Dutch side braid hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - side Dutch braid hairstyle tutorial

Well after a month of bun hairstyles I felt like a new braided hairstyle tutorial was overdue!

I was just playing around with my hair and was intending to create a different upstyle when I did this braid. I really liked how this braid looks left out as a side braid and how simple it looks from the other side too. It’s a Dutch braid but instead of running it down the back of your head, it’s angled down the side of your head.

A Dutch braid is also known as a reverse braid or inside out braid. It’s the same technique as a French braid but instead of crossing the sections over, you bring them underneath and into the middle. Each time you add in hair from the side and you bring a section underneath into the middle.

Hair Romance - side Dutch braid hairstyle tutorial

This Dutch side braid is best in long hair or medium length hair without layers. As your hair needs to join your braid across the back of your head, you’ll find shorter layers won’t be able to reach and will fall out. You can still give it a try, but you may need to use a lot of hairspray and a few pins to keep your hair in place.

Dutch side braid hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - side Dutch braid hairstyle tutorial


  1. Start by brushing your hair to remove any knots before you being to braid. This braid begins roughly over my right eye and goes down my left side but you can also do it down the other side of your face. Take a one-two inch section of hair and split it into three.
  2. Begin your Dutch braid by bringing the right section under the middle, and the left section under the right. Then add some hair to the middle piece (now on the right side) and bring it under.
  3. Repeat adding in hair from the left side and bringing that section under into the middle. You still add in hair from both side with this braid, but you keep the braid close to your hairline along the side of your face. When adding in hair on the right, take sections from across the back of your head.
  4. Keep braiding and once you’ve added all your hair to the braid, finish in a regular three-strand braid (plait). Secure the end with a small clear hair elastic.

Hair Romance - side Dutch braid hairstyle tutorial

Styling tips

  • S-T-R-E-T-C-H out your braid! This is the most important step and will transform the look of this braid, especially if you have fine hair. Pull gently at the side of your braid to widen it and your hair will look so much thicker.
  • Where to put your hands – I keep my right hand around the back of my had while braiding but once all the hair has been added I hold all the sections of the braid in my left hand and bring my right hand to the front to continue braiding to the end of my hair.
  • As mentioned earlier, this braid works best in long hair or if you only have long layers. Short layers will fall out and you’ll need pins and hairspray to keep them in place.

Hair Romance - side Dutch braid hairstyle tutorial

If you like this tutorial please share it on Pinterest. I’d love to see a photo if you try this braid in your hair. Tag me on Twitter @hairromance or use hashtag #hairromance on Instagram.

If you have any requests for Tuesday’s tutorials leave me a comment below!

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  1. Ingrid says

    Looks great Christina! Any hairstyle where the hair is off the back of my neck in the middle of summer (in Canada) is the best! The dutch braid is my favorite. :)

  2. Linda says

    Wonderful idea!!! Can’t wait to try this!! Btw, have you considered on making a 30 hairstyles ebook especially for curly hair, you know, without straightening it first and all that? :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Linda! Yes, and I’m thinking of doing it later this year. The hard thing is I can easily restyle and shoot straight hair to get clear tutorial photos, but in curly hair it’s tricky as the more you touch your hair, the frizzier it gets. But watch this space…x

  3. Jemma says

    Excellent! I’ve just tried this in my long, straight, fine-ish hair, and it’s come out wonderfully (the second time). Just need a little more practise but will definitely give it a chance!

  4. Lauren Ali says

    This is my go to style on dirty hair days.(i wrap the tain into a rosette and add a bow) I am the only one in my office that knows how to braid so i love all the compliments i get on it. Anyways, I love the look of it once is stretched out, but when i try to stretch mine out the whole braid just wants to fall down my head. like the bottom plaits get really tight instead of an even fat braid all the way down. Am i stretching it wrong? Can you help me out?

    • Hair Romance says

      That rosette bun sounds gorgeous Lauren! Stretching out a braid is a bit like loosening shoe laces. You have to start at the end and work back, then keep checking to make sure it’s even. I start at the ned, then move up to the top and even it out. Don;t braid right to the very ends of your hair as you need to leave a little slack for stretching it out. I tie the elastic loosely first while I am stretching it too. Hope this helps x

  5. Veronica says

    i luv this hairstyle- it’s gorgeous!! i just tryed your lacebraid bun in my hair today and its beautiful! thanx for the tutorial and know how!

  6. Mary says

    My hair is so thick it always feels like each section looks too big using three strands – do you think this would be possible trying to use more? I need another three hands!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Mary, it would be great with 4 or 5 strands, but that can be tricky to do in your own hair. I’d need another hand too!

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