How to style curly hair

Edit: The response to this post has been amazing! I’ve just created a new video tutorial of how to style curly hair for frizz free curls. You can also check out all my other curly hair posts here.

I love wearing my hair curly, but it took a long time to say that. My hair was a mix of frizz, waves, ringlets and crazy hair until I worked out an easy routine to style my curly hair that made the most of my curls.

You might think I always straighten my hair after my 30 Braids in 30 Days hairstyles, but it’s not the case. I straighten my hair for tutorials as it is easier to photograph and restyle for the step-by-step photos.

Plus the more you touch curly hair, the frizzier it becomes. My first styling tip is stop touching your hair. The oil and dirt from your hands creates frizz and will mess up your curls.

How to style curly hair

This is my quick way to style curly hair when I want to wear it out.

  1. Wash your hair. Here are my top 10 tips for how to wash your hair.
  2. Use a conditioning treatment, or leave your conditioner on for 3-5 minutes. Use a wide tooth comb or tangle teezer to get rid of any knots. This is the last time you will comb your hair. Comb gently, as wet hair is more prone to breakages.
  3. Rinse your shampoo and conditioner thoroughly.
  4. Turn your head upside-down, and gently shake your hair to let the curls form their natural shape. I use my fingertips on my scalp to lift my hair and let the curls take shape.
  5. Don’t rub your hair with a towel. I squeeze the water out instead of rubbing my hair and breaking up the curls. A microfiber towel, or t-shirt is even better as they are smoother on your hair.
  6. Apply a curl cream or mousse. I used Aveda Be Curly Style Prep and Curl Enhancer. Apply the Style Prep first, then the curl Enhancer which has a creamy texture.
  7. Use a diffuser to dry your hair to about 80% dry. You can let your hair dry naturally, but a diffuser is quicker and gives more volume. I used the Anthony Nader WAHL dryer to dry my hair with my head upside down. Then I flip my hair back, and check how it’s sitting. I usually restyle the front and partline, then let it be.
  8. As a final touch you can use a serum or wax to add more definition to your curls. I used O&M Frizzy Logic in the ends of my curls. I also love Aveda Pure Abundance Styling Potion sprinkled on my roots to add volume.

This looks like a lot of steps, but I’ve just broken it down in detail. It takes me less than 10 minutes to blowdry and style my curly hair.

Remember to check out my new video tutorial of how to style curly hair for frizz free curls. Find more curly hair posts here and hairstyle tutorials here.

How do you style your curls?

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      • Catherine J says

        So the whole upside down diffusing method SEEMS like a good idea, but my hair is super ultra fine, but curly with lots of untamed baby hairs around my face. I have tried everything to get them to grow, but they can’t. So when I slip my head upside down to diffuse, the front of my head looks like a disaster and my hair becomes even more frizzy even with good product. Should I just avoid flipping my hair upside down or do you have any other suggestions?

        • Kendra says

          Me, too. And it’s hard to find tutorials on FINE curly hair. And with fine curly hair, it’s hard to maintain a part. One breeze and you turn into Kramer from Seinfeld. My only other choice is to straighten the bangs a bit and use spray — but that only makes me look like I just escaped the 80s. :(

          • says

            Fine curly hair can be tamed with a little gel when doing a wash ‘n go You don’t have to diffuse either. Air drying is better for your hair anyway.

            I too have fine hair but a lot of it. I apply gel on soaking wet hair, let it air dry and then scrunch the gel cast out. While drying, I do not touch my hair and the curls will set on their own.

            Hope this helps.

          • erronious says

            If you put your hair up when it is wet, it breaks as it dries. It took me years to get rod of those wispy bits and it tool a great hair stylist to look at my hair and say: “girl if you keep putting your hair up wet it will never grow” – its been a year and the wispy bits ar almost as long as my shortest layer.

        • Loaf2muffin says

          I also have fine curly hair and I use a blow dryer with my head upside down but count for 7-9 second per section of my head. 7-9 seconds per side and then 7-9 seconds on either side of the back. Same with the top 7-9 seconds on the top, still upside down. If I blow dry for longer I can forget getting a decent looking style for that day.

          • imcurly says

            Try an edge control or stiff, alcohal free gel for your baby hairs. I would try and keep it just at the baby hairline though, as you do not want to weigh your hair down as it is fine, although a little gel around the part could help maintain it. This may not work for everyone of course, each curl is different.

        • Sheena says

          Lavender essential oil encourages growth. I haven’t tried it on my hair yet (I have baby bangs too, they are the curliest of all my curls) but I do add the oil to my mascara and my eyelashes are significantly longer!!!
          I haven’t taken the plunge yet of adding oil to my roots for fear of oily looking hair.
          Maybe adding it to shampoo or conditioner would work.

    • Lynette says

      This is very similar to the way I style mine. I recently found that if you put you hair up at night with a wide soft elastic hair scrunchy into a ponytail on top of your head, then curl your hair up into a bun. hold the bun and the rest of your hair in place with several flat hair clips that the next morning, all you have to do is shake it out and maybe use the end of a rat tail comb to style. May need a little hairspray allover. Never use your fingers, that messes the curls up. This allows me to stretch the style into 3-4 days without having to wash again. Mine gets softer and fuller each day.

      • Hair Romance says

        Great tips Lynette! I also pin my hair up to sleep, it definitely keeps your curls looking better the next day x

      • Poppy says

        Last night i did you tip and now i have to straighten my hair because it didnt work and im quite annoyed about that

        • Hair Romance says

          Hi Poppy, I’m sorry it didn’t work for you but every curl is different. If you’re frequently straightening your hair you’ll find it will take a while for your curls to come back to their perfect form again. You can find out how to get your curl back here. Good luck x

          • Meg says

            Be patient and give your hair at least a week of making it curly before you give up. Plus I think curly hair is all in a great cut! Lots of layers (I like my front layers long to avoid it being too fluffy around my face). At night, after a shower I toughly soak my wet hair with infusium leave in conditioner, and brush with a paddle brush. I brush a lot, as I only wash my hair every other day and my fine hair sheds a lot. I think getting rid of the dead hair is key to great curls. Then flip upside down and add Pantene curly moose and thoroughly spray with Pantene hair spray. Diffuse it with your blow dryer until dry or almost dry depending on weather or humidity. Spray again with hair spray and go to bed. In the morning it will be soft and beautiful. I enjoy my curls and get compliments often.

  1. says

    I do almost the same thing! I love Moroccanoil and use the same fingertips to the scalp trick! I have bangs though (to hide my huge forehead) so I straighten those before I diffuse the rest of my hair. Still only takes ~10 minutes!

    • Hair Romance says

      Great minds Molly! When my bangs were shorter, I would sometimes use a curling wand to reshape them so they sat where I wanted them.

  2. says

    My method sounds similar to yours. I have to wash my hair to reset the curls – I usually wash my hair every day for this reason. I do the quickest towel dry to get rid of the drips but so that it is still really wet. I am finding that I can get away with just using Morocan Oil as my curl setting product (though it doesnt hold if it is windy outside) so I rub a couple of drops of that through the mid lengths and ends. I then comb it with a wide tooth comb – this puts the hair together into curls, turn my head up side down and gentle scrunch the curls to really bring them out then I will usually just let it air dry. I have issues with crispy curls so don’t like to use a lot of product in them.
    Sarah Kretchmer recently posted..Elemis Duchess of Spa: Perhaps the most heavenly gift pack you will ever receiveMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Great tips Sarah, I hate crispy curls too. I prefer to leave them softer rather than overly defined and crunchy.

    • Kate says

      I hate crunchy curls too but always have to use gel, or the frizz gets ridiculous by the end of the day. I found that the cure for crunch is to tip your head upside down after your hair has totally dried and gently scrunch it. It breaks up the gel cast and makes the curls soft again.

    • kady says

      Hey, Sarah: I have to get my hair wet to re-set the curl, too, but I don’t wash every day because it would dry the snot outta my curls. The second day, I rinse it in the shower, runs some conditioner through to detangle & then follow with my usual styling routine. Try it!

      • Maggie says

        I wet my hands and rescrunch for Day 2-4. Generally works pretty well, and I don’t have to fool with re-establishing my bang/part again that way. When my hair starts to feel heavy or my slap itchy, then I wash or rinse and start over. I love the “plop” method for drying my hair, gel, then add hair clips to the top for added volume for about 10 minutes.

        Any have trouble with the neckline on a shoulder length do? Mine kept going flat, so I had some layers added in…now, my neck is cold! LOL Wish I had found another solution…trying to grow it out!

  3. Beth says

    I totally agree woth this post. I pretty much have exactly the same hair routine. If I have time though, once my hair’s completely dry, I like to use my curling iron to fix any curls that didn’t form right or are just going crazy that day. The trick is to make sure they blend in decently well an look natural. Otherwise it just looks silly to have these irregular natural curls, and some nice polished symmetrical curls.

    • Hair Romance says

      Great minds Beth! I also use a curling wand to touch up shorter layers! Now my hair is longer, it’s mostly the same but I would curl my fringe.

  4. says

    I too have ridiculously curly/frizzy hair! It drives me nuts at times and wish it would relax! My hair is like noodles! I find that a great cut always helps with it sit right otherwise it could seem just plain old boofy as I like to call it! Do you have any tips on cuts that suit particular hair types?

    Sophie xo
    Sophie recently posted..How Safe Are We Online???My Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sophie, I agree. A good haircut is the secret to great hair. If your hair is really curly your stylist should cut it dry, so they can see exactly how the curls are forming. I often get asked about my haircut so I’ll write some more tips about curly haircuts.

      • erica says

        I get stopped on a daily basis in Chicago re: my curls and especially my daughters. I have to TOTALLY DISAGREE with the DRY CUT. I will argue anyone on the dry cut vs. wet when it comes to curly hair. I went to a curl specialist in chicago and she believes in cutting DRY. NEVER AGAIN! I am two years out and after taking hair growth pills and wearing my hair in a pony tail, I know that cutting curls dry is a recipe for disaster. When you have curly hair, every day is a new curl pattern. When the hair is cut wet, you can see the lengths, but dry could look good that second, but for teh next year or two, you will have pieces that are inches longer than others in all the wrong places. Stay away from the dry cut. I am still recovering.

          • Christina says

            I too disagree with the dry cut. Every time someone has attempted that on my curls i’ve ended up with shredded awful ends, plus uneven layers that look fine when your hair is curly but awful if you want to straighten it. To Sophie – I get my hair cut by a Ouidad trained stylist – you can find them at My hair has NEVER looked better. If you can’t find a Ouidad stylist I’d suggest going to someone who specifically specializes in curly and/or ethnic hair.

          • Charlie Rogers says

            Hi I live in Sydney, Australia and my curls look almost exactly like Christies only a bit longer and crazier. I have been using the same hairdresser for most of my life. However recently I really haven’t like the way she was cutting it. I heard Christie that you also live in Sydney and your hair always looks great so I was wondering if you could recommend any hairdressers for my wild hair.

          • Hair Romance says

            Hi Charlie, I go to Stevie English Hair in Bondi Junction and highly recommend Missy and Jimmy. Not sure if they’re near you but they are worth the drive :)

    • bdhstar says

      I get my hair dry cut as well. I used to have it cut wet & I will never go back to it. My stylist uses a flat iron on my hair and then cuts it straight. I have never had an issue with it once I go home & wash it. I always hated going to get my hair done b/c after they would wash & cut, the stylist always wanted to make my hair so fuzzy & I hated it. I used to say don’t dry it I’m just going to go home and do it myself anyway. But now i’m happy when I leave!

      • carly says

        I have to agree with the no wet hair cut. I have extremely curly/thick hair. I’ve gotten it cut dry once, and it was a nightmare. my curls curl different on some days. some guy tried cutting it dry. it was alright then (altho i was very nervous and should have stopped him) but then i had some pieces that were ridiculously long and others that were too short and made my hair poof out more then it should ever be, when i washed it and it styled. I can’t blow dry my hair, even with that diffuser, for it makes it dry out too much, and again i am on the verge of an afro.

        As for styles of hair cuts, or any ideas for just styling, if you had any ideas i would appreciate some. I never do anything different then putting gel in it, letting it air dry and going about my day

        • Curly girly says

          My hairdresser cuts my hair twice – dry first and then she checks it after washing it to make sure all the lengths and layers are correct. Workd for me. No disasters to date!

  5. says

    I have pretty much the same routine, except I’m in a ‘organic – only’ period so I work a little mask with olive oil and egg yolks and / or honey before the actual washing, then I wash (with baking soda & yolks home – made shampoo) and rinse with diluted apple cider. I only keep the towel wrapped around my head until I put on my clothes and then it’s air – dry. When it’s at 60% – 80% dry, I use my hands to scrunch from the ends up to mid – lenght, with head flipped down with either argan oil, coconut oil or vaseline, whatever I have on hand. I discovered they all work. Waterproofing the ends is what keeps my curls curled. I repeat that every time I feel my ends are dry and look frizzy.
    Kpriss recently posted..Isabeli Fontana Looks Sad For Victoria’s Secret 2012 Fashion ShowMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      I love that you have such a natural system worked out Kpriss. Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil are so good for your hair.

  6. Whitney says

    Thank you for this! I’ve been wanting to encourage my natural waves for years, but every time I try, the results are very fork-in-a-light-socket. Maybe your method will make my waves pretty and defined like your lovely curls!

  7. Isabel says

    Hi! This is super helpful, I’ll have to give it a try. This are my curls —> They are a lot longer now, and I’m thiking about having them shorter (I’ve been reading your posts about curls). If you have any suggestions, I would like to read them. THANK YOU for your posts!

