Valentino inspired double braid updo tutorial

Inspired by the simple braided updo at the hairstyle at the Valentino Couture show, this upstyle is easy to achieve in your own hair.

You only need to know how to do a basic 3-strand brand for this hairstyle, and just Twist & Pin for the low bun at the back.

Double Braid Updo Tutorial by Hair Romance


  1. Make a deep centre part
  2. Take a section by your part and make a braid (plait)
  3. When you reach your ear, take two more sections of hair on either side of your braid and combine them into a three strand braid (plait)
  4. Repeat the double braid on the opposite side
  5. Gather all your hair into a low ponytail
  6. Twist & Pin your hair into a low bun

Double Braid Upstyle by Hair Romance

Double Braid Updo by Hair Romance

This braided hairstyle works in both straight or wavy hair and suits medium to long hair. If your hair is very long, you can also braid your ponytail at the back and twist it around into a braided bun.

How would you wear the double braid?

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  1. Janessa says

    Maybe I haven’t been searched the entire web but I’ve searched plenty and you are by far the best hair blog ever! :] Thanks for showing me runway hairstyles because I am a huge fan of art and pretty things meaning I love creative pretty hair like this. Thank you so much, Kristina. Your love for hair is infectious.

  2. Ingrid L says

    Hi Christina, anytime I wear my hair like one of your posts, I get lots and lots of compliments. I keep sending the ladies your blog’s way! Thanks so much for the easy step by step descriptions – I now love doing my hair!

  3. Meg says

    Love this hairstyle! I did it today with a couple of differences. I parted my hair on the side and left my bangs out in front. Still totally cute! I love how versatile this look is. It can be fun and casual or elegant and formal.

  4. stephanie says

    Question: You say all of these hairstyles can be done on curly hair, and I believe you 100%. So why don’t you do them while your hair is curly?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Stephanie, I’ve started shooting some tutorials in curly hair and will post them soon. I find it easier to show tutorials in straight hair as the steps are clearer to see and I can do the styles a few times to test them. When my hair is curly I find it gets frizzy if I keep playing with it and overstyling it. Stay tuned for a week of curly hairstyles coming up at the start of MAy x

  5. colleen says

    Love the hair style, but I’m also falling in love with that necklace. Can you share were you got it?

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Colleen! I bought it at a boutique called Mushu in Sydney but it was a while ago, not sure if they still have it x

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