Top 9 Tips for Curly Hair – 24-hour care for your curls

My hair is rarely “wash-and-wear” hair. I can’t just rub my hair with a towel and run out the door with defined curls.

Here’s my round-the-clock itinerary of things you need to do to keep your curls at their curliest. However, technique alone will not keep a spring in your style. You need product. I’ve found the new Paul Mitchell range ‘Curls’, which is dedicated to the cause, is an excellent new addition to my hair.

Top 9 tips for your best curls

  1. How you wash your hair is without a doubt the most essential part of having great curls. You need a hydrating shampoo. Paul Mitchell’s new Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo™ is ideal as it contains zero sulfates, which dry out curly hair, and is rich and moisturising. Massage the shampoo gently into your curls. Heavy-handedness can damage your hair.
  2. Lock in extra moisture and use a leave-in treatment. It acts as an extra hydrator for your conditioner and will keep working for you all day. Paul Mitchell’s Full Circle Leave-In Treatment™ for Frizz-Free Curl Therapy will certainly do the trick. It has a smoothing, replenishing lightweight formula that protects your curls from daily damage.
  3. Be careful when towel drying. Squeeze water out instead of rough drying or rubbing with towel – this friction causes frizz and breaks up your natural curls.
  4. Creams help define unruly curls and don’t leave your hair crispy like some gels. They keep your hair hydrated, which is key to keeping your curls strong, full of volume and manageable. Twirl Around™ Crunch-Free Curl Definer from Paul Mitchell should be added to damp or wet hair before you dry it. This new product helps your curls keep their bounce all day and its crunch-free fixative gives you plenty of control.
  5. Use a diffuser if you are blow-drying your hair. The diffuser, which you add on to the end of your dryer, spreads the airflow out. This will give you an even, gentler drying stream. Without a diffuser, the direct airflow can make your curls crisp up, which can lead to breakage and frizz.
  6. Embrace your natural waves with sea salt sprays. They add body to your hair and encourage your natural texture. Take it one step further with the Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave™ Beachy Texture Cream-Gel. It separates curls, adds texture, fights off the frizz and gives beautiful form to tousled beachy curls.
  7. If you’re not sure what to do with your curls and you’re in a hair-down mood, try moving your partline a little deeper, especially if you usually part your hair in the centre. This will add more height and shape to your style.
  8. When you’ve styled your curls and you’re happy where they are, avoid touching your hair. I know this can be hard, but oil and dirt from your hands will make your hair frizz.
  9. When it comes to bed time, you can still look after your curls. You could try wearing a night cap, though it’s not the most attractive option. I sleep on a silk pillow. These can be pricey but they’re worth it. They reduce static and are smooth, so they don’t muss up your hair as you sleep.

Paul Mitchell’s new curl product range has some key products for beautiful, long-lasting curls. Find your nearest stockist with the Paul Mitchell salon locator.

Hair Romance feels your anguish when it comes to curls: one day perfect, one day painful, but we’re not alone. Check out the Paul Mitchell Facebook page featuring – and celebrating – the relationship people have with their curls. Submit your ‘Curl Confession’ and have it featured on the site.

What’s your no. 10 tip for beautiful curls?

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    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Reese, they retail from salons for approx $13-22. Use the link above to find your nearest salon stockist x

    • Hair Romance says

      That is truly the best advice Loretta. I always forget it but I’m going to do this next time my curls are a mess. Embrace messy hair x

  1. curlywurly says

    Great Tips!!
    here’s mine..
    Deep treatments are you friend, the majority of frizz is caused by dry hair a good DT regime helps to minimize this.

    You can pick up satin pillow cases instead of silk ones and they work just as well and are much cheaper :)

    Using a old t-shirt or microfibre towel instead of a terry towling towel can help minimize frizz as they fibres are not as rough. You can even looking into “plopping” or “plunking” to help with drying your curls (plenty of youtube videos and explanations just google)

    I detangle my waves/curls in the shower with a wide tooth comb only once i’ve put in conditioner. Too much brushing makes me poofy and frizzy.

    I’m sure I have a whole bunch more but cannot think of them right now. :)

  2. Rosalie says

    I don’t brush my hair if I’m.keeping the curls, not in the shower, not after. And I use a leave in treatment and air dry, but I’ve got more wavy than curly since its getting long and weighed down.
    Cheers from Seattle!