    Isabel from Venezuela.

  8. Kate says

    Nice post! My method is pretty similar to yours, but I leave in a little conditioner before putting in my curl cream, and I always add gel at the end. Additionally, instead of a diffuser, I actually just hang my head over the side of my bed and turn a space heater on it. The airflow is even gentler than the diffuser, which helps keep things pretty frizz free and lets me achieve chunkier curls. The gel does form a hard cast, but if I tip my head over and scrunch out the crunch, I get great, frizz-free volume and super soft curls.

  9. Lorri D says

    I have very similar hair except for the cut. I just let it grow out all one length and I don’t like it. How would you say your hair is cut? It’s so hard to find a stylist that knows how to cut curly hair so I’ve avoided it but I really think I need some or a teeny weeny bit of layering. What can you tell me on how your hair is cut?
    I would love my hair to look just like yours!
    Thanks a bunch! Lorri

  10. Cara Stanley says

    I use the same steps! I highly reccomend Curls Rock by Catwalk – its a curl booster that defines and separates curls, adds volume, and enhances texture and shine. I also add silk infusion CHI oil to the ends to help prevent heat damage from the diffuser. The CHI oil also aids in preventing the curly hair “crunch.” Both products are expensive but you don’t need much – I even have really long hair and I only need two pumps of Catwalk and a dime size of CHI oil. (A little product goes a looong way!)

  11. Lorri D says

    Thanks so much Christina!
    Do you have any other pic’s of your hair from other angles?
    I want to be able to show my stylist all that I can so we’re on the same page when she cuts my hair…ya know?!
    Thanks for all your help! :)

  12. says

    These are great tips!
    I like to wash my hair at night and use some sort of mousse to control some of the frizz. I don’t blow dry, because I think that caused my hair to puff out. Rather, I sleep on it while its still wet to prevent it from over frizzing. In the morning, I touch up the curls that were flattened or bent out of shape when I slept with a curling iron. I hold the curling iron upside down and wrap the pieces hair that need curling around the iron like I’m using a wand. The result is a bouncier, more natural looking curl that freshens up my normal curly hair!

  13. Emily says

    I’m so glad I found this post. I have curly hair but straighten it EVERY DAY, and have since I was in junior high. Reason is, my hair curls really pretty from about the bottom of my eyes down…..from the top of my head to me eyes, my hair is straight. I’ve never been able to get it to curl enough to make it look good. I’ve used product, diffusers (woah frizz!), air dry…. I just can’t do it. When I do let my hair go curly, I have to wear ir half up half down to hide the top. My hair is pretty fine too.

    Anyone have this problem and have found a solution? Would LOVE any advice :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Emily, it can be because your hair is long, the weight of it causes it to lay flat at the roots. The best product for this is styling powders, they are amazing for creating instant volume at the root.

    • Lyss says

      This is a really late response, but have you ever tried plopping? Plopping scrunches your hair straight to the root, and since you shake your hair out up side down and then let it dry above your head, it should add plenty of volume to the roots. People often do it to avoid the triangle effect.

      • Hair Romance says

        Thanks Lyss! I can’t say plopping without laughing but the technique sounds great. I’m going to give it a try x

  14. DK Sturdivant says

    Great tips!!! It took me until my late 30s to love my curls!! I use the same method as you and can’t agree more with your DON’T TOUCH statement…only makes frizz worse. For those of us in high humidity areas, (Louisiana anyone???), I find using Paul Mitchell Fast Form helps my hair dry faster on those really bad weather days, and to combat the “crunchy curl” I use Paul Mitchell Foaming Palmade, this stuff is amazing!!! It starts as a liquid, turns to a foam and then slick, rub all over your head with the flat of your hand, leaves soft, beautiful, frizz free curls!!! Changed my life!!!

  15. Mae says

    I do about the same thing too, although I use different products. My curls are a bit different than yours. My hair is big and somewhat frizzy but not unmanageable. The one thing I do differently is that I don’t use a blow dryer. I find that when I blow dry my hair ( with or without the diffuser) it turns out even bigger and frizzier than normal. I let my hair air dry ( it dries fairly quick). After I’m done washing my hair, I use a leave-in conditioner and mousse.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Mae! It’s better to not use a diffuser but it’s so much quicker for me, and I do love some big hair :)

  16. Kate says

    I always leave my conditioner on for atleast a few minutes in the shower before washing it out, and only us my fingers to comb thru tangles. I squeeze out as much water as i can, let it air dry a couple minutes, then use the ONE product that has worked for my hair time and time again- Aussie mousse+leave in conditioner. Then i just air dry it- perfect curls every time. :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Kate, sounds like you have a fail-safe routine. I’m a fan of the Aussie Miracle hair Insurance to revive my curls on the second day x

  17. Nathascha says

    I’m so glad I finally found people who understand the nightmare that curly hair can become. It took me 22 years to finally like my hair, as a curly redhead, getting over teasing was difficult. I think the best day of my life was when my younger sister who has gorgeous, long blond, straight, efortlessly perfect hair, told me she was jealous of my curly hair!
    After years of constant straightening, last year I decided to wear my hair curly, and at the beginig it was a mess, but I learned a few tips:
    I only wash my hair with dry hair shampoo (because curly hair are more fragile than straight hair), always use conditioner, and once a week I use a mask that I leave for half an hour.
    I always comb my hair while there is conditioner or mask on it. So I don’t have to do it when they are dry.
    I last rince my hair with really cold water (yeah it is as bad as it sounds, it took me a long time to try it, but so worth it !), it makes your hair shinier!
    I then put some curl cream, put my hair into a twist for about ten minutes, and finally let them dry naturally.
    I always take care of not sleeping on wet hair, because it destroys all my curls.
    I agree, don’t touch your hair! It usually makes it awfull. I avoid tying them as much as possible, because then they get all frizzy.
    Strangely I discovered that my curls look even better after 2 or 3 days without washing them! They make beautifully defined ringlets, and people always ask me what curly iron I use (but I don’t even own one!), so don’t wash your hair to often!

  18. Mel says

    Like Nathascha, I only wash my hair every few days when it starts to feel or look greasy. This really cuts down on the dried out/frizzy look because I’m not stripping the moisture. I have very long (only a few inches above my waist) hair, and I sleep with my hair in a low bun right at the nape of my neck to protect the curl. I normally wet the part of my hair that is going in the bun before I tie it back. In the morning, I just take it out of the bun, add a little curl cream or mousse to hold the curl, and I’m ready to go.

  19. JC says

    I feel that dry cut is the only way to go for curly hair. If it’s cut when wet, it’s impossible to get a feel for the length. Also – one side of my hair is curlier than the other – a dry cut helps the stylist compensate for that.

  20. Amy says

    I use a similar method, without drying it. I can’t use any of those products, though. My hair is baby FINE and I have at least 10 times too much of it. Have you ever tried to make a baby’s hair lay down when it’ messed up? You can’t. lol I have to wash my hair at night, at least 8 hours before I have to be somewhere, or it won’t be dry (it’s above my shoulders in length). All products to eliminate frizz are laughed at by my hair. I use a mixture of oils and wax or a promade to weigh it down. The mixture changes from time to time, but it’s always similar. Suave conditioner with Matrix seems to work best. It seems the more money I spend, the worse it looks. And, I’ve spent thousands. I’d give anything to have straight hair one day, but I know after many tries, it’s not even close to possible. :(

  21. Catherine says

    I have a lot if natural curl. I squeeze water out pick thru spray on a mixture of conditioner, epsom salt (for volume), curling gel, olive oil and water. Its fluffy meaning volume soft ringlets without being stiff.

  22. Meghan says

    Amy, you need to find a stylist that offers the “Pravana Smoothing Perfections” treatment. It is a treatment made of amino acids and shea butter (to name the most improtant) and is guaranteed to remove all the frizz from your hair and naturally weigh your curl down a little (in a good way!). This will allow your hair to be mroe manageable for you and than you can love your curls!! It is NOT a relaxer or a formaldehyde-based straghtening system, it is a frizz eliminating system. And please, PUT DOWN THE SUAVE! Just use your Matrix! I promise you though, you will love the Perfection System.

  23. Krysta says

    I’ve recently switched over to organic/ natural foods and body care. It’s hard to find chemical free products however I’ve been using Unrefined organic Coconut oil as lotion and mixed with sugar as a scrub so I thought why not try it in my hair? Haha. It actually worked wonders. My hair feels super soft and it really cut down the frizz. It won’t create more curl like some products, but it will define what you’ve got. Stay away from root application or using too much as it might make your hair look greasy. I highly recommend it from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes, my husband keeps telling me how soft my skin is and it smells super yummy! Get the Unrefined, it’s about $2 bucks more but worth it!

  24. Kristen says

    I absolutely love your site. Beautiful pictures and tutorials. Your curl pattern is the closest thing I have ever seen to mine. Similar texture and style. However, I recently gave in to getting full fringe and love it when I straighten my hair. However, I hate the way straight bangs look with effortless curly hair. Do you have any tips or photos on how I can style my bangs so that blend better with my curly hair? Thanks!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks so much Kristen! I have a longer side fringe so I find it curls up and I twist it together with longer layers to blend it into the rest of my hair. I also like a curly finge to frame my face so leave it loose too. Try twisting small sections of your fringe to encourage the curl to twist away from your face so it sits better with the rest of your hair x

  25. Tanya Meyers says

    I am eager to try all your tips! I did have a couple questions. After washing and conditioning do I squeeze out the water first or shake and use fingertips at the scalp to form curls first? In your steps it says to form curls first then squeeze the water out. Also when you apply product do you scrunch it in?

    • Hair Romance says

      It might work differently for your curls, but I use my fingertips to start to let my curls form when my hair is dripping wet. Then I take my towel and press it up to my hair to absorb the water. I use a press/squeeze motion rather than a rubbing or shaking motion with my towel. (hope that makes sense!) And yes, I scrunch product into my hair, rather than run my fingers through to break up the curls.

  26. says

    I am amazed by how much better my hair looks after trying this! I was already doing a lot of things right: washing my hair only every 2-3 days, squeezing the water out and not combing it … I even use the same Aveda products. But I wasn’t doing step #4 to let the curls take shape. I realized after reading this that I was applying my product wrong … I have always raked it through my hair to get it evenly distributed, but if you do step #4, then raking the product through breaks up the curls. So I started just scrunching the product into my hair instead (and using less product). It has made such a huge difference!! My curls are more defined and less frizzy. I love how my hair is looking! Thank you!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sarah, I know what you mean. Don’t overdry your hair. I try not to dry my hair completely at the front, and then when I flip my hair back over I let it fall and re-position my part where I want my hair to sit. If it’s dry, I can’t change how it sits. To fix this, you can dampen your hair down again and then twist to re-form the curls. This also works on day 2 if it’s a bit flat in the morning x

    • Hair Romance says

      The diffuser makes all the difference, a regular dryer will not have the same effect. You can buy diffusers cheaply that fit any hairdryer, or a sock diffuser can work too. A sock diffuser is a heat proof mesh “sock” that fits around the nozzle of your dryer to act as a diffuser. It will change how you style your curly hair forever x

  27. Christina says

    I can’t believe it only takes you about 10 minutes to style and dry your hair! My hair, even thinned out, it CRAZY thick. It takes at least 20 minutes for me to get to 80% dryness
    How exactly do you diffuse it? You just flip your head upside down and go? Either way I’m amazed and jealous your hair dries that quickly.

    Have you ever tried the Ouidad products or styling method? That’s what I use now.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Christina, I use a professional dryer which makes it so much quicker. I flip my head upside down and then just use the diffuser around my hair, moving it up and down to dry the roots and ends. I’ve not tried the Ouidad products, which ones should I try first?

      • Christina says

        Sorry this took so long – I have a pro dryer as well which did help a lot but it’s still takes a crazy long time.
        It really depends on your curl type but you can’t go wrong with the anti-frizz shampoos and gel. I use the volumizing shampoo and conditioner and the anti frizz gel. Their moisture lock stuff is great too. I also use their mongongo oil since my hair can get very dry even though I only wash it a couple times a week. If you go to their website they have a little shopping process that you can go through that will help you choose what’s best for you. They also have videos and stuff up to show you how to style it their way which works really well for me. Let me know what you think!

  28. Mary says

    I have very loose curls/wavy hair. I finally gave up fight what God gave me and follow your tips, but find my curls go flat overnight. I’d rather not wash my hair everyday and dry it out. Any advise to re-energize my curls for the next day?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Mary, you can spritz your hair with water and twist the curls around your finger to reshape them. I also use Bumble & Bumble curl revitalizer spray

    • Angela Busselberg says

      Satin pillowcase! If I want to wear my 2nd day hair down, I spritz it with water pretty good and re-scrunch it. It adds a lot more volume and curl definition back in.

  29. Amy says

    I thought that was a pic of my hair! No kidding. Almost identical. I do exactly those things when going curly. I want to add that its best to use your diffuser first on the roots to add a little volume (so you don’t have Christmas tree hair) and to always use the lowest air flow setting and highest heat so that you get the wetness out quickly without disturbing the curl. For less curl and more wave, just lean to the side a little and diffuse through the hair instead of up the hair shaft like when your upside down. In this technique you want to start with the length of the hair and finish with the roots. Thanks for the tips on products though. Finding the right ones is sometimes a monumental task if they change your formula or quit making the product.

