the time I knew the from 2 sections would lift more than the back 2 but thought I’d see what it was like after the toner.

    Well after the toner and cut it did look good brighter but I knew the toner would be initially darker because they need to give it time to fade before going back, well 2 weeks on and 3 washes later my partner points out that the back of my hair is a different colour! Is t because the bleach didn’t get as much time to lift? How do I tell me hairdresser. I can’t just go in and show them because its quite a distance so I’d need to do it over the phone first! I paid a lot of money but I was so happy with it to begin with I don’t want them to feel like I’m picking holes :(

    • Hair Romance says

      Sorry for my late reply Emma, I hope you called the salon to explain the situation. You can also email them photos so they can see the issue. They should colour it again for you x

  36. Brooke says

    I went to the hair salon with red brown hair my friends dyed as a joke. I asked for it to be stripped and as I have extremely fair hair naturally it be dyed a caramel golden brown. I even showed her pictures of the colour I wanted. to my shock horror 200 dollars later my hair is dark brown near black. I don’t know what to do, I didn’t say anything thinking it was the lighting in the salon.will they fix it and make me pay even more? Im 16 and the colour is too dark and makes me look 20 :(

    • Hair Romance says

      oh no Brooke! I would definitely go back in to the salon. Call first and ask to speak to the salon manager. They should make an another appointment for you to come in so they can correct it to the colour you asked for. Good luck x

  37. says

    I had my hair done, with highlights, I left it in her hands.
    I told her I would like to b blonde but it’s fall and
    I can’t experiment, I’m not a risk taker, on hair.
    So when it was done I liked in the salon, outside, I looked
    More blonde. And streaky or tiger like. My
    Mom said leave it, see it if you like it. I knew, it was
    A week later, she knew I had a lot of stress, that my
    Dad has cancer and doesn’t have long to live.
    I tried to communicate, her being a blonde, u think
    She would have known, she had died my hair all over and if turned orange, I wasn’t
    Happy with that so she pulled colours out again and I’m overwhelmed, more. It looked like
    My natural colour which I wanted but it wet darker and reddish. I am so upset. I’m
    Going through so much and just wanted to feel good about myself, I write I’m crying.
    I called the owner, hoping it was, and said to come back on Monday. I’ve been in the house, since. My hair was all I had going for me, it’s like did this on purpose. Please help
    My cost was $250.00 Canadian my hair has been dyed 3 times now. I washed it to c I would do
    Anything, nope it still looks terrible. I’m so upset. Everywhere I look everything is
    Just terrible, also being a twin. That just up & left and myself helping my mom with my dad.
    I had lost it, not at them but I was so upset. My dads dying and I just wanted to look
    Pretty for him and ME.

  38. Lynn says

    My hairdresser and I talked about what I wanted, I had a picture of what I wanted also, I went in there with hair to my breasts and went out with hair to mi chin, I wanted shoulder length. I can’t get my hair fixed :/ it’s so short and I literally walked out after paying and cried.. She just did whatever she felt like and went with it, I even asked where’s the choppy effect and she said oh I’ll get there.. Nothing.. Honestly it seems hairstylists don’t listen at all anymore even at Kenneth’s! I’m not sure if I’ll ever let anyone else cut my hair again.

  39. Abigail says

    My dad took me to the salon (I don’t drive yet) and went in with a picture. The woman said I would have to get my hair real short, so I told her nicely, “nevermind then. I’ll just get a trim instead, not layers, like usual.” Well, she ended up cutting off a few INCHES, added layers, and completely chopped my bangs! I did what I shouldn’t have done, said it was fine, and left. I just wanted to leave as quickly as possible, and waited until I was in the car before I began bawling!

    • Hair Romance says

      oh I’m so sorry Abigail! I think you should still call the salon and tell them. They can’t make your hair longer, but they may be able to even out the layers for you or trim them to blend in better. Good luck and I’m sure your hair will grow back quickly x

  40. Diana says

    I recently went to a salon and asked for balayage highlights on my virgin, long, and thick dark brown hair. I used words like low contrast, natural, sun-kissed, and subtle dimension. I brought plenty of pictures on my ipad too. Instead I got brassy orange tiger strips hidden underneath my hair that already look like they’re too far from the roots. She didn’t even touch the top layer if hair, insisting that it should be used to hide and blend what’s underneath. While the bottom half came out ok, the top half is a mess. I had a 4pm appointment and was there until 9. I was so ready to leave that I said it looked great and I loved it even though it wasn’t true. She was so focused on showing me the bottom that I didn’t get the chance to look at the top. At home in my own lighting I can see the problems. The haircut isn’t the length I asked for and it’s uneven. Moreover, I researched the salon but apparently not enough. The salon owner is the only stylist. Should I call back and ask her to fix it? Or should I ask for a refund? I don’t know what to do. Please help!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Diana, I’m sorry you had a bad experience. Call the salon and discuss the problem with them. If you trust the stylist to give them a second chance then let them fix it for you. Otherwise you may be able to ask for a refund though I’m not sure of the law in your area as to whether they must give you money back. Good luck x

  41. Neve says

    My hair was home coloured a very light blonde and was damaged id been on holiday and came back and the pool had damaged it further and turned it green, my hairdresser cut most of the damaged hair out but it’s now very short and doesn’t sit right at all, I’ve been blonde all my life and to get the green out I had to go very dark, I was told it would wag out back to blonde but it hasn’t it’s dull and muddy and I start back to school on Monday :(

  42. jesicka309 says

    Ugh I am feeling this….again…. this is the second time I’ve ended up with highlights that I’m not happy with. The first time it ended up too ashy, and with my dark brown hair it ended up looking like grey! I went back, they toned it through, and it looked like I had nothing done. But at least I didn’t look grey!

