Braided Updo Hair Tutorial

Looking for an easy hairstyle to put up your second day hair? Here it is.

Hair Romance - easy braided updo

Hair Romance - simple braided updo

I’ve been playing around with a few variations of this braided updo and it’s becoming my favourite second day hair upstyle.

This is same style that I’m wearing on holiday here in this braided updo tutorial. As I was actually on holidays I didn’t shoot a tutorial at the time but lots of you requested one so here it is!

Braided Updo Hair Tutorial

Hair Romance - Easy braided updo hairstyle tutorial


This braided updo is just four regular braids (plaits) pinned up at the back of your head.

  1. Section your hair approximately into quarters. You want to split your hair down the middle, then halve each side again. I like this style to sit low at the back of my head so split each side at around about ear level. You want to keep the sections low and loose when braiding.
  2. Braid (plait) each section. I like to braid the top section, then the lower section and then move on to the other side.
  3. Secure the ends of each braid with a small clear hair elastic. This will keep them in shape but the elastics won’t show in the finished updo.
  4. Stretch out your braids. I say this every time but it makes the biggest difference in your finished updo.
  5. Take the top left braid across the back of your head, tucking the ends under, and pin in place with bobby pins.
  6. Fold the top right braid over the top left, tucking or folding the ends in and pin in place. Depending on how long your hair is, You can fold your braid in half, or just tuck the elastic in.
  7. Repeat with the lower left and right braids, folding them across and tucking the ends in and pinning them in place.

Hair Romance - braided upstyle

There are lots of variations you can try with this style. Fishtail braids would look incredible (though very time consuming!) or try forming more of a twisted pretzel shape to add more detail to your updo.

I’d love to see a photo if you try it! xx

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  1. Raela says

    This reminded me a little bit of Elsa and Anna’s hairstyles in Disney’s new movie, Frozen. All I can say is their hairstyles were gorgeous! You should do tutorials for them :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Raela. I haven’t seen the movie but I’ll definitely look it up. I’m always after new hairspiration x

  2. Lexii says

    I absolutely adore this! I tried it the other day but I wasn’t very successful, how do you tuck the ends of the braids in so nicely? Also, how do you keep it pinned so well, my pins fell out in less than an hour…

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Lexii! Using clear elastics really helps, and I fold the braids so that the ends are right underneath the start of the braid. Don’t open your bobby pins, just push them in to the braid and turn it sideways to hold it in place. If you open the pins they can’t hold all the hair and they will end up falling out. Push and turn your pins in and they will hold. Hope this helps! xx

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