  30. Christi says

    I have recently discovered that my hair is pretty wavy and have started styling my hair curly after years of using a flat iron and blow drying it straight. I do something similar to my hair, but I always have a few pesky straight pieces, any tips on how to deal with that? Will my hair have more natural curl if I continue to style it this way and quit using the flat iron?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Christi, it depends – it could be damage or it could be straight pieces. My hair is a bit mixed like that. You can use a curling iron to touch up any straight pieces so they blend with the rest of your waves x

  31. Molly says

    In one of your previous posts you recommend curly haired girls use only conditioner to wash their hair, and my question is, what conditioner do you recommend, and how do you wash your roots/ keep them from getting oily if you only use conditioner from mid-shaft down? Thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Molly, you should read Curly Girl for the full story about not using shampoo. It’s a process and it depends on different curls. I still use shampoo as I colour my hair but I use sulphate free products.

  32. Jessica says

    My hair looks IDENTICAL to yours in the back. Same length, same curls….everything! I also can make my hair poker straight or curly….my hubby likes is curly! My question is this……How do you style the front of yours? I struggle with mine! Thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Sounds like you have great hair Jessica 😉 When I flip my hair back I check where my part falls and adjust any pieces. You can dampen any pieces that aren’t sitting right and twist them to shape them into the curls you want x

  33. Ali says

    I have naturally very curly blonde/strawberry blonde hair. I have flat ironed it almost everyday for the last 5 years. More recently I have tried to start wearing my natural curls again, but the curls (especially around the front of my face where my hair is a bit thinner) are very limp and sad looking. I have been getting trims very 3 months to help and i have always only washed every 2-4 days, but it still has pieces here and there that have almost no curl left to them. Someone recommended Not your mother’s kinky moves curling cream. I like it enough, it is pretty good at controlling the frizz. Any tips on how to help my curls come back to life? I have been considering getting a perm just to have decent looking curls again. Would that help or do more damage?

    • Hair Romance says

      A perm is most likely going to cause more damage, sorry Ali. It will take time for your hair to grow and recover from the flat iron damage. Perhaps try a deep treatment in salon, as well as weekly treatments.

  34. Katy says

    Loved this post! Pretty much my routine. I’ve heard a lot of people say that curly haired gals shouldn’t shampoo their hair, but what do you use to clean it? Do you use a leave-in conditioner? How does that work? Whats your routine for washing and what products do you use?
    Thanks! Can’t wait to try it out!!!!!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Katy, I don’t use the no shampoo method as I colour my hair but it’s possible to just wash curly hair with conditioner. The full method is described is in the book Curly Girl. I use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, and a deep conditioning mask weekly. I’ll do a post about my routine soon x

  35. Melissa Tradewell says

    I shampoo and condition my natural curls every other day also. This is the only time my hair sees a pick (in the shower). After I have wrapped my head in a towel for a minute, I utilize one of my absolute favorite leave in conditioning treatments (Regis’ Design Line Olive Oil Conditioner). I then comb through it with a wide tooth comb and apply a generous amount of Catwalk Strong Mousse while upside down, of course! I apply a dime sized amount of Paul Mitchell Re-Works Texture cream. I too utilize a diffuser and dry my hair upside down until it’s about 80% dry. I finish my look with Paul Mitchell aerosol hairspray. Growing up, I hated my stupid curls, now I LOVE THEM!!!

  36. Melissa says

    I love this look!! My hair is similar in curliness. My question is this. I am struggling with the cut!!! My length may be a bit shorter with no bangs. My problem seems to be when they cut long layers in my hair it seems the layer looks to stairstep on the side. It doesn’t seem to blend. My hair is not real thick. I seem to have trouble with having my “bangs” be too heavy and just lay there. I cant’ seem to ge them to look nice. Any ideas on a cute cut for midlength curly hair very similar to the picture. My hair is not super curly and not thick. I already blow dry upside down and do a lot of the tips you gave. Would love your feedback. I way prefer straight hair and am trying to love my hair curly because it is so much easier, but I also want to feel pretty and can’t seem to find a pretty cut.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Melissa, it sounds like an awkward hair cut. Its possible to have layers but blended rather than a strong step in your hair. I think some face framing layers work well, and keep the bottom layer of your hair quite blunt. Avoid a feathery finish as this will make your hair look thin x

  37. salma says

    hey i love you hair its beautiful, my hair is similar; i tend to wash it then add mousse and dry it with my hair dryer, i was wondering if you could help me out, because i don’t like brushing my hair because its really curly and if i do brush it its very tangled and then after i finish it’s frizzy as hell and i can’t control it; i tend to only brush it before i wash my hair and i tend to loose a lot of hair because of it, is this a bad thing or is it just something normal?? :/ please could you let me know if i should brush it or carry on doing what i do?? xx….and the hair products you recommended are they only available in the US?? because I’m from the UK and i don’t think I’ve seen them around x

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Salma, your hair sounds normal and just like mine. I don’t brush it when it’s curly for the same reasons. Most people lose around 100 hair a day. If you’re not brushing it daily, you’ll lose all those hairs at once. After washing my hair, I comb it and I lose a LOT of hair. It’s gross, but it’s totally normal. You can definitely find Aveda in the UK, and get my gave leave in conditioner Aussie Miracle hair insurance. It’s a bargain from Boots x

  38. Lauree says

    Hi, I love your hair, I love my hair and always have. My stylist says I am the first person in all her years that actually asks for a cut to encourage the curl. It’s amazing how beautifully defined the curls are when I don’t let my hair grow below chin length but it’s thick and heavy and when I grow it any longer I end up with wave instead of curl. I am in love with the Aveeda Be Curl. I am not in love with the price but it is the first curl product I’ve found to do what it says it does. I only use the curl cream right now because I’m trying to use up the liter bottle of Aveeda shampoo for red hair I had bought when I had it colored back in May! I imagine it’ll be a big difference once I’m using the whole line. I love my hair the first day I wash but I still end up putting it up in a pony tail by noon and get the flatness on top also. I appreciated your tips for that problem and will have to pick up some of the powder and give that a try. I only wash it twice a week and only put product in if I’m doing something other than the normal errands. Anyway, I say all this to say I will have to try your steps and see how much a difference it makes. Thank you for your site and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Lauree! You’re so right, the longer your hair, the heavier it gets. I had the best curls when my hair was above shoulder length. Hope these steps help and have a very Merry Christmas! Xx

  39. Georgia says

    My problem is my hair has SO much volume! How do I tone down the poof? It used to lay nice and soft and looked like I just stepped off the each then I moved from Fl to CA and its just dry and poofy. I can cake it in this oily anti frizz serum and it will look ok for a little while then poof up again. :/

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Georgia, I know the changes a new climate and water can bring. It can take some time to find a new routine that works for your hair. Try a clarifying shampoo once a week, this will help remove the build-up of the anti-frizz serum too. Instead try a curl cream to moisturise your hair, or a hair oil. Good luck!

  40. Cammie says

    Yes Yes! I have curly hair and this exactly what I do. I went from hating to loving my hair! however there were a couple of tricks here that I will most certainly be trying. like the tshirt or microfiber towel.. love having curly hair!!!

  41. Susan Childers says

    Your method describes exactly what I do with my hair! I didn’t even realize I had so much curl until I learned how to dry it correctly. Now, I look at people whose hair is more frizzy than curly and think, “Oh, if only they’d let me get to their hair with the right product, a water mist bottle, and a diffuser!” LOL I’ve learned that the key to keeping the curls pretty instead of frizzy is to leave it alone! There’s no “brushing” my hair – ever! It actually looks better the second day after a wash, when I can mist it & re-form the curls. This is a great tutorial for folks who haven’t figured out how to manage their curls!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Susan, it still surprises me how much my curls will spring up when I style them well. So glad you love your curls too x

  42. Jeanine says

    I do the same process as you for my curly hair that is cut in an inverted bob. I use Bed Head Curly Hair line on my hair and love it. I usually spray the curl activator and wrap my hair in towel as I do my make-up, then add some cure defining cream before I blow-dry as you do. I separate my bangs and blow dry with a brush to get them how I want and then I’m done. Takes less than 10 minutes and lasts all day.

  43. Lainey says

    Great tips. I do everything you do with these exceptions…I only use sulfate free shampoo and I use a bit of coconut oil on my ends instead of any products. I find it works just as well, is a lot cheaper and is better for my hair.

  44. Kati says

    Thanks for your post! I struggle every day with my curls. I use most of the steps you gave but have never used a diffuser. That may solve my cold weather wet head dilemma. My question is how is your hair cut? My hair is long like the picture. But its all one length with no layers. Im afraid of layers because I don’t want puffy. But my hair just hangs! :( how do you have yours cut? Any suggestions?

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Kati, I have quite a lot of layers in my hair. There are more details about my curly haircut here. It depends on your hair but I think most curls benefit from some layers. It depends on how you like to wear your hair too. Next time have a chat to your hairdresser about what layers would suit your hair.

  45. Becca says

    When my sister sent me the link to your site, i was really excited! The pictures of your hair are beautiful and I was hoping that by following the steps I would finally be able to have hair like that. But not all of us have that kind of hair and the steps didnt work. No matter what i did, my hair still looks like Eddie Murphy’s when he was doing stand-up. I guess I’ll just have to face the fact that i’ll never have nice hair and I dont think i will ever appreciate it. but thanks. your site is great.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Becca, it’s true, there are many types of curly hair and it takes some trial and error to find the right routine for your hair. Have you read They have great advice for all types of curls. I hope you do start to love your hair. I think your curls are awesome x

  46. Nancy M. says

    Happened upon your site and enjoyed your suggestions…I have curly but fine hair, and I’ve never been able to get my brain around not shampooing every day. Since I moved to a drier, colder climate 6 years ago, my hair doesn’t appear to be drier overall, but the ends do seem to get crispy when I need a cut. I usually keep it in layers slightly below my shoulders with textured bangs which I straighten with a big barrel brush. I also take a shower at night, try to towel gently and dry naturally overnight, spraying it damp in the morning. Perhaps I should try masks, upping the quality of the products I’m using, and maaaaaybe not shampooing every day. (After a fresh cut, it does look a lot like the picture above.) Any thoughts would be appreciated :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Nancy, a weekly mask is always good for dry/curly hair. You could also try mixing your own leave-in conditioner. One part conditioner with 3 parts water in a spray bottle – spritz this on the ends of your hair, or to detangle second day hair. Let me know how you go x

  47. says

    I use beyond the zone noodle head and gel. and difuse also. I wish i could attach a pic. I have naturally curly hair and it looks like absolute crap… even still. but it has its good days

    • Hair Romance says

      haha Kimberly I wish I could see your curls and I’m sure they don’t look like crap! I haven’t tried zone noodle head but I want to just because of the name.

  48. says

    I have a question. Was doing this routine but developed a fungus on the scalp due to the stay in conditioner cream. Now having to use TGel to get rid of the scalp fungus and am afraid to use any conditioner product. My hair is extremely frizzy and unmanageable. Use to really like my curly hair but now so down about it. What do you suggest?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Wanda, I think you should follow your doctor’s advice and change the conditioner that you use. It’s important to still wash your scalp with water when using the no-poo method. You should still massage and wash the scalp, just limit the use of shampoo and products containing sulphates. Until the fungus clears please follow your doctor’s recommended routine.

  49. Catherine says

    Thank you so much! Seeing this, i tried it and have loved my hair recently because of it. Was a ton of help and has saved my hair from being constantly straightened!

  50. alyssa says

    My hair is exactly like yours just much shorter!

    I skip a wash or two, but condition every day since curls need moisture.
    Comb through, and use leave in conditioner to style my hair.
    Diffusers are the best thing ever! I use it every day.

    Less than ten minutes and my curls are ready for the day and stand up through any weather (humidity, wind, rain)

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Alyssa! You’ve got a great system. I used to have my hair shorter and am thinking of chopping it a bit shorter this year…maybe…

  51. Kealy says

    I have naturally curly hair. It also too me a long time to appreciate it. I style my hair almost exactly as you describe and have become addicted to the Be Curly products. They are best curly products I have ever used.

    However, my question is why do you use such an expensive hair dryer? In have to admit I rarely blow dry my hair as a blow dryer seems to always give me really big hair. Is the type of hair dryer really important?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Kealy, a good hairdryer makes such a difference to my hair. Not only is it so much faster to dry my hair, but I think it makes an incredible difference when blowdrying my hair smooth. If you rarely blow dry your hair it may not be worth the investment. At least use a diffuser when you dry your curls x

  52. says

    hello! great site! i am a fellow curly-haired lady and i also worked for aveda for years and years. the style prep is meant to be used when the hair is wet and the curl enhancer can go in when hair is like 30% dry. i didn’t realize this until my last education class (a bit after the style prep came out) and it really did make a difference for me.

    anyway, very excited to see all of your hairdos. i have finally gotten the hang of my hair, but i can only do the same thing to it. and now that i don’t work in the salon, i have no one to do it for me!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Laura! I didn’t realise, as they both say to apply in damp hair on the bottle instructions. I’m going to try this next time. Thanks for the tips x

  53. KellyA says

    I have been using Ouidad products for years, especially the Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel, Playcurl Volumizing Foam (at the roots), Clear Control Pomade (rub a dab in your hands and smooth over crunchy curls to soften them) and Mongongo Oil Multi-use Hair Treatment to protect and shine up those curls. I don’t wash often or use a comb or brush on my hair, and diffuse dry if I am not air drying. For non-wash days, I spray in Ouidad Botanical Boost Spray in Conditioner…it reactivates the products in your hair! I just got my first Ouidad Carve and Slice haircut – expensive, but I was always curious – and I LOVE my cut! The curls fall into a nice pattern, and no more pyramid shape to growing-out layers.

