Curved braid bun hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - Curved braid bun hair tutorial

Here’s a new hairstyle tutorial that’s perfect for the holidays. This curved braid bun is really simple and is an elegant twist on the low bun.

Hair Romance - Curved braid bun updo tutorial

This bun is formed by curving a low braid around into a bun. It works in both curly and straight hair and I love how this shows off the new colours in my hair.

I was playing around with some braids when I tried this loose bun and loved the look. It’s perfect for wearing with a statement necklace or earrings for party.

Hair Romance - Curved braid bun hairstyle

Curved braid bun hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - Curved braid bun hairstyle tutorial


  1. Braid your hair. Split your hair into three equal sections and make a basic braid (plait).
  2. Secure the end of your braid with a small clear hair elastic. The small elastics are easier to hide in the finished styles.
  3. Curve your braid up and around to form your bun. Tuck the end of your braid inside and pin your bun in place with bobby pins.

Hair Romance - Curved braid bun updo

Hairstyle variations

This simple bun hairstyle can be varied in so many ways to create so many different looks.

  • Instead of a basic braid, try a fishtail braid for a more detailed look.
  • For a simpler twist, try a two strand rope braid.
  • For longer hair, you can continue the spiral around and make a larger bun.

Hair Romance - Curved braid bun upstyle

Perfect for the party season, let me know if you try this curved braided bun xx

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  1. christina says

    I love your hair color! I’m a little to old for the ombre. Your website is fantastic and I even bought your book!! I have long, wavy hair and I love all your tutorials. How do you keep all of your bobby pins from showing? I have to use so many then they end up showing.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Christina! Thank you so much! I use strong bobby pins but here’s a pin secret – don’t open the pin. If it’s holding too much hair it won’t close and will fall out. I push the pin in and then twist it to hold in place. I think I need to make a video to explain that a little better… Actually, this video helps. Christina x

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