  3. Kirsten says

    I wavered on the whole silk pillowcase thing for a long time, but once I picked one up it made a huge difference! I found one on etsy for around $40 and it’s probably one of my favourite hair investments.
    I comb a light oil into my hair after I shower as a leave-in treatment, and if I want to loosen my curl pattern just a tad I do rope-twists while I airdry my hair, so I’ve still got some curl but not my tight ringlets (which can be a hassle).

  4. says

    I have really long, really thick, really curly hair. I skip shampoo, it dries out my hair. I use Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Conditioner ($29 on for the really big bottle, lasts me about 4 months) and use Mixed Chicks Leave-in-conditioner ($18 on amazon) and let it air dry. 9 days out of 10 its a good hair day :)

  5. Amanda says

    I never brush my curly hair. Ever. In the shower, I finger comb it after my conditioner has been on it a while. I also find my hair gets curlier & less frizzy if I wrap it in a towel for about 5 mins….comb a little curl cream through it with my fingers & wrap it with a towel for 10-15 mins. Then add a little more curl cream once it’s more on the damp side. Blow dry with a diffuser on low & when it’s barely damp, spritz it with a tiny bit of curl spray & use the dryer until its dry. Make sure your dryer doesn’t blow too hard too…some dryers do even on low & that causes frizz.

  6. Julie says

    I smiled reading your curly hair tips, i am a proud curly hair chick!!! 😉 it took me so many years before I was finaly happy with my curls, i have tried many tips and was very desapointed even at most hair stylist because they dont know what to do with curly hair.
    Personnaly, i dont cumb my hair, i only use my fingers in the shower. I found a great stuff ” cat walk” cant do without it, it doesn’t get my hair dried like other hair product.
    Thank you!!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Julie! So many curly girls go through the same painful journey with bad haircuts and confused hairstyles 😉 Thanks for sharing your product tips! X

  7. Sheri says

    I just bought all four products you mentioned above. I’m a bit confused though. Do I use all four products at the same time? Or do I first shampoo, use leave in conditioner, and then pick one of the other two?? Thanks for all the great tips!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sheri! Yes, You use the shampoo and and leave in conditioner then pick one of the other two. Have fun with your hair xx

  8. Madison says

    Because I live on the water, I actually make my own saltwater hair spray. It’s just a mix of some saltwater and infusium moisturizing stuff that you can get pretty much anywhere. I keep it in a spray bottle and spritz my hair with it after I get out of the shower or after I wake up and my curls are a mess. The spray makes my hair frizz-free, my curls bouncy, and me happy.

    • Hair Romance says

      That sounds amazing! I make my own leave in spray and will have to try your salt water version x

  9. FL Frizz Fighter says

    Just used Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave for the first time and am blown away by what it did for my hair! BUT… I’m worried that it may be drying since it has alcohol in it. I have extremely dry hair as it is…condition daily + leave in condition and only wash with no sulfates 1x/week, and it’s still pretty dry overall. Will this product cause dryness?

    My hair is very fine and much more curly than wavy… will try the Twirl Around too… was out of stock when I bought ultimate wave.

    Historically I’ve done well with the Paul Mitchell mousse, but Ultimate Wave works even better!!

  10. Christie says

    Do you have any tips for wavy hair that gets straighter as the day goes on? I’d love it if my hair would keep its curls all day!! Right now I just use a cream gel right out of the shower and then put it up in a microfiber towel for a few minutes, then air dry the rest of the way. I don’t have much time since I have 3 little ones :).

    • Hair Romance says

      Curly hair tends to drop is your hair is fine or very heavy. You could try using a fine water spray and scrunching your hair to revive the curls. I also lvoe styling powders which can add volume to your roots and add more texture to your hair x

  11. Alexandra says

    I find it easier if you get a claw clip and put you hair in that when you get out of the bath and leave it in over night, but thats only if you want nice curly/wavy hair in the morning!! I tend to brush my hair first and then put the claw grip and Then IIn the morning comb through it again and it will be fine xx

  12. Sierra says

    My problem is that the quarter of my hair closest to my face on my left is massive ringlets (big chunks and spirals about 1 inch in diameter) but the right side is thin weak ringlets and the back is wavy, and the underside of the back is straight – and my curls fall out overnight and i have crazy frizz too! my hair’s getting better and i love it, but i would love to have some sort of consistency! i’ll definitely try out these tips once i get a good hair dryer!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sierra, that’s really normal. With my hair, it used to be really straight at the back and now it has changed into the curliest part of my hair. I use a small curling wand to even out any sections that aren’t as curly as the rest x

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