    • Hair Romance says

      That’s great Kelly! Thanks for the tips and so glad you love your new cut. I need to try Ouidad products x

  54. Christen says

    Thank you so much for this post! I have never been on your website but found it through Pinterest. I have naturally curly/frizzy/wavy hair and straighten it ever day of my life. I would love to get down a system that works for my hair curly and naturally so it doesn’t take 30 minutes every morning to straighten and also so I don’t have so much heat on my hair. I will definitely try this! I also read your post about washing your hair. Very helpful! Thank you!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Christen! Hope it helps and you won’t have to worry about the weather so much either! I always have to check the humidity before I straighten my hair or it’s just a waste of time :)

  55. says

    I do this same thing with one extra step at the beginning….First I use flat clips and turn them sideways. I pin them all over the roots of my hair making it stand up a little. I let it dry a bit with some curling mousse in there. Then while I’m blow drying with the diffuser upside down, I slowly take them out. This helps my hair from having what I call the triangle effect (flat on top and full at the bottom.) It work really well. You can see a picture of my curly hair-do here…
    Thanks for this blog- so many great hair ideas!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Ashley! I love that hair clip trick! I should have included it. I’ll do a post about it as I love my curls to sit up at the roots too. PS. I LOVE your hair x

  56. Jocelyn says

    Have you tried Diva Curl? It is a wonderful product/complete line for curly hair. I use the ‘No-Poo’ shampoo and conditioner and shake my hair out upside down, while still in the shower (like I was rocking out) and then use the light gel, while scrunching. I don’t use a towel, but an old t-shirt to get some of the extra moisture out. When I bought my diffuser, it was the best thing ever! I also use the lowest air setting, but highest heat setting. Seems to give me the best curls.
    Good tip about not touching your hair!

  57. Amanda says

    I have been using this technique for a few weeks now, and I have found that it works great on the first day. I have very dry hair, so I cannot wash my hair every day, especially not in the winter time. I saw in another comment that someone mentioned to wet down the hair and continue styling as normal, and that seemed to work for me. I have come up with a few other techniques that work for me. I have extremely thick hair, and it seems that no matter how much I try to let it drip dry, it is never done dripping. I would wrap it in a towel, but as mentioned, it causes frizz. My solution is that I take a “turbie twist” hair towel, and wrap it as usual. I wrap the end as tight as I can around my hair, and wringing it out that way (usually the water ends up dripping through the hair towel), then I leave my head upside down and shake it to allow the curls to form naturally, and I spray “garnier fructis style curl shaping spray gel” into my hair (this produst is amazing, and for college students, like me, it is great because it is very inexpensive and it does what it is supposed to do). Then I continue to drying my hair most of the way upside down, and finish it off with some hair spray. I let it dry naturally the rest of the way and within about 20 minutes it is exactly how I want it to look. Thank You for your Suggestions, and I hope my method can help someone out there like me with thick, curly hair!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thank you Amanda for sharing your styling tips and great to hear your recommendation of a budget product that works x

    • Christen says

      Thank you Amanda for the tips! My hair sounds just like yours and I recently bought that curl shaping gel. I will have to try your tips!

  58. Sonya says

    I pretty much style my curls the same way, just using different products. After shampoing and conditioning and combing my hair, I use an ample amount of anti-frizz hair serum and a leave-in conditioner/haircream and a small amount of basic hairgel or mouse on soaking wet hair, work it through really well, then wrapping my hair loosely in a towel. Let it sit there till I’m dressed, then blowdry my hair the same way you do. Easy and works really well or me. My hair looks just like yours!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks for the great tips Sonya! I think the secret is applying the product to really wet hair, that way you can fix the shape of your curls.

  59. Lex says

    I don’t use any sulfates because they strip your hair of moisture, and I don’t use any silicones because they prevent moisture from getting in. I use all natural shampoo & conditioner, but I condition more than shampoo. I only use a little bit of virgin coconut oil in my hair, and never use heat even when I blow dry it for a little bit. My hair is the healthiest it’s ever felt and looked! :)

    • Hair Romance says

      That’s great Lex! I still use too much heat on my hair, wish I could do less but doesn’t fit my work schedule at the minute

  60. Mary D says

    I wore my hair short and curly for years and it was healthy and I don’t think it ever saw a comb except when I was getting a cut. Then I had it straightened for my sons wedding and not only did it look 6 ” longer but everyone said I looked 10 yrs younger. Now it is shoulder length and Color processed. Dry, and my natural curls look like Carrot Top’s. I try to only wash once per week and straighten once per week and use hot rollers daily but I would wear it more naturally if it looked like yours. Bought a diffuser yesterday along with the moraccan oil deep conditioner mask and plan to try this.

  61. Crystal-Joy says

    I have very long curly hair. My routine is to wash and condition (I go a few days without washing, and just condition in between). I wrap my hair in a towel while I get dressed, then I brush my hair while it is still wet (not sopping wet, but not damp). I like to put some leave-in conditioner in my hair before adding any styling products. I run a cream gel through my hair and begin to scrunch. I add a bit of hair spray and scrunch some more. Then I just let it air dry. Using the cream gel and leave-in conditioner seems to keep my curls soft and not crunchy as they dry. If it is cold outside, I take a towel and scrunch my hair with it after adding the styling products. It doesn’t seem to mess up my curls by doing this, and it works to get any excess wetness out of my hair. :)

  62. Lindsey says

    Well I have read all your comments and am going to try a bunch of things! I am 30 and whenever I do my hair curly it’s always crunchy because if its not I worry that by the end of the day it will be frizzy. I don’t like the way it is and hope that some of your ideas will help me! I also straighten it a lot because I don’t like it curly right now – which probably isn’t good for my hair either. I’ll keep you posted and thanks for all your ideas!

  63. says

    Have you ever tried Affina shampoo and conditioner? I’ve been using them for just over a month. Most days my hair is pulled up for work. But on days I leave it down, my curls are much softer and more relaxed. My hair is very coarse and tends to dry out easy. Affina has given me very soft hair!

  64. Lindsey Martin says

    I have large spirals and have a similar routine save for a few things. In order to encourage my ringlets and get kinda a sexy bohemian vibe I only brush my hair BEFORE I get in the shower. I use a Kerastase shampoo and conditioning masque. Curly hair is an investment! The better you treat it the more glorious it will look. And the product lasts awhile. I always leave the conditioner in while shaving, etc.. After gently ringing the the water out I use a cotton tee to lightly scrunch and press the curls while upside down. I then carefully apply a small amount of Morrocan treatment oil to reduce frizz and then the MORROCAN OIL CURL CONTROL CREAM. I have tried SO many curl products and this stuff rocks! Seriously, curls get even better after a few days. I only as every third day as this is best for curly hair. Your scalp should get used to it. Also, to look super glam I sometimes wind the front (and any crazy pieces) around a 1″ curling iron away from my face without using the clamp. Then set with a bit of L’Oreal Elnet hairspray. If I do this the first day my hair will look awesome for 3-4 days and I practically don’t want to wash it. Try it. You’ll love it!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks for sharing your routine and for some fab curly hair tips Lindsey! I love the curl control cream too. It actually reactivates in steam, that’s why your hair looks better after a couple of days with this product.

  65. Monica says

    I swear by Rusk Smoother and Leave in Conditioner in one. I buy it by the case. No other product. Wash every other day, light towel dry with no rubbing. Add product and then let dry. No frizz, no crunchy curls.

  66. Rachel says

    This is the first post I’ve seen that perfectly describes my natural hair texture! Thank you so much for the tips, I’m definitely going to give them a try.

  67. Megan says

    The problem I have with my pair is that it barely touches my shoulders and I think it looks awkward being so short and curly (too big). I’m trying really hard to grow my hair out, but it just doesn’t grow. Any tips?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Megan, it’s often harder to notice growth with curly hair as it shrinks so much when it curls up. Trust me, it is growing. Genetics are the main factor in hair growth, but eating a diet high in protein and regular exercise also helps you grow strong hair and speed up your metabolism, which in turn makes your hair grow faster. Good luck x PS. Your hair can never be too big 😉

  68. Shayna says

    This. changed. my. life.

    I haven’t always had curls, until a few years ago when suddenly it was wavy/curly city on my head. and i have never known how to make them look nice, so buns have been my reluctant friend. I just did this routine, and my hair looks awesome!! Thank you!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Shayna! Thank you so much and I’m so glad it works for your curls too! Have fun with your new beautiful curls x

  69. KayMart says

    hey! I am a hairdresser who happens to have naturally curly hair….and i have always loved it. Remember… Everyone has different hair, and what works on someone else might not work on you. Dont be afraid to try new products. I do it all the time. And on the haircut issue… even though you may find a curly hair expert doesnt mean they are going to be a good fit for you. I always say to find a hairdresser who has curly hair in a similar pattern to you. They will know more about your kind of curl and can help you with cut and products.

  70. Melanie says

    I am 21 years old and have had curly hair for my whole life. To be honest, I’ve actually never known how to style it (I usually only wore buns, ponytails, etc), which frustrated me into wanting straight hair when I was in middle/high school. I always thought my hair looked better straight – recently, I even had the Japanese thermal reconditioning process done on it. However, the process was expensive and really dried my hair out – plus, it did not look as good as when I flat iron it straight. So back in August, I cut off my hair up to the point where the new curls were growing in from the root in a new attempt to embrace my curly hair. Still no luck. But about a week ago, I stumbled upon a link to your tutorial on Pinterest. I looked it up and decided to give your routine a try. I used gel and hairspray at first (wayyy too crunchy), but when I replaced it for a combination of Pantene’s Curly Detangler, No Crunch Curls Whipped Créme Mousse, and Anti-Frizz Curl Créme – WOW! Soft, defined, and no frizz – perfection! I have never loved my curls more than I do now. Thank you so much for posting this! It’s nice to know that my hair can look good when it’s straight OR curly!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Melanie, thank you so much for sharing curl story and product tips! It makes me so happy to hear that you love your curls xx

  71. katie says

    I always wash my hair at night, then put moose in it and wear it in a bun over night and when i take it out in the morning my hair is so full of body and the curls look great, just another idea for anyone who wants to give it a try (:

    • Hair Romance says

      Great tip Katie! My hair would still be wet in the morning, do you sleep on a towel or wait for your hair to dry a little before putting it in a bun?

  72. ebbie brown says

    i too have curly hair. as my hair dries, the bigger it gets. i have been using garnier curl shaping gel on it. it seems to help a little but not always. the humidity is my enemy. it makes my hair alot bigger with more volume and frizz. i love my curls but i hate the volume. i can’t wait to try not touching my hair and gently diffusing it. i sure am tired of wearing my hair in a ponytail and bun. i am open to any other suggestions you may have. happy curling!!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks for reading and hope these tips help. I wil have more curly hairstyle ideas coming up regularly over the next few months x

  73. Kate Moore says

    I am going to try this routine. I used to have really pretty curls, but of course I was an idiot and hated my hair back then. After 2 pregnancies (each one my hair getting less curly) and now in the middle of my third (hair is still getting less curly) I’m left with a head of frizzy waves, wishing for my hair that I hated so long ago. Hopefully this will help! Thanks for sharing :)

    Question, when you diffuse your hair, do you use cold/warm/hot setting and do you use high/low air volume? Just wondering what works best for your hair so I can try it out on mine. I usually use warm/high, but I’ve been using my hands, so I end up with a frizzy mess…

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Kate, hope this works for you too! If I’m in a hurry I use hot/fast but normally warm/medium speed will get the best result.

  74. Kiersten says

    I use a similar process, but I have a question about the best shampoo and conditioner for CURLY hair – I haven’t found anything that I like.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Keirsten, everyone’s hair is different, but I use Aveda Be Curly, O&M Hydrate & Conquer and Unite moisturising range and love these on my curls.

  75. Maria says

    Your tips look great. I used to have extremely curly hair, but a couple of years ago I started flat ironing it on a regular basis so that now whenever I try to wear it naturally, there are some strands that just hang limply. Also, another problem is that the despite the curl loss, my hair, which is pretty long, is still extremely big and “pouffy” when I wear it curly, regardless of whether I let it air dry or blow dry it. Any advice?

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Maria! You can try these tips to get your curl back. Nothing wrong with big hair! I kind of love hair that does that, so my only advice would be to aply a stronger holding product like a gel, or to ask about different haircuts that will create the shape you like xx

  76. Melissa says

    I will have to try this! Even though I like my haircut and the layers, my biggest problem is while the sides have gorgeous curls, the back does this half wavy, half straight thing. It is like I have three types in one!No stylist reallyhas any idea and say just to curl the back with a curling iron. I try to stay away from heat appliances ad much as possible. any ideas of how I can get my hair to look like one naturally?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Melissa, it’s normal to have different types of curls but that doesn’t make it easy to style. Usually the front layers make it easier to curl and the weight at the back makes the hair hang in waves. My hair can do that too. Try twisting small sections at the back to encourage the curl when it’s wet. You can use a curl cream or gel to help the twist stay in place. Then when you hair is dry gently break up the twists into curls xx

  77. Renee says

    I love your hints. I use the whole Deva Curl line it’s great. I use a low poo shampoo with no sulfate and their conditioner too. My problem is half my hair is straight underneath and my hair dresser says my hair is very broken how do I fix this?!