    This time, I asked to go lighter. I’m not an almost blonde, almost brunette, which I’m not sure about….but the way she put the highlights in, it looks like alternating light and dark blonde stripes down my head! It’s nothing like the ‘bumblebee’ or tiger stripes I’ve heard people talking about, but they’re so uniform and unnatural! I’m going to wash it out a few times and see if it fades a bit, but I’m worried that if I go back, they’ll just tone it and it will look super brown (and I’ll have to wait 6 weeks to try something again). :( I don’t think I’ve ever come out from a hair salon feeling immediately happy with the result – it’s always had to grow on me and I wish I’d find something I love immediately!

    • Hair Romance says

      sorry to hear this Jesicka :( They can blend out the obvious stripey highlights with more fine highlights/lowlights. I would call the salon and talk to the m about it. Good luck x

  43. BH says

    I usually don’t realise that I hate my hair until I’ve gone home, washed it, and styled it myself. Then I realise how short they have cut the top layers and there’s nothing I can do. A good blow dry at the salon can make anything look good but you can’t do that every day.

  44. Jo. says

    I had blue hair down near my boobs, all one length. I went in to my usual hair dresser for a shaggy collarbone length cut, something that I could just scrunch; she knows I like to get up and go! The longest layer is at my collarbone, but it’s about the thickness of a 20c coin. I have really thick hair and she’s layered it in that fashion all the way up near my ears!!! The layers are so thin and choppy that they rub against each other, creating static, and curl up. When my hair is down, it 1960’s curls up to my neck, very unflattering. :(

    Seeing as I was the only person in my year to dye my hair blue, it was a VERY public cut. People who used to compliment my hair are now laughing at me :(

    I had to dye it over with black, as to not bring so much attention to it; but now it’s washed out to a murky brown and I’m too embarrassed to find someone to fix it.
    Bad cut AND bad colour.

    What should I do?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jo, sorry to hear about your bad cut :( Don’t be embarrassed, we’ve all been there at one time or another. Definitely try another stylist (on the recommendation of a friend or someone with good hair) and get some advice on what you can do. Even get a second opinion. Your hair will grow quickly and you’ll have that cool blunt cut before you know it x

  45. Hilary says

    I recently went to the salon with my super highlighted hair wanting to go back to my natural. My hair stylist said that I wouldn’t like it so she did ombré instead. Problem with that was I wear my hair up almost all the time because of working at a restaurant. I went back a week later to have her add more highlights so that when it’s up it looks like I don’t have roots. Now the problem is it looks stupid when I wear it down. I want to dye it dark on my own but I just spent all this money on my hair and I feel bad if I were to call back again saying I don’t like it. If I do just color it on my own she will notice in 7 weeks when I go back! What should I do?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Hilary, your hairdresser will be able to tell you coloured your hair unless you use a semi permanent colour. The semi will wash out in 7 weeks though your highlights may hold the colour a little longer. Good luck with whatever you decide x

  46. Nicole says

    So glad I found this ! I always get my blonde highlights done in la and I love them – so being stuck in NYC and having awful roots I had to take my chance on a new person:( I found someone that a good review (only one review I could find ) so went for it. Brought pictures did everything on my end – but the hairdresser wasn’t very friendly first thing she says is she doesn’t like people so that’s why she has her own salon with just her- yes I guess I was desperate as I still sat in her chair and let her do my hair as soon as it was done it was too dark still – didn’t look blonde and my main note was please california bright blonde- she says after the $250 bill oh well next time- no not next time – $250 is a lot to hate the color I ask her to add more blonde she says come back tomorrow – I do she’s rushed (even though it’s just me) she add only a few blonde strands to the top of my hair (I got a full highlight) and says there better- I blow dry and still dark! I tell her sorry it’s still not like the picture then she proceeds to get so rude with me and says again oh well next time! $250 is a lot to spend on something you hate and since it’s only her salon there’s no one else to go to. I asked nicely is there anything else we can do and she just stared at me – so I left:( I called my credit card company to dispute the charge and they said of I wasn’t happy with the service they would do that- it may sound extreme but I feel so taken advantage of when you spend so much and all you get is oh well. Am I in the right to request refund?

  47. Beardless says

    Thank you for this post. I had an awful experience yesterday when I asked my stylist to tidy up the edges of my beard, and somehow this translated to her chopping off WELL over a YEARS worth of growth. I feel very upset, violated, even emasculated. I worked so hard to grow that facial hair and it was finally at a good-looking length, it just needed to be cleaned up a little to remain presentable. It happened so fast, I was certainly in shock as I paid and walked out. As much as you’re right that I need to breathe and say “It WILL grow back” it’s so upsetting to have lost over a YEARS worth of growth effort for no good reason. I believe once my beard gets long enough to trim again, I will find myself a barber who has an excellent beard himself. Then maybe someone will respect the effort I am putting in. Thank you for validating my feelings about this awful haircut!

    • Hair Romance says

      thanks so much for commenting and glad you are ok. Hopefully your beard grows back quickly!

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