How to wear pigtails without a partline (and hide any regrowth)

Hair Romance - Tutorial for pigtails without a partline

When you think of pigtails, you immediately think of a childish hairstyle that has no business being on an adult.

To some extent that’s true. Depending on where you position your pigtails and how you style them, they can have a certain immaturity that doesn’t fit well with grown-ups.

However, there is a way to make pigtails not only a cool, age appropriate style, but also to make them extremely handy too. Ladies, I give you pigtails without a part.

Hair Romance - pigtails without a part

The best thing about these pigtails is that, because of where you bring the hair in from, they completely hide any regrowth. So if you want to wear your hair up but are afraid of that tell-tale tide mark, use this style and you’re covered!

I don’t wear pigtails very often, but this variation has made me add them to my everyday hairstyle wardrobe.

Hair Romance - Hairstyle tutorial for pigtails without a part

Hairstyle Tutorial – Pigtails without a part

Hair Romance - Hair tutorial for pigtails without a part


The trick to this style is creating a hidden part that goes across the back of your head, with a slight diagonal line.

  1. Brush all your hair back to remove any knots.
  2. Decide if you want any part at the front of your hair. I’ve got a vert short part on my right side, but you can have a centre or side part.
  3. Divide your hair into two equal sections by creating a part that goes across the back of your head. Make sure you have enough hair to cover the start of this part with the hair that sweeps down to the pigtails.
  4. Use small clear hair elastics to secure your pigtails. I like to position them low on the the nape of my neck for a slightly retro ponytail look.

Hair Romance - Tutorial for pigtails without a part

Are you a fan of pigtails? How do you wear yours?

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    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Stacey! Yes, one for a weekend picnic for sure (well, that’s where I wore it last week!) I think this covered part is a great trick for braided styles too x

  1. Kirsten says

    Thank you so much for this! My boyfriend thinks pigtails are adorable but I have a tough time making them look a little more ‘young lady’ instead of ‘little girl.’

    • Maggie says

      May I also recommend looking at Audrey Hepburn’s pigtails in Breakfat At Tiffany’s? It’s the first time I saw “classy” pigtails and loved them. I’m a big fan of these too. Can’t wait to try.

  2. says

    I saw this image pinned and had to re-pin it… while the pigtails are cute and I will have to try them, it’s the hair color that caught my eye. I’ve wanted to do something really fun and daring with my hair color for a long time…. (we’ll estimate at least 17 years?) and I love this. Now I have real inspiration, I just need to get up the nerve to actually do it! (I guess check back in with me in another 17 years!)

  3. Bee says

    Saw the link from Jill Will Run- came over because I love the color too! (I like the no-part pigtails, as well, and will have to try them, just not with the clear elastics. I have way too much hair for that).

    I wish I could do a color like that. Such is the lament of the black-haired girls.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks for clicking over Bee! I am still thinking about your awesome ice cube trick for running you shared – so intrigued!

  4. BigAshDog says

    What I love best about this is how I won’t have to get my geometry perfect. I can NEVER seem to get a center part straight all the way back for traditional pigtails on my girls.

  5. Loren says

    I barely found your site today…been on it all day! Anyway, had to try one of the many styles that I liked, and this is what I ended up wearing! I love it! Got compliments all day, even from my grandma!

  6. says

    To be honest, am not really a fan of pigtails. But this trick really does make it seem like a glam hairstyle even. Or it’s just that it may be works for this wonderful hair colour of yours!

  7. Maria says

    I love this….so cute and easy! It would even be great for my girls. I can never get a straight part. I also love your color. Do you know what color your stylist used?

  8. says

    Great tutorial! I usually wear my pigtails braided but I feel like that’s not always the look I want. Will definitely try these! They’re not too cutesy kiddy, but not boring either.

  9. Angela Christenson says

    I absolutely love pigtails! But I hate the sunburn I get on my scalp in the summer time. This is a great way to hide a part

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