  78. says

    Question: I normally use a spray gel then scrunch to avoid touching my curls/waves too much. However, I sometimes also use a curl cream to “finish” any ends that are crazy after drying with a diffuser. How do you apply your curl cream at the beginning of your routine without messing up your curls but also making sure the cream gets distributed throughout all of your hair?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Stacey, I apply a curl cream when my hair is still quite wet after the shower so it’s easier to make sure it distributed through all my hair. I apply it while my head is upside-down so it doesn’t mess up my curls x

  79. Bonnie says

    I love reading about how other “Curly” girls do their hair.

    Even though I now love my hair (I have curls that form ringlets), it can just be such a hassle in the mornings!

    One thing that makes styling difficult is that I suffer from Seborrheic Dermatitis. I have to use a a certain type of shampoo pretty much most morning or my “dandruff” like symptoms soon return. As well as that I have previously suffered Telogen Effluvium (hair loss) – So I had to turn to wearing a wig/weave. I think it was then that I honestly missed my hair. Now, that it is mostly come back (sadly, 20% is probably grey hair) the character of the curl has sort of changed. So it now is essential that I do the following:

    Use a leave in conditioner (lightly rinsed out as it takes forever to air dry), use a lot of mouse, comb with a wide toothed comb after all products have been used, after it’s styled I then blot with a tea towel/soft cotton fabric in a crunchy type motion and go and sit in the sun (I haven’t found a better hair drying technique than that. I find diffusers make my hair frizzy and looks no where near as nice as what the warmth of the sun can do – sadly this can take anywhere from 30mins to 2 hours depending on season and cloud coverage).

    I really appreciate having blogs like these to give you new tips and tricks. I eagerly search for new hair styles and ways to minimise my time in the bathroom/infront of the mirror.

  80. Jody says

    Deva curl is the best! I use the shampoo and conditioner every day. Dry my hair with a micro fiber towel and put arc angel gel in it. I let my hair air dry and when I scrunch my curls they come out soft. Sometimes I use my diffuser if I need to dry my hair. You can purchase a deva curl travel kit on amazon if you just want to test the products. I buy all my products on amazon because it is at least 25 percent less than the salon.

  81. says

    I am 54 yrs old with a full head of waves/curls and frizz. The last time I had a stylist told me “it’s best to cut curly hair dry” I got out of the chair and walked out. I grew tired of having my hair thinned because “it’ll look better if it’s thinned out” or getting the stylist that “specializes in curly-hair cuts” who cuts it too short. I got tired of letting it grow back out, so it’s been over 4 years since I walked out and have been cutting/highlighting my own hair ever since. I’ve used most of the same techniques mentioned in all your comments and I get more compliments when I wear my hair naturally. For those of us, who were blessed with natural curls, know what’s best for our own hair. I appreciate the sites, tips and comments addressing our needs. Keep them coming. Thanks!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks for sharing your curl story Glenda! Glad you love your curls and I’m impressed at how you do your curls yourself, not sure I could do mine.

      • June Lucio says

        Ms. Glenda…When little girls tell me they hate their natural curly hair…I always tell them..It’s just because you don’t know how to take care of it…so I teach them my technique and tell them with a silly grin…that natural curly hair is special, because we got our hair permed by the best….GOD!!! :))

  82. Shannon says

    I couldn’t read all the posts but want to recommend Deva Curl. They have a way of washing, drying and styling that has helped my curls become more defined.

  83. Sandi says

    Great ideas! My problem is I don’t wash my hair everyday, my scalp is sensitive. How could I style or fix the curls each morning without washing it everyday? When I wake up the curls are a frizzy mess.

    • Hair Romance says

      I don’t wash my hair every day either Sandi. I spray water or some leave in conditioner to reshape my curls and they are good to go for another day. Or a Twist & Pin hairstyle keeps them up out of the way xx

      • June Lucio says

        Try using a good (not a cheap hotel one) shower cap to sleep in…or roller cap…hope you notice a difference… :)

  84. Abbey Coleen says

    My hair is extremely curl/frizzy and super think. I have tried to diffuse it before and it ended up looking like an huge poof ball… Any suggestions? And did you have the diffuser on a hot or cold setting?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Abbey, I use the hairdryer on warm to diffuse my hair. It does look massive at first but it settles down quickly. I also love more volume so I prefer that look. I don’t dry it to 100% dry, stop at 80-90% dry and let your curls air dry for the last part will mean your hair has less frizz x

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Tracy, yes you do have to touch your hair to apply product, but avoid playing with your hair and touching it during to day as this does make it frizz x

  85. June Lucio says

    I use a Walmart bag and a blow dryer to diffuse my hair…works like a salon hair dryer :)) Don’t even have to scrunch your hair…the bag does it for you while you are drying it…The most beautiful curls can be made :)) Now…I gave my secret away…only a select few of my friends know this secret…now you do!!…hahaha!

  86. nicole says

    what about parts? do you part your hair before blow drying? mine gets weird if i dont but it gets weird if i do…

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Nicole, no, I don’t part my hair at the beginning. I dry it with my diffuser with my head upside down. Once it’s about 70-80% dry I flip my hair back and see how it sits. It usually finds its natural part and then I adjust it to sit better at the front. I don’t think curls need a neat part, but if you wanted to make one I would do it about half way through x

  87. Ruth Eldridge says

    Finally – someone who understands curly hair! I’ve been doing this technique for years, and it works… :)
    Too many times I have visited hairdressers who just DON’T understand my hair and tease it and scrunch it wrong so that I walk out like an electrified mop. Wasted $80 much?
    I’m proud to say that I LOVE my hair – not many people can say that. Sexy curls are individual and make me stand out from the ‘GHD-every-woman-and-her-clutch’ crowd.
    Keep rockin’ those curls, HR… xo

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Ruth! I love that you love your hair! I’m still a part time member of the ghd crowd, as I love mixing up my look, but I love wearing my curls out too. Christina x

  88. Mel says

    My hair is quite similar in curl and length to yours in the pictures, and I also use a touch-as-little-as-possible approach (I can never be bothered to straighten so it is always worn curly).
    BUT the problem I usually encounter is when left alone to curl naturally my hair creates an odd mixture of large, medium, small ringlets, and relaxed waves (like those pictured). In my opinion ringlets especially look so silly when not styled uniformly. I’d like my curls to separate out into smaller relxed waves but without using a styling tool. Can you recommend any products that might create more this effect as opposed to curling into ringlets?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Mel, it’s normal to have a mix of different curl patterns. In contradiction to my no-touch rule, there is a twisting technique that helps create a more uniform curl without heat. After washing your hair, apply your curl cream or gel, then twist your hair in small section (1-2 inches) all the way around your head. The trick is to twist sections in opposing directions (ie. twist half to the left and half to the right). Then once your hair is dry you can loosen the twists into waves by running your fingers through them with a touch of serum.

  89. Jamie says

    The look of my curls and the process of styling is pretty similar to your. I like my curls BUT I feel like I have to wash it everyday and have to start over. I’ve tried spaying a little water and re-scrunching but it always seems crunchy and frizzy when I do that. I really don’t want to have to wash my hair everyday, which is why I’ve been straightening it (I know…so bad) but I only have to wash it every 3-4 days when it’s straight. My hair is in such bad shape from highlighting and straightening that I want to start wearing it naturally curly more often…I just can’t seem to figure out how to do it without washing it every single day.

    One other thing I struggle with is, when I first finish with my curly hair in the morning…It will look SO cute. BUT I have very fine/thin hair and it usually falls throughout the day and looks weird b/c some parts are still curly, others have fallen straight. Once I look in the mirror…I’m thinking “have I really been walking around like this most of the day??” I feel like I have to use hairspray b/c of this reason and even that doesn’t always help. I’d like to avoid using hairspray if I could.

    Any (or many, lol) tips?? THANK YOU!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jamie, your hair sounds like it’s been through the same as my hair. You’ll find your curls aren’t as good when you wear them now because of the straightening. The more you wear your hair curly the better your curls will sit. I find sleeping with a silk or satin pillowcase helps my curls (or just tie a scarf around your pillow). If your curls seem crunchy the next day it’s most likely the products you’re using. Try a different curl cream to see if this gives a better finish. Then a water spray the next day can reactivate your curls. You can also wash your hair with conditioner only every second day, rather than shampoo every day. I also use a curling wand to touch up any curls that are too straight so they match the rest of my hair. It takes some trial and error to find your perfect curl routine, but the more you wear it curly, the better it will look. Good luck xx

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Dyea, sometimes I use mousse but I find styling powders give the best volume to fine hair. Also diffusing your hair with your head upside down is great too x

  90. says

    Hi there! Saw this article on Pinterest and I’m so glad I did! :-) I’ve been struggling a bit with my curly/wavy/frizzy hair lately – it’s changed over the years and isn’t as manageable as it was in my late teens/early 20’s. My routine is very similar to yours but you have a couple more steps and products I will definitely be adding in! With two little kiddos being able to do my hair curly and have it look good is important. Most days curly is all I have time for! My hair curls best when it’s shoulder to collarbone length. That’s where my curls really have room to form into spirals, but it’s not so heavy that it goes flat. I have an awesome hair stylist right now who has worked miracles with my hair! It looks good curly (well, sometimes – it’s kind of a crapshoot right now) and straight which is a requirement for me with all haircuts. The other thing with my current hair length is I can use a flat iron to make extra curls where I need to. Flat iron curls are the closest shape to my natural curl and adding a few here and there can mean the difference between a hair-in-a-bun day and a “Wow! Your hair is awesome!” day.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Melissa! Such a good tip to use your iron to touch up your curls. I did that today with a curling wand and it makes such a difference x

  91. MyYovett says

    I would love to know your stylist. I have NEVER had a good haircut. Now all of a sudden my hair is falling out… in need of serious hair help :(

    • Hair Romance says

      I go to Stevie English Hair in Bondi and the team there is great. Hair loss has lots of causes so if a hairdresser can’t help, maybe chat to your doctor. Good luck xx

  92. Ashley says

    Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Cream(: I wash it with Tresseme Moisture Rich shampoo and conditioner, wide tooth comb it, flip it, dry it with a towel and apply an anti-frizz serum and apply some of the curl cream. I scrunch my hair a bit and diffuse it till its about 90% dry flip it back up and put a tiny bit more of the curl cream between my fingers just to define the curls a bit more (: I love the Kinky Moves curling cream, it works great and smells like grape kool-aid (: if you have naturally curly hair I HIGHLY recommend you give it a try(:

  93. Robin says

    Thank you for sharing your tips. I was born with naturally straight hair that would never take a perm. Since turning gray over the last eight years, I am now naturally curly. Though I have learned some of these tips on conditioning and drying my hair and not touching it, I have no clue what products to use. My hair looks different every day from too little or too much hairspray, drying, mousse, etc. I love the curls and want them to look well controlled, but light and fluffy at the same time with no frizz. Again, Thank you!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Robin! It’s hard when your hair changes and there are lots of good product tips in the comments here too x

  94. Jaime says

    I am so thankful I found this article on curly hair. My daughter has curly hair and I have been researching how to best take care of it and bring out her curls. Thank you for sharing!

  95. Jina says

    I use about the same method as you except that I use a Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner. I was told you should always use this with curly hair. I also only wash my hair about once or twice a week. If you wash everyday with regular shampoo you will lose the natural oil in your hair.

  96. Julie says

    When I was wearing my hair long and curly, I always dried it upside down and then flipped it back, hoping for volume. After a couple of hours it was going flat on top and would part and jut lay kind of funny. Do you have any tips for keeping volume at the roots all day?

    • Hair Romance says

      H Julie, with long hair this is really common. You can try moving your part, going for a side part can add volume at the roots, or try a styling powder for an instant lift x

  97. Morgan Watt says

    Hey galls,
    I live in Georgia and if any of you don’t know it is horrible for humidity, so majority of the time my hair is up on the top of my head to prevent my afro from forming. My hair is extremely curly and also very thick, often when I want to wear it up it takes half a bottle of moose. I was just wondering if there were any college chick budget friendly products that yall have found.

    • Hair Romance says

      Humidity is always an issue Morgan, and there are some great product recommendations in the comments here xx

  98. Lacey Somers says

    I am a hairstylist with naturally curly hair. My best advice for curly haired girls is don’t shampoo at all unless necessary. I condition my hair every day and use the conditioner to massage my hair (loosening any build up). Curly hair is already naturally drier than straight hair in most cases, and shampoo can be extremely drying causing hair to be frizzier. When it is time to shampoo always use sulfate free shampoo it is much less drying and less harsh on your curls ( I like Bed Head Foxy Curls shampoo and conditioner or Curldiva NoPoo).

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Nicole, I let my hair find a natural part when I flip my hair back over after drying it. Then if it’s sitting funny I can restyle the front.

  99. Gabby says

    Hi! I have really thick, curly, frizzy hair. When my hair is straightened it is almost to my waist, but naturally it falls right under my shoulders:( I can’t use a diffuser either because it gives me like and Afro! Does anyone have any tips to make my curls look longer? And make my hair less frizzy? Thank you

  100. says

    Just stumbled upon your site today and it’s so informative! Plus it’s rare to find somebody who has the same exact hair type as me, easily straightened/blown out/styled, wavy but just with a bit of gel or effort you get really pretty loose ringlets. Probably one of the only people I know who loves my hair type! But I already do everything mentioned in the post and I can state that those simple changes make a world of difference. Definitely bookmarking!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Amanda! Sounds like you have awesome hair 😉 I’m starting to do more tutorials in curly hair and straight hair too so hope you try them. Christina x

  101. says

    I have curly hair and find it much more difficult to style it curly that just straightening it! it goes crazy! :) I will try this!! thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      I know what you mena Amy, it can take time to find the styling pattern to suit your curls. Give this a try and let me know how you go x

  102. Amy says

    Bit of a silly question. I am trying to learn to wear my hair loose and curly (any other time I have worn it loose I have to straighten it).

