How-to: Fishtail braided bun hairstyle

Fishtail braids often seem complicated, but once you know the tricks you can create all kinds of hairstyles. This easy fishtail braided bun is perfect for medium length to long hair. It’s an easy hairstyle for day, and looks stunning dressed up with a jewelled accessory for night.

How to do a fishtail braid

Fishtail braids look harder than normal braids, but if you think of them as two ponytails it’s really simple to do.

1. Put your hair in a ponytail. Once you’re more practiced, you can skip this step, but it’s a must to keep this braid in place, especially if you have layers cut in your hair.

2. Split your ponytail in two. Hold one side in each hand and keep these separate as you braid.

3. Cross a small section from the left to the right. Take a small piece of hair from the left side of the left ponytail and put it in the right ponytail.

4. Repeat on the right. Take a small piece of hair from the right side of the right ponytail and put it in the left ponytail.

5. Repeat this process all the way down the ponytails. Each time, cross a small piece of hair from one ponytail to the other side. As you move down the ponytail they cross over, forming the fishtail braid.

6. Tie the end and stretch it out. Secure the end of your fishtail braid with a small, clear elastic. Gently pull at the sides of the braid to stretch it out. This makes your hair look thicker and fuller, and emphasizes the shape of the braid.

How to do a fishtail braided bun

1. Put your hair in a ponytail to the side. I like to loosen the hair a little so that it’s not too tight to my head.

2. Split your ponytail in two. Hold one ponytail in each hand.

3-6. Fishtail braid your ponytail. Cross small pieces of hair from the left ponytail to the right, and the right to the left, repeating all the way down.

7. Tie the end of the braid. Use a clear elastic as it’s small and won’t show in the finished style.

8. Stretch out your braid. The most important step! Gently pulling at the sides of your braid is the best trick to make your hair look thicker and fuller.

9. Twist the braid into a bun. Wind your braid up and around to form the bun.

10. Pin in place and you’re done! Try and push your bobby pins through the hair elastics to make the hairstyle more secure.

Let me know if you try this hairstyle. I’d love to see a photo of the fishtail braided bun in your hair. You can post it on the Hair Romance facebook page, or tag @HairRomance on TwitterInstagram or Pinterest.

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      Thanks Misha! My necklace is from a little shop called Mushu in Surry Hills, Sydney but I bought it a few months ago

  1. says

    Thanks!! that tutorial is amazing, i like how you show each step of the way with pics!! i have seen braided buns before but have had no idea of how to recreate them, but now i do! thanks:)

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