    Do you have to wet it each day to style it? I would assume so otherwise your curls would go crazy rather than under control?

    If not, what do you need to do on a non-wet day? I have two young kids and don’t often get morning showers, so I see myself continuing to wear a ponytail forever 😛

    Thank you

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Amy, I don’t always re-wet my hair, but you can use a water spray bottle to dampen any slept on curls and reshape them. I also use a little styling powder on my roots where it’s a bit flat. You can also use a curling iron with a narrow barrel to tidy up any straight sections. I sleep with a silk pillowcase (or satin is good too) and this really helps wake up with better hair. Then moving your partline so that you have more volume makes your hair look instantly fresher. A little serum or cream through the ends of your hair will smooth any fuzzies too x

  103. Carolyn says

    I just found your website through a pin on Pinterest. I love your site. I have long thick curly auburn hair. I used to wear it short and “professional” but when I retired I decided to let it grow and be natural. I really LOVE it and I get tons of compliments on it. It took me a while to find the optimal routine to have the best curls. I follow a routine pretty close to what you listed. I try to wash it only once a week with a sulfate-free shampoo formulated for curly hair. My favorite is the Bedhead Foxy Curls line. Other times I just use conditioner instead of shampoo. I use conditioner any time I get my hair completely wet. Otherwise I’d never get the tangles out. I have been using micro-fiber towels for about 5 years and they make a huge difference with the frizz. I usually air-dry my hair except during the really, really cold days of winter. I have a hair dryer that I bought a long time ago called a “Curly Top” and it works great. It is like a heated low volume fan (you can actually see the fan blades in it). I haven’t seen anything like it recently, so I hope it never gives up working.
    I also periodically color my hair since I have a fair amount of gray in the front around my face. So I was wondering about your comments that you had to use shampoo since you colored your hair.
    So glad I found your site and I look forward to exploring the other pages here.

    • Hair Romance says

      That’s awesome Carolyn! Your hair sounds fabulous and I am so interested in this Curly top heated fan, I’ve never heard of them before. As for colouring, I just meant I can’t go completely shampoo free (the no-poo method) but sulphate free shampoos are what I use too.

  104. says

    I lost my hair to chemo two years ago.. My hair use to be long and slightly wavy.. It has grown back very slowly, in very tight curls. It’s been hard for me to learn to style my hair. I have read several posts here and am going to try several tips. Hopefully I can learn to love my curls. Thank you!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hope this helps Ana! You may find as your hair grows longer (and gets heavier) your curls will drop into waves x

  105. Antonia says

    My hair is naturally curly (sort of a dark/dirty blonde) but I only discovered this on holiday two years back because I always used to blow dry it which made it go straight. But I couldn’t be bothered to put it in plaits (what I usually do when it’s wet on holiday as it’s too hot to blow dry) and it went curly and I was shocked.
    I tend to wash it through, condition then I use Aussie curl serum to stop it frizzing up but I do have a few issues.
    My hair is all one length and I get these back bits on the top that just don’t curl properly often, like they wave a bit or curl right at the bottom which really annoys me especially if the rest is super curly/ringlets because when I have my hair back the straight bits hang over the top so it looks a bit rubbish, or when I have it in a pony tail there are just random longer bits so it looks a bit odd unless I pin them up to curl them overnight which I do if I’m going to tie it up .
    Also when I sleep on it the curls often get pulled out (my hair isn’t terribly thick although it has a lot of volume when curly, I’ve got the type of curly hair that’s easy to straighten) unless I sleep on it a certain way i.e. so it’s out of the way and not touching anything which isn’t always comfortable.
    Although that is quite interesting about not touching it, because it’s tempting when I see the back bits as they’re drying to try and curl them with my finger.
    Anyway does anyone have any tips on how to encourage curls on the top as well?
    (I’ve tried using a diffuser but it doesn’t make it curly because it dries to too quickly so it just goes vaguely wavy and BUSHY and I look like a first year blonde Hermione granger it’s not good)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Antonia, it’s really normal to have a range of curl shapes in your hair. The only solution I’ve found to those straighter sections is to curl them with a curling wand to match the rest of your hair x

  106. Jessica says

    My hair is naturally curly and very thick. I often straighten it because it is very often difficult to work with because it becomes frizzy and not very nice. But I think i am going to try some of these ways and see how it works. Thanks!.

  107. Sarah says

    When it comes to my hair, I’ve learned keeping it curly was definitely the way to go. My hair is sort of wavy and curly at the top and front and as you get toward the back and more toward the hair closer to my neck it’s curlier. Not only that, it’s very fine and thin and its also a littlenlonger than shoulder length. I wash my hair everyday using the Keratin Complex shampoo and conditioner. I make sure my hair is a little less than soaking wet before I come out of the shower so that my hair is damp enough to put in products (my hair drys pretty fast). When it’s just a tad more than damp, I first use a little Sebation Potion 9 to help tame my curls and to help hold them in place and make sure they don’t get too frizzy, I add in Sebation Volupt Spray. Even though I put the product in, later on in the day I notice it starts to become a little frizzy and sometimes crunchy in some spot because if the Volupt spray.

    Is there any other products or routines you suggest that might work better on my hair to help make my curls more difined and soft? And are there any easy hairstyles to wear for school and just around the house? Thank you so much!!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sarah, it’s a balance trying to get defined and soft curls, as by most defining products have a level of hold that stops your hair being totally soft. There are some great recommendations in the comments here or check out my curly hair section for more product tips and hairstyles for curly hair – x

  108. Lindsay says

    I have hair that looks very similar to yours. I have pretty much gotten the frizz out and kept the curls bouncy until the late evening. My main concern is my front never looks right. You mentioned that you part it when you style it. It sounds stupid but I’ve been struggling with that part of styling my entire life. How do you know where to part it so the hair stays full, out of your eyes and you don’t have to touch it with your hands all day moving it out of your face?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Lindsay, I either do a side part or a zig zag part. The zig sag works well to keep more volume at the part line. While your hair is drying you can put some pic curl clips at the root. Or once your hair is dry you can restyle the front with a curling iron. Check my video tutorials to see how I do it x

  109. Sophia says

    These are all great tips and I now use each and every one :) I have thick curly hair, and some layers. But on the crown of my head to about my chin, I have limp straight hair. Even when I use product and diffuse it still seems to do this. Any tips? xoxo

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Sophia! I also use a curling iron to touch up sections around my face to make them match the rest of my curls. Sometimes your hair just grows in different curl patterns. You can also twist the straight sections when your hair is wet to encourage them to curl x

  110. says

    I also have curly hair but mine is extremely thick. I have tried everything I can think of except maybe the not touching it part. I am so use to wearing my hair in a bun that when I wear it down its so thick and long I can’t help but to pick it up off my neck every now and then or run my fingers through it. Its also super frizzy. Do you think your routine would work for me? My hair is so different and wild most pro stylists don’t even know how to tame it. Please help!!!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Desiree, everyone’s curls are different but this routine works for a lot of different curls. Give it a try and see how you go. Your hair sounds amazing and you will find a hairdresser that isn’t scared of it and will give you a great cut xx

  111. Jamie says

    Great post! I also squeeze my hair dry with the towel instead of rubbing it, and I’m ALL for dry-cutting. I dry-cut my own hair and my sister’s, and it’s a lot more predictable than wetting someone’s hair, cutting it, using products, and then finding out it shrank about three inches or it’s not laying right because your normal hair (and routine) probably isn’t the same length/texture as when it’s soaking wet or professionally styled. Especially for curly/ethnic hair.

    My hair is thick and that irritating almost-wavy sort of hair, so how I get curls is:

    1) Shampoo my scalp, then condition from the nape down. Cuts down on frizz and dryness like whoa.

    2) Squeeze as much water out of my hair with the towel as possible, comb almond oil through it, then let it air-dry to almost damp. This part takes SO LONG because my hair’s so thick, but it’s pretty easy and worthwhile for the huge improvements.

    3) Braid my hair and let it dry the rest of the way to help my waves keep their shape. I usually sleep in my braids overnight since my hair takes forever to dry.

    But as for never touching your hair outside of a wash, I can’t do that even with braiding my hair most of the time, or it’s going to snarl up and mat like crazy. Finger-combing my hair most days has REALLY helped keep frizz away. As long as you wash your hands before, you won’t get your hair dirty. (But if your hair is already dirty or tends to be oily, you might want to wash your hands afterward as well.)

    • Hair Romance says

      great tips Jamie! I agree it’s hard to not touch your hair, but washing your hands makes a difference, and not touching it unnecessarily is key x

      • Jamie says

        Sorry for the late reply! I was getting ready for college last week.

        Although maybe my ability to constantly run my hands through my hair and fiddle with it is because my hair’s indestructible and coarse. 😛

  112. Denise says

    I have my hair cut wet by a lady that’s Deva certified. Only decent cut I’ve ever had. I used the Deva No-poo for awhile but it left my hair really dull and heavy after only a few days. I love the Deva light gel. I recommend it.

  113. Olivia says

    My hair is very curly because I am mixed and it has lots and lots and lots of thick, tight ringlets and what I do is wash it in the shower and when I get out, I put in enough conditioner to where it doesn’t frizz when I brush it and brush it out and after I brush it out, I put in some coconut and hibiscus curling soufflé by Shea Moisture and brush out my hair again to distribute it evenly throughout my hair. I then lightly shake my head so my hair goes into the natural curl that I love :) thanks for reading, have a great day!!!

  114. Heather Tolvanen says

    I have naturally curly hair, and one of my FAV product cocktails to make is Joico Straightening balm & AG Recoil curl cream! These two together make bouncy, unfrizzy, soft curls!! The Joico straightening balm (i also use to straighten my hair) is humidity resistant, so i dont the the frizz that i get from humidity (i live in IOWA!) when i use this! First i wash (2x) and condition and i prefer to use my fingers to comb thru my hair, not a pick, i too squeeze the water out oppose to rubbing, and then i diffuse it, on high for 5 min or so then i drop down to low, and once its fairly dry ill use some spritz hs while i touch it up, it take only 10-15 min start to finish! Also washing your hair LESS frequently helps curly hair, i usually only shampoo 1-3x a wk at most! YOu can just dampen your hair and REwork your styling aids in most cases!

  115. Kelsey says

    Echoed by many posters, my curls look a lot like yours… the biggest thing I’ve found in the last year is (1) a good haircut – I was scared of layers for the longest time, and I finally had someone who could cut for both curly and straight hair on the same head (she recently moved !!! Grrr) and she cut layers that shape the curls in a way that flatters my face while giving body to my hair on the days I decide to go straight. The second thing I’ve recently been stunned by is Moroccan argon oil… ho-ly-crap…I did the gel and the mousse and the scrunching and flipping over and the not flipping over… wow I’ve been using the argon oil for less thsn a week now and the texture of my hair is amazing… even with using gel afterwards, I dont get the hard crunchy texture that gel normally leaves, but still hace good definition and long lasting curl patterns with smooth ends… not frizzy and unravelling by 2pm… I may switch to a different oil, but definitely found that my curls were thirsty…. love having curls, love knowing what they need and getting great curls as a result! Great post, found you on pinterest :)

  116. Kirsten says

    Oh my gosh, your curls are so gorgeous! I have a question though, I used to have really, really wavy hair (almost curly, but not quite ringlets) but suddenly it became almost completely straight. How do I get my waves back? I miss them so much!! I thought maybe the reason could be because I am in show choir and I have to curl my hair like every Saturday in Jan, Feb, and March. I curl it with a straightener at 410 degrees. I know it’s really hot but my hair has to be really curly for shows and stuff. Could that be the reason? If so, how do I fix it?

  117. Roby says

    I have fine, curly hair and have found the Lanza products to be terrific for my type of curls. The oil is light and won’t alter your color. I am blonde and was reluctant to use Moroccan oil as I’ve heard it can darken your hair. The moisturizing shampoo is AWESOME! I have very little frizz and easy styling. I never blow dry unless I’m straightening. My hairdresser also cuts my hair wet, straightens, then cuts my bangs dry to make sure they’re not too short. I’ve experimented with tons of products and am sole n Lanza! They smell really good too! But bing your wallet, they’re not cheap!

  118. Paula says

    I have issues with the bottom layer of my hair being very curly, but the top layer only being wavy and “flippy”. My hairdresser (who has curly hair herself) suggested that I diffuse my hair in layers. I kind of built my hair routine from there: basically after applying my curl product I gently lift the top layers with a few claw clips so it’s kind of held in a “scrunch” position, and let my hair air-dry for about 20 min like this. After that I gently diffuse the bottom layer if needed, and then let down the top layers out of the clips and dry them separately with the diffuser. This encourages the top layers to curl more, and stops the bottom layer from getting all messy from being overworked.

  119. Aly says

    I love your hair! It’s also taken a bit for me to say I love my hair, curls, frizzies, and all. I’m still learning on what I can and can’t do for my hair. I’m a little hesitant on using a hair dryer, even with a diffuser on my hair since it’s more prone to frizz near my face and part. What can I do to help prevent that frizz and loss of curl definition? I don’t mind a little frizz, I actually like it, but the curls near my face and part start to separate and straighten out. I’ve switched over to using Alba Botanica shampoo and conditioner, for a gentler cleaning and they smell fantastic. And I use Mix Chicks leave in and Deva Curl Mousse for styling. The crunchiness and film left over from gels and other mousses I’ve used weren’t doing it for me.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Aly! and I love that you love your hair too. For those sections at the front, try wetting them again and twisting them with your finger away from your face. You could add a touch of mousse to help the curl set in place. Sometimes these sections need a little extra help, and if you shape the curl you’ll make it stay in place better x

  120. Kristen says

    Thank you for finally teaching my how to use a diffuser! I always dried my hair with my head upside down but angled the blow dryer DOWN. The past few times I have used the difffuser properly, by hanging my head upside down and blowing up. My hair has never been so bouncy and full! Love i! I use Aveda Be Curly curl enhancer and Ouidad heat & humidity gel and Deva Curl No Poo shampoo. Think I have finally found a routine that works for me.

    • Hair Romance says

      That’s awesome Kristen! So glad you’ve found a routine that works for your hair. I really have to try the Devacurl products, I hear great things about them

  121. Amanda says

    Hi my name is Amanda. I have extremely curly hair and like others I hate the way mouse and gels makes my hair feel after washing. I recently started using Devacurl products. Their products are amazing!! My hair is no longer uncontrollable and has defined curls. It has totally changed the the way I wash and dry my hair. Many people don’t understand that curly hair has to be treated differently than straight hair. Devacurl products are made just for curly hair. I buy mine at Ulta. My hair looks the best it ever has!! Check it out.

  122. says

    Great post any help on styling my ridiculous long mane is amazing. I tend to braid my hair a lot. I never take a brush to it unless it’s been straitened (which is almost never these days) or is really wet that seems to help. Would love to know how you deal with tangles without it becoming a halo of frizz?
    Rachelle K recently posted..SUMMER SALE ALERTMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Rachelle. I can imagine the tangles would be awful! You’re right to only comb it when it’s wet, as combing or brushing curly hair when it’s dry creates huge frizz. Braiding works well for me too. If I get knots I sometimes use a leave in conditioner spray to soften them, then work it out with my fingers or a large comb. Or I leave the knots until I’m washing my hair and comb them out with conditioner. Hope this helps x

  123. Jami W says

    My routine is very similar also. I use Moroccan Oil as soon as I get out of the shower, then an anti-frizz mousse (surprisingly Frizz-Ease) and then my new favorite gel (Deva-Curl Spray Gel), then I flip my head over and dry with blow dryer and diffuser. I dry almost completely dry then flip back over and fix the front and VOILA! Curly mop! Takes me maybe 10 minutes also and my hair is thick and a little past my shoulders.

  124. Rachel says

    I love this method for the bulk of my hair but my part area and the area framing my face just dont behave correctly. I tried to restyle that area with my straightening iron to create new curls but it looks super unnatural in comparison to the rest of my hair. Do you have any tips for working with this area? Thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Rachel, try using a small barrel curling wand instead of a straightening iron. Or if you have really tight curls, wet these sections and twist them around your finger to shape them to match your hair x

  125. Mary says

    Hi girls. I love all the tips on caring for my lovely curly locks. One big change I’ve made is not using a terrycloth towel, EVER! I use an old t-shirt to gently squeeze out any excess moisture right after getting out of the shower. After apply any products that I use I take a Sham Wow cloth (or any similar type product) and an oversized t-shirt. I put the ShamWow on top of the t-shirt and use the plopping method described on many websites. Just google “plopping hair”. After about a half hour I remove the t-shirt/ShamWow towel and turn my head upside down to scrunch it a few times. I either let it air dry or diffuse dry in the colder months. Has mad a huge difference in the amount of frizz I get. My go to product. Is Rusk W8Less spray gel. You can use it on damp or dry hair. A little goes a long way. Scrunch it in and a way I go. You can use it to revive curls on day 2 or 3. Or just spray on a little water to revitalize the product already in your hair. This does not make my hair crunchy. If you do get crunchy curls you’ve used too much, just scrunch it a little and it will go away. I hope this helps someone.

  126. Ida says

    Hi:) im having problem with my hair that curls little over my ears a lot. I really love my hair and id wanted it to stay like that over night but my hair always loses the curl a bit when i go to sleep and my hair looks like messy on the morning and it needs brushing which makes my hair frizzy my haur curls even more by the day especially if it is rainy. But id want it like i dont have to brush it in the morning. Sorry about my bad english im actually from finland. Thanks :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Ida! To keep your curls looking good in the morning, clip your hair up on top of your head when you go to bed at night. Instead of using a brush, just tidy your hair with your fingertips in the morning. Good luck x

      • nat says

        Hi Hair Romance I have the same fine curls as your good self I am wanting to go blonder any advice on this, Your colour is lovely is it a mix of highlights and toner or something different? Thanks Nat x

  127. Danica says

    I’ve only recently start to love my natural curls, but the everyday wash gets me down but if I don’t it looks like a birds nest. do you have any advice on how to get it not so frizzy on the second day and actually make it wearable ?

  128. Shery says

    I will try your method. Always kept my hair very short so I didn’t have to deal with the frizz. It is also very thick. Last 3 yrs I have let it grow with regular trims and I straighten it. I don’t have much luck with the diffuser cause it just makes it too frizzy. Right now it is shoulder length with some layers. Just to be clear, you apply the conditioner, comb with a wide tooth comb…then rinse? And do not comb again? Thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Shery, yes that’s right. I comb the conditioner through, then rinse. You won’t need to comb after that. Good luck, but remember every curl is different x

  129. Stephanie Addison says

    I love this, i have naturally curly kinky hair. I can turn my curls into waves if i want. When People ask me how i do my hair i always tell them my hair does it for me and so many people are always wanting to to touch my hair and asking if i got it permed lol,but i will show this to tell as a tip and guide of how to treat and style their hair. I love the adding touch of color at the bottom, you did very well and your hair looks amazing so keep up the good work. :)

  130. kirsty says

    Hi – just a question about applying frizzy logic. When your hair is dry do you apply it to your hands and then “scrunch” it into your hair or do you “pull” it through your hair.
    Thank you!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Kirsty, you can do both but it’s more of a serum. I warm a few drops in my hand and then run my hands over the top of my curls to catch any frizz and smooth it.

  131. Lyn Cork says

    I finally found a hairdresser who has curly hair! He understands how the hair acts in weather, seasons, and for activities! Wet cut only! Simple layers and thins out once a year. I dry my hair…NO diffuser! I aim down from the top of my hair? If I bend over to dry or diffuse …Afro! Product depends on weather! Mousse is ok on low humidity! High humidity: a ponytail is the end result! On good days my hair looks like the picture but ends up curler by the end of the day. I live on the coast of NC…humidity is a majority of the days! I need a product that locks out humidity without being stiff or gooey!

    • Hair Romance says

      Yay for finding a great hairdresser Lyn! Love your styling tips, and I recommend a curl cream to help moisturise your hair without being too stiff. There are some great suggestions here in the comments or I like Aveda, Prive and Osis Twin curl x

  132. Debra says

    This is great but as the second day my hair starts to lose its curl, gets dry and frizzy. Any advice for second. And third day hair.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Debra, yes I use a leave in conditioner to revitalise my curls on the second day, or a water-spray if I have enough product in my hair. Bumble & Bumble also have a great curl revitaliser. Check out my post for how to re-style second day curls for a more polished look or I do a Twist & Pin updo on my second day curls x

  133. Sheila says

    Is the persons hair in the pictures layered? I have long curly hair and would love to layer, but have never done it. Love the look of the model in the photos and would like to know how it is cut? Thanks!

  134. Too Curly says

    My hair use to be straight as a board. With each pregnancy (3) my hair has gotten curlier, and a lot of frizz. Not to mention, more keeps coming out each time I shower! No matter how I cut it ( layers or not) I can’t get the frizz nor curls right. What are the best products and suggestions for me to try on my “birds nest”?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi, hormones can really affect your hair which is why the curls seem to get stronger after each pregnancy. There’s no exact science when styling curly hair and it will take some trial and error. Sulphate free shampoos are a good start, and try a gel or cream to style your curls in the method above. There are also lots of great recommendations in the comments here. Good luck :)

  135. Yiota says

    Hey, I’ve been reading your page and I love the tips you give! Here is what I’m dealing with!! pppffff :((( I used to have really curly hair but I just ruined them by straightening my hair for several years.. I started wearing them curly again since last summer.. well the curls were not the same but they were getting better each time and ever since I completely stopped using the flat iron.. my curls started coming back to life but the ends were straight and very dry so I decided to cut them so I can get rid of the straight part and finally bring my natural curls back.. but ever since I cut them they just refuse to curl AT ALL!!!! I don’t know why I was expecting the exact opposite.. It’s been almost 2 months ever since I cut them and they just refuse to curl :(((( any ideas on how to bring my curls back?? I miss them sooo much!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Yiota, that’s so weird as I would expect the cut to help your curls. Maybe it’s the style of the cut? At your next haircut have a chat to your hairdresser about encouraging the curls and shaping your haircut to suit. Good luck x

  136. Naiomi says

    hmm. my problem is that my hair is suuuuper heavy and the curls on top of my head are always flat. I got the classic christmas tree hair D: and diffusing for me takes a REALLY long time..and then its still fuzzy and goes all limp

    • Hair Romance says

      Maybe a different haircut could help Naiomi? Or twist the top sections with a curl cream or gel to help them form and then let your hair air dry x

  137. Amanda says

    I have similarly curly/wavy/straight hair and I hate spending time on styling everyday! I used to use gel to control the impossible frizz but after years of geling and scrunching and still frizzing I have finally found a no-fuss method that works for me. The key for me is a great shampoo. I started using Tricomania solid shampoo from lush with NO CONDITIONER- I know, Iknow! That’s super scary right? We tend to rely on conditioning to help those curls form naturally and quickly- but it’s ok! Tricomania is very nourishing for your hair and does little to no damage- unlike traditional shampoos. I dry my hair about 50% with a t-shirt- just wrap it up loosely and squeeze it a few times then leave it while I get dressed- and then: apply the tiniest bit of coconut oil! I put some only on my fingers, let it melt, flip my hair upside down, and quickly and gently run my fingers through my curls starting with the ends initial I can’t feel the oil any more. Then just to be sure it’s properly distributed I run a wide-toothed curly-hair comb through it gently. That whole process takes only about 2 minutes and my hair is good-to-go for the next 2-3 days. Until I HAVE to wash it again because otherwise I feel (mentally) dirty… I have layers as long as my shoulder blades and as short as my nose and this had been working for me for about a year. The best part: no style time each day! Simply look in the mirror and gently redefine your part in the morning. If you have oddly straight pieces like I do, simply twist them around your finger while applying the coconut oil after you flip right side up. Do the same with anything that try’s to frizz at the top. 😉 this might work for some of you who like me, hate taking extra time away from your sleep to style your hair everyday!

  138. Carol says

    I’m sorry … will you explain your step 6. a bit more? Do you run your fingers through your hair to get the product into it? Doesn’t that break up the curls? I have an issue with my hair being frizzy on the top of my head even though I just stepped out of the shower too. =\ I’ve been using Wen cleansing creme in place of shampoo for the last few months and can tell my hair is a lot softer now.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Carol, I rub the product into the palms of my hands and with my head upside-down, I scrunch the product up into my hair. I’m not running my fingers through my curls but using a similar action to how I dry my hair with a towel. My fingers go between the curls but don’t break them up. The product is spread evenly over my hands so it transfers evenly to my hair. Hope this helps x

      • Carol says

        That’s what I thought and tried. The bottom part of the curls look great but the part near my scalp is not getting product and therefore frizzes. I guess I might try putting some product on my hands and flat handedly spread it over the top.

  139. Erika says

    I have somewhat fine curly hair. I make sure to leave my conditioner in for 3-5 minutes while doing something else in the shower. I also only get tangles out during the shower when rinsing the conditioner out using my fingers and when out of the shower, I gently use fingers again. I then use a Salt Beach spray all over and scrunch gently. I also then use noddle head by Beyond Zone. I apply that all over my hands and then scrunch through all, paying special attention to ends. I then let hair air dry. IMPORTANT: when air drying, I wait for it be about 60% dry before touching (after initial applying of products). It’ll have a slight crunch it. Scrunch it gently and rub fingers through roots to give volume back ( do not comb fingers through hair from root to tip). I may scrunch again once completely dry or whenever a little volume is needed. My hair comes out in good ringlets this way. Its also very easy and healthy for your hair!

  140. Dixie says

    I’ve never understood the “stay away from the brush” rule. I tried not brushing my hair after showering for about a week once. Let’s just say I’m thankful it was during a break. It was hideous and ridiculus. So I went back to just wash, rinse, brush, mousse, and done. I always towel dry my hair by rubbing, and it doesn’t make it look worse at all. I have big huge natural curls. I love that the toweling lets it break up into smaller more in individual curls so that I don’t look like one big swirl of cotton candy. And I have to ask- who with curly hair needs more volume? Every curly haired person I know has hair that is bigger than their entire body.

  141. Lynette says

    My daughter has curly hair and I’ve been learning to style and care for it as best I can. I can’t seem to find a hair salon in our area (rural) that does particularly well with curly hair. I like the layers in your hair and wondered if you could give me some details about your cut.

  142. Ashley says

    I have mid-length curly hair that has a lot of volume, but no matter what I do to my hair the hair closest to the part (along my scalp) refuses to have volume or even curl. I end up the top of my head being completely flat until about my ears. Do you have any tips on how to get all of my hair on the same page without having to straighten it? I dont dye it, and rarely straighten, and I use a diffuser.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Ashley, my hairdresser gave me a great tip at my last visit about wearing a zig-zag part. Instead of a straight part line, zig zag your hair so that it moves and your hair falls to both sides. This helps add volume at the part, and stop it appearing as a wider gap in the middle of your curls. Give it a try and let me know how you go. Also, I love hair powder for some instant root lift.

  143. Kylie says

    I have really thick, fine, and dry curls that go boofy in anything weather . I hate my curls but I’m too lazy/uncoordinated to straighten them everyday. I wash twice a week, and French braid my hair while it’s wet; that braid stays in for up to 2 days, depending on whether I want to deal with them or not. Otherwise it’s twisted into a bun for work or a loose bun at the back of my neck for sleeping in. I found if my hair gets wet, it’s easier to wash it because it will dry hard and horrible. No heat, no styling, and brushed twice a day. On the rare occasion that I leave it out, it curls into really thick ringlets and waves.

  144. praantika says

    i luv my curly hairs, they feel to look me like a princess in every special moment. uummaahh for my hairs….

  145. js says

    When I want my hair curly I spray on leave in conditioner (I have dry hair). Sometimes I diffuse it and sometimes i don’t. When it’s dry i use a shine product. I’ll try some of your suggestions tho, love going curly :)

  146. karen says

    Your hair looks like mine used to. For some reason maybe hormones my hair recently stopped curling. I only use natural products and was looking for a new one. I wanted to try the Aveda be curly but it has parabens and other toxic ingredients, I hope you are aware. Any advice would be great.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Karen, our hair does change every 7 years or so, and hormones can have an impact too. I didn’t realise about Aveda. Another fave range is Original & Mineral which is low chemical but great results. You can find them online here –

  147. Maria says

    I recently got my hair permed and it came out looking very similar to yours. When I finally got to wash it, I didn’t have any curl products to use so I let it just air dry. It came out looking pretty lifeless and didn’t look nearly as good as it did when it was first permed. Besides the Aveda Be Curly, are there any other products you’d recommend to use (with or without a diffuser)?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Maria, I’m testing a bunch now so I’ll have some more posts coming up. You can choose any moisturising shampoo/conditioner or one for curly hair. Then a curl cream or mousse. You may need to try a few products to find hte right mix, or ask your salon where you got your perm for specific advice for your hair x

  148. HaleyB says

    So I do what you do (essentially) but I let mine air dry due to the lack of a diffuser. My hair is also reeeeeeeally long. I haven’t really measured it in a long time but it is all the way down to my hiney. My problem when I do the head flip thing is that my back turns out really curly and nice with ringlets and everything. But the front is only wavy with curls at the very ends. It makes my hair seem like it has funky lengths going on because the wavy is “longer” than my ringlets. My problem used to be reversed before I started flipping my head to style. I use Bed Head Curls Rock cream and Frizz Ease hairspray. I sometimes use the Frizz Ease Curl Defining Gel when it’s humid or I have more time bevause it makes my curls all hard and I have to scrunch my hair once it’s dry. Any suggestions on my indecisive hair?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Haley, it’s normal to have the different lengths as your curls make your hair “shrink” and look shorter. Flip your hair over first but as you let your hair air dry, part your hair on the opposite side to way you normally wear it. Then when your hair is almost dry, flip it back to the normal side that you wear it. This will give you some more volume at the top. Make sure you’re applying the product evenly through your hair and you should get a more consistent curl. Good luck x

  149. Kim says

    I was wondering if anyone could give me advice. I have wavy/curly hair, but I have a oily scalp and have to wash my hair everyday. I also try to use the sulfate-free shampoos so that my hair is more curly, but I have a sensitive scalp and it starts to hurt if I don’t use a shampoo to really clean it. I have to switch shampoos often, most of the time with half a bottle left. Are there any products you can recommend or ways to do my hair to help out with this?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Kim, with a sensitive scalp it can be difficult but usually sulphate free products are gentler on your scalp and hair. Try O&M Detox shampoo or MooGoo is excellent for very sensitive scalps. Good luck x

  150. Sher says

    I have medium texture curly hair, and I see a lot of tips and videos for long hair, but really nothing for short or layered hair. I would really like to see someone do a tutorial on hair that is short – 3″ on top – layered down to collar level, and angled around the face up to the bangs. I always end up with the top flat and wavy and the sides and back curly and frizzy!! I seem to HAVE to blow it out straight with a large round brush…..

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sher, I’ll see if I can find a model :) The technique is still pretty much the same whatever length hair you have. The more you wear your hair curly, the better your curls will be. Every time you blowdry it straight you make your hair frizzier x

  151. Katie says

    Best ever diffuser is by Helen of troy. It’s huge and amazing. I also love curl products by catwalk. I haven’t found any other brand I like as much. I just use a bit of their curling cream and a spritz of hair spray once my hair is dry and I cam keep my curl all day with out much frizz. It really seems to define my curls all lot better than other products.

  152. Jill says

    Love this article!
    Just noticed some comments here asking about baby hairs and frizz around the face. Lately I have been putting in one of those accordion-comb-headbands in my hair while it dries. It works great for me because the hair at least dries away from my skin and doesn’t drive me nuts within an hour

  153. Carrie says

    I have a lots of trouble with my hair, Like other it’s pretty curly but on the finer side. it also doesnt seem to grow much past my shoulders for some reason which makes it like to fluff up and go crazy. If i wear it curly, in the morning it looks ok and neat when its still a bit damp still, but within an hour or two it just goes frizzy and poofy. I used to straighten it a lot, but since ive moved to humid climate that’s less of an option. i might buy some mousse and try this, but if it doesnt work, I usually just do some up and some down with a small clip to keep down the poof.

  154. Amber says

    My hair is thick and curly my question is when you put in your gel do you rub it all through your hair or rub it in your hand and scrunch it through you hair I’ve always rubbed gel all through my hair and run my fingers through it then scrunch it

    • Hair Romance says

      Depends on your hair Amber, if you’re happy with how it looks then keep doing what you’re doing. In my hair, if I rub it it becomes frizzier so I just scrunch it through. Do what suits your hair :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Yes I do have layers because my hair is quite thick. If you have fine hair I’d probably do some long layers, but nothing too choppy. I like my hair to have a rounder shape when it’s curly and layers are key for this look x

  155. Alana says

    Apologies if someone has already asked this but I couldn’t see it when I skimmed through the comments. When you comb your hair while it’s wet, does that mean you create your parting then and preserve it while you rinse and dry your hair? Or don’t bother with a parting? Or comb your hair enough to create a parting once it’s dry? Sorry if this is a pedantic question but my hair is crazy thick and bushy and I’m really keen to try these tips to see whether I can get some curl going. Thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Alana, I usually left my hair form a part as it’s drying. I also flip my hair from side to side as it dries to create more volume on top and let my natural part form. You can set your part when you comb your wet hair or do it after. It depends on what your hair likes to do :)

  156. Betsy says

    HI, just stumbled onto your website and it is already helping me. I’ve always had long hair which has been getting more wavy with age, I am just passed one year of not coloring my hair and embracing my silver. For the first year (if you can believe it) I never left the house without french braiding it. Just 3 days ago I had a very layered cut, leaving just enough length for security braid if I need it.wearing my hair down now, I am absolutely shocked at how curly my hair is now! I’m wondering if these curls are my natural aging progression or if braiding it every sinlgle day for a year has created this. I too am a wash and go person. I like leave-in conditioners but now I’m experimenting with mousse. I don’t like crunchy curls and am striving for lasting soft curls if possible. I have a lot to learn with this amazing new hair! Thanks to everyone with all your comments

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks for commenting Betsy! Often silver hair can be more coarse and it’s so interesting that your hair is so much curlier now. Good luck with styling your new hair x

  157. Crystal says

    Hi! I’m new to your site & love that it’s loaded with tons of useful information. Thank You!
    After yrs of fighting my own curl & straightening out my clients curls, I was tired of flat (ironed) hair, I missed VOLUME. So I started encouraging curl & tried many different ways to achieve it.
    My at home “recipe” for the perfect curl is:
    Evening: shampoo, apply conditioner & comb threw with wide tooth comb, rinse (cool water), gently wring hair out using towel (microfiber), flip head upside down & evenly spritz •Big Sexy Sea Salt Spray•, emulsify a quarter sz amount of •Aveda Be Curly• in hands, use your fingers to “comb” it threw hair. (while head is still upside down) Scrunch hair & start piling on top of your head securing with jaw clip(s) .
    Morning: (do this step even if hair is already dry, heat from dryer will “set” your style)
    blow dry hair while still on top of head in clips concentrating on scalp 1st, then attach diffuser to dryer & flip head upside down & dry ends, slowly removing clip(s) till 80-90% dry.
    (Fine hair: Sprinkle •Brazilian Blow Out Hair Powder• on roots & manipulate into scalp for volume)

  158. Jordan says

    So right now I braided my hair. It’s the end of the day and my hair is bushy and wavy. Do you think if I straighten my hair and try doing some headband curling do you think it will work? Because I think it might but honestly I have no clue.

  159. jean massey says

    This is the same way I dry my hair, just different products. Only way I can get it to look right, except when straightening. which I rather have the curls, my hair is fine&course, VERY kinky and waves

  160. Kathi Johnson Rock says

    My straight fine hair became curly/wavy in my 50’s. I am having trouble find products that are light enough for it and won’t weigh it down too much or make it look super oily. A lot of the volumizing products and dry shampoos that I used to use on my hair are now too drying but many products for curly hair are too heavy. Any ideas for good products for this hair type? Thank you so much.

    P.S. My hair is also color-treated and is layered and shoulder length.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Kathi, go for a light conditioner, I like Kerastase Cristalliste, and for styling try a sea salt spray like O&M Surf bomb or Bumble & Bumble surf spray xx

  161. Helen says

    Thanks for hosting a brilliant website full of fresh, useful and practical tips! Wish I’d come across these pages sooner – I’ve been straightening my hair since my teens when it first starting turning curly (~8yrs), and you’ve re-inspired me to try again with my natural self! Hx

  162. Kathleen says

    Hi! I have two comments 1) does this work for longer hair too? I noticed your hair goes to a few inches past your shoulders, but mine goes all the way down my back — do these tips still apply? And then 2) could you please, please, PLEASE do a few braid tutorials that work with curly, frizzy hair, because I NEED ways to control my unruly locks! Thank you so much, and I hope you’ll b able to respond or possibly give me some answers and/or advice.

  163. Kathleen says

    Oh, sorry, me again, but I also thought to ask about another little quandary of mine — I’m still just in 8th grade and at the moment, everyone wears their hair down, and straight. That however is essentially immpossible for me unless done by a professional. Do you have any tips on straightening really, REALLY frizzy, poofy, thick, wavy, (I could go on forever) curly , unruly hair? Because that really would be heaven right about now, no matter how my natural hair is. I mean I see hair tutorials (because I do sort of adore braiding my hair) that only look good if you have straight, normal hair, and I just can’t do them, because I simply CANNOT get my hair like that. I mean I really do love my locks, and sometimes I find them to be gorgeous, but I’m also just a bit sick of wearing a ponytail (and quite a poofy one I might add) every day, through lack of any other options! Please help!

    • Hair Romance says

      I felt like this Kathleen, and I do have some straightening tutorials, but I would encourage you to appreciate your curly hair. It’s ok to be different, in fact it’s pretty awesome. Braids look great in both curly and straight hair. I prefer Dutch braids in curly hair as they really stand out. Try not to focus on what others are doing and enjoy styling your hair. Curls rock x

  164. Debra says

    i have thick,tight curls and have a hard time finding a style that i like and getting it to look and be healthy. Its not heavy so blow dry tips don’t work for me. Most hairstylist don’t want to be bothered with curly hair cause it is such a challenge, or don’t know how to care and cut it. Im in need of HELP!!!

  165. Sheree says

    Hey, just wondered if there is a particular Anthony Nadar WAHL Dryer that you recommend? I need a new one after mine old one broke.


  166. Erica says

    I wish I could find someone with similar hair as me so that I could get some tips from them. I’m at a total loss!

    I’ve had straight hair my whole life. I could get a little wave if I scrunched it with mousse while wet, but that’s it. It’s also always been long – longer than shoulder length. My hair is thick and coarse.

    When I hit about 35, apparently a combination of hormones and stress created this oddly curly hair that I don’t know how to manage! It’s not a consistent curl. I have tight spiral curls at the nape of my neck. Somewhat “perm looking” waves on one side of my head and less curly waves on the other side. The outer layer in the back curls, but it’s straight in the middle. OMG! I spend hours straightening it just to get it all to do the same thing. On top of the very random disbursement of curls, it’s just very very poofy frizzy once dry- and please trust me when I say I’ve tried every product under the sun. No salon treatments… I’m talking oils, creams, goo.

    I can never leave my hair down and curly. If I’m short on time it’s up in some kind of knot. If I want it down, I straighten. Straightening takes SO much time. And yes, I’m sure there’s lots of color and heat damage adding to my list of issues.

    I’d LOVE to know if you have any thoughts or tips!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Erica, I hear you and it’s really normal to have different curl patterns within your hair. I wore so many updos because I struggled to style my hair too. I think when you have so many different curls, you should try and accentuate your faves. For example, wear your hair out but twist back the side that is wavy. Hopefully someone else has a similar experience and can share their